Variants of wedding hairstyles with braids for hair of different lengths

Variants of wedding hairstyles with braids for hair of different lengths

Beautiful hairstyle – an integral part of the image of the bride, which can affect this very image, and on her mood. After all, if the fragile stying does not pass by the testing of roads on a wedding machine, various dancing, rites and contests, it can darken the bride all the joy of event. Therefore, the braids are returned to the fashion. This is an excellent option for a girl who wants to shine all the celebration and not check every minute the type of laying.

Features of choice

There are several moments that will help choose the right hairstyle.

You should pay attention to the growth.

  1. High girls will not go high styling or loose hair. It is worth a preference to hairstyle with braids for medium length.
  2. Low Growth Holders should abandon short haircuts. And also do not assemble the hair in a smooth bundle. It is better to dissolve the hair and supplement their decorations in the form of a crown.

Various hairstyles and owners of various types of face.

  1. For a round face, high hairstyles of straight hair will be suitable.
  2. To smooth the sharpness of a rectangular face, you should give preference to mild waves. Well suitable massive French pigtail or laid bowl.
  3. For girls with a triangular face type, a high forehead and a small chin. Add symmetries will be able to combine direct and curly strands, and a thick straight check will hide a high forehead. An excellent option will be a rashpall braid.
  4. Oval shape owners are lucky – they can afford any hairstyle.

When choosing hairstyles should also be considered to be considered a bride dress:

  • If there are many decorative elements in the outfit, it is better to braid a simple braid to one side+
  • Simple dress will complement the original styling with the addition of fate or flower wreath+
  • Dresses in ethnic and eco-style perfectly complement simple braids, as well as easy negligence and addition of hairstyles with rim or flowers.

Weaving for long hair

Hairstyles with weaving elements are increasingly selected for solemn cases. They give femininity and romanticity of the bride’s appearance, while long retained their type throughout the celebration, and the bride may not worry about the accuracy of his image in photographs.


Traditional pigtail is quite easy to wet due to the alternate crossing of three strands. But Kos has quite a few variations. One of these – Spit-waterfall. The unusualness of this hairstyle is that weaving consists of two parts, and the third freely falls. From a variety of such locations and consists of this amazing hairstyle. Due to the unusual weaving, the special effect of tenderness and romanticity of the image is achieved.

The composition of two or more braids will look original. And the direction of the Kos can be any, forming a kind of twist. Sweeting strands at the same time you can put it beautifully or assemble in the knot. The only minus of this hairstyle is that the veil is not suitable for it. But it is insignificant – any jewelry will fit this hairstyle.

Greek braid Naboka

A girl who dreams of a Greek wedding wishing to look more beautiful than any goddess is worth paying attention to the hairstyle in the appropriate style. First wearing a simple braid with the subsequent design of the side or in the opposite direction. With this hairstyle, the effect of a laurel wreath, an elegantly framing head.

If the bride has thin or weak hair, it is better to heat a slight braid and pull the strands. Perfectly complement the hairstyle woven ribbon, small roses or jewelry with pearls. And also you should give preference to directly tailored Greek dress and appropriate accessories.

Hairstyles for medium hair

There are a lot of hairstyles with braids, so you can always choose the one that suits the most. Spit goes and long-haired girls, and those who have a length of curls a little shorter. You can consider some options hairstyles with braids.

Braided hair, turning into a “bun”

This hairstyle is perfect for high young ladies wishing to look romantic and gently. This hairstyle is distinguished by its resistance – it will retain its original view after any active action. The hairstyle consists of a pair of braids on the sides (any, at the discretion of the newlywed) collected on the back of the “bun” – a kind of bundle.

A bundle can be made of simple or braided hair. Usually placed at the top or rear. Attention should be paid to the selection of the accessory for this hairstyle. An ideal option will be a small hat with a veil. If the bride wants to be sure to be faith, it is better to fix it under the “bun”.

Openwork Aircraft

One of the most popular hairstyle options is openwork weaving. With such a hairstyle, the image of the bride is exquisite and unique. The essence of the technique is that separate small strands are drawn out of pigtails. As a result, the air pattern is obtained, making the hairstyle more original and intricate. Ends of hair usually assemble on the back of the head or woven into the braid.

The formation of the hairstyle begins with weaving spikes, placing it in the center of the head or slightly shifting. It is also interesting to look at variations with two or more braids. Decorations with flowers, rhinestones or beads will give special femininity.

French braid

Another unusual option for a wedding hairstyle. This stylish hairstyle is suitable for any dress and combined with Fata. As weaving are in the main strands, of which braids are wearing, smaller on other sides are woven. Spit is more comprehensive, if before weaving sprinkle the hair to the styling agent and slightly comb.

French braid, braided “inside out”, will make a newlywed image even more original. Weaving begins from the nape to forehead, while the hair is combed forward. From the ends of the hair is made a beam under which the veil is fixed. Hairstyle can be supplemented with ribbon, pearls and other accessories for every taste.

Short Hair Weaves

Pigtails are available not only for lap longer hair. Short-haired girls can also afford beautifully to run. At the same time, it is not necessary to artificially lengthen the hair or use the shinones. It is only worth choosing the laying corresponding to the type of hair, and then even their small length will not be an obstacle to the creation of a romantic image of the bride.


Such a pigtail is a classic hairstyles for celebrations and perfectly complement any outfit at any hair length. If you can not afford the long hanging from the shoulders of braids, then such a weaving will make your image brighter, and if you put your hair on the back of the back, then the image will become more dynamic. Such styling looks stylish and often becomes the choice of many brides.

The pigtail begins with a temple, we need a forehead and ends on the opposite side. The rest of the strands can be laid at your own request. On such a hairstyle, you can easily fix any hairpins, as well as veil, but it is better to place it along the rim.

Kosha Corona

If the bride at the wedding wishes to be a princess, then for this it is not necessary to wear to the diadem. An excellent addition to the kind of royal blood is the thematic hairstyle – Spit-Crown.

The principle of formation is similar to the creation of a spit-rim, but the main difference is that the braid-crown completely flies his head. It is allowed to weaving by different techniques, but the stronger, the stronger will be hairstyle. And the braid, woven in French technique with the stretching of strands, will give the image of femininity and festivity. The hairstyle can form not one braid, but two or three. With such a crown on the head, any bride will be truly a fabulous princess.

Spit on Cheeky

Holders of sophisticated devils should be chosen, which will open the face and emphasizes his beauty. Under such a description fits weaving on the roll. One of the types of such weaves – Bohemian braid. This hairstyle will perfectly fit into the wedding concept in retro style or hippie. It can be supplemented with decorations appropriate wedding theme. It can be feathers or bandage.

With the remaining hair, you can act in any way – you can leave straight, twist, weave more pigtails or assemble on the top of a horse tail, make a flower or shell.

Hairstyles with braids are universal, any bride will be suitable, to any along and on any celebration. Each bride will be able to choose a hairstyle to look stylish at the wedding, without worrying about the safety of laying and enjoying the holiday. And some of the types of Kos are perfectly combined with any decorations and Fata. Therefore, such styling often choose the bride for their wedding. And this choice always remains successful.

How to collect a wedding hairstyle “Greek Spit”, look in the following video.

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