Volumetail with a canchelon

Volumetail with a canchelon

Beautiful original hairstyle will add to any female form of charm and piquancy. In the modern beauty industry, a variety of hair decoration options are welcome. One of the popular hairstyles today is a volumetric tail with a canchelon. Similar experiments with hair are close to decisive and bold women of different ages.

Blue, yellow, red ..

Kanekalon is artificial synthetic strands, which in their structure similar to natural hair. They are made on the basis of marine algae and dyes. In most cases, the canchelon is represented by a bright color palette: pink, green, blue and red. Unfulfilled strands will make the hairstyle “bold” in the good sense of the word and give your image a spicy “highlight”. Also Kanekalon (if it is to braid into the braid) gives hair the desired volume and is able to correct their length. It should be noted that the use of synthetic material is absolutely safe.

Tips for the acquisition of artificial “hair”

Make a hairstyle with a canchelon with your own hands will not be much difficulty. The main thing is to purchase high-quality material. The method of testing the material is quite simple: you need to take artificial strands and pour them with hot water. Embossed goods will instantly lose sight and “will happen”. If the wet canilealone is externally similar to natural hair – it can be used.

Purchase this material will work in specialized stores or on the global network (Internet-order). Available, but poor-quality synthetics will look at her hair ridiculous and quickly will come into disrepair.

Do not forget about the color decision when choosing a canchelon. Today in fashion bright strands. But if you stick to business style, then you should choose shades, as close as possible to natural. Experts in the field of beauty advise fashionmented combining saturated and “soft” colors of synthetic strands.

It looks very stylish and outstanding.

Solo options

Most often, bright strands from synthetics will turn into braids or make a high tail (rack) with them. Welcome cannon you can independently. To create the hairstyle of a “fish tail with a canchelon” for long hair, we will need:

  • Elegant calculation+
  • Thin rubber bands, invisible and hairpins+
  • varnish or wax for laying.

Gently happily hair and handle them to laying. For the most disobedient we apply wax (gel is better not to use). We make a tail on the top, creating artificial ones (pre-broken) strands with the help of invisible and braid by analogy with the “French” oblique: we divide the tail into two parts and begin to weave (one strand should be hooked over another).

We carry the “process” to the most tips of the hair and in the final stage, fix the “fishe tail” of a thin elastic band.

Makeup artist-stylist and blogger Daria Jüba made a detailed video on creating braids with a canchelon.

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