Wedding baskets: species, tips for making and decoration

Wedding baskets: species, tips for making and decoration

As established, a wedding celebration should always be held with some pompous and chic. Wedding organizers and relatives of both sides apply every effort to ensure that this celebration has passed in the most original and beautiful style.

Planning the perfect event, I want to take into account all the nuances of the design of wedding attributes, including such details, like a wedding basket for rose petals or cash gifts.

What is it?

Traditional for Russian weddings are braided baskets from various materials. However, today’s popular handmade wedding baskets, decorated with atlas and massive decor. The same products can be rented in wedding attribute salons. Many people want their own production baskets at the festival of their relatives, where a particle of sincerity and soul is inserted in the process of decorating.

Baskets can be for rose petals, for bouquets, for fruits on the table guests, for the decoration of the table of newlyweds. Modern trend – the wedding give gifts in creative baskets, which looks stylish and original.

Interesting geography

In India, for example, after the marriage ceremony, the young thank the monks of the fruit basket.

An entertaining tradition of applying homemade baskets appeared on German land. It was widely in Germany, it was customary to steal the bride and hide from the bridegroom in the bar, and at that time he was looking for a spouse, she poured on the guests of the salt and grain from the sewn pockets in the dress.

Custom stayed to this day, only instead of pockets on a dress, the bride holds a mini-basket on which the order is made with the wedding dress.

In the Caucasus, the basket is used for wedding gifts. Here continue the tradition to give the bride and her mother in front of the celebration.

Turkic and Iranian jigs are obliged to give redemption as a chonchi – a wealth of a gift basket. Now European brides will sigh from envy! Between the wedding and wedding celebration usually takes about a month, and during this period of time the relatives of the groom with enviable regularity bring such honci with valuable gifts for the bride and sophisticated sweets. But that’s not all! A week before the celebration gives baskets with decorations, clothing and louverage, cosmetics and expensive perfume.


Baskets are homemade and purchased in specialized stores. Depending on the purpose of them, they are divided into the following types.

Romantic color baskets are increasingly part of the decoration of wedding halls. You can make floral compositions in the basket and place in the hall – it will be like a french style of the French style “Provence”. Bouquets in baskets can be decorated with bunting tables.

Bouquets, in such cases they collect compact so that they do not cover the review on the stage and guests.

Magic moment in the marriage ceremony – Pink petals at the feet of marriage. For petals take delicate miniature baskets. Usually the wedding accessory holds children who, according to the script before the release of young people, should go through the carpet and put it with her petals. Such a product is suitable for the rings of the young: a child in an angel robe suitable at the moment of handing the rings.

Baskets with fruit spectacular look at guest tables. Such compositions create comfort and heat of hospitality, and also look aesthetically and appetizing. You can also creatively arrange a gift to the young. Instead of a banal bouquet, you can put exotic fruits in the basket.

Basket itself can serve as a decorative element. Mini-products with names, wishes, script or sweets put on plates to guests.

They can also be used as vases for sweets and multicolored macarone.

Any celebration in Russia decorate sparkling sparkling drink. At the wedding, this symbol must be present. Original design of tables with baskets of a hip beverage will enjoy all guests. The product for champagne should be deep, sustainable, have strong handles.

New way is considered to give young gifts in designer forged baskets. They can be performed in the shape of a heart, a carriage, opened umbrella – ideas set. Decor is performed by various fabrics, bows, flowers. Either gifts are placed in wicker products from paper, bamboo, fabric, taking into account the fact that a gift is not affection. Such gifts are young not only nice to receive, after you can use them, for example, for a picnic, for the interior decor in the family novel.

Now there is a pleasant tendency to give gifts not only by young, but also guests. The young and relatives themselves will also take care of this: it can be souvenirs with a wedding symbolism, cards with photos of newlyweds and much more. For gifts, guests can be delivered to the table. Miniature designer baskets. Such products can also be used as a warehouse of money gifts of young. Only for money, the product must be suitable for the size of the bill. For such a case, a basket can be equipped with a lid.

How to make it yourself?

The benefit of the Internet is open to all. Even in RuNet there are many articles with detailed photoinsystems, video tutorials with all sorts of master classes on the manufacture of various baskets.

The easiest way: Decorating the finished wicker with satin ribbons, air organs, feathers, down, beads, rhinestones. You can show creative and arrange a basket in the style of the season in which the celebration is held. It can be different cones, fir branches, rowan berries – for a winter wedding + golden leaves – for autumn events + flowers, buds, willow branches, mimosa, butterflies – for spring-summer celebration. Such a gift is undoubtedly aware of not only young, but also pleasantly surprise guests. To decorate the interior baskets, it is necessary to take into account the overall style of registration of the event.

If you have the opportunity and time, then the wedding basket can be made it from scratch, given the general recommendations.

For basket baskets, you can take a plastic basin of the desired size and drape it with a synthet and cloth, to attach a wire handles and separated by atlas. So that the fabric does not slide on the handle, it is necessary to sew it to it with mononi. In the case when an organza is used in the decor, it must be borne in mind that the edges of the fabric are tremendous. It stands carefully to fall it with a conventional lighter. Any items are suitable for the decor: rhinestones, plush dolls, flowers, fluff. NS.

The product can be associated from the vine, bamboo, rods, wire and even from newspaper tubes. For colors, the best solution will be a wicker basket, as in it, for living bouquets, the drainage system with water is placed.

Wicker baskets can be left without drapery either to close the cloth half or entirely. For decor used bows, lace, pearls, fluff, feathers, precious stones, fabric flowers. You can make a decoration in the form of flowers from Foamiran – this is quite a fatty material designed specifically for needlework.

Newspaper products can be covered with paint, varnish.


The design of the hall for a celebration with the help of such an accessory, as a basket, introduces the atmosphere of related heat, home coat. Such an atmosphere brings together guests and creates a festive mood. Here are some examples of wedding baskets with soul particles of sincere masters.

Tender product in white atlas, fabric roses on the swan’s fluff and rhinestones – such a basket immediately want to see in the hands of a little angel who slowly sills roses petals to young.

Original decoration of a gift basket for a young: a square shape of the basket, draped by beige atlas + tea roses with snow-white pearls + unusual lace in the idea of ​​sergek cherryumuhi. On the example – a fairly spacious product. Smaller options can be used under champagne bottles on a bunting table.

Basket at the wedding you can even replace the traditional tray with the rings of the marriage. The mini-product for rings with red ribbons and roses will be so melt.

Basket in the form of a green boat with two pigeons on the handle very much for the fruit on the table. White satin ribbon and thread with pearls will give harmony and solemn emphasis composition.

Gift baskets Guests are manufactured so as carefully placed on a bucket plate. There is no need for an abundance of rhinestones and feathers, it is sufficiently concisely emphasized, for example, in the form of a satin bow with an unusual broody.

    The product for champagne on the table of newlyweds: lace and roses are perfectly harmonized with a wicker basket pattern. After the event, the spouses can use a romantic picnic basket.

    Master class on the manufacture of a basket waiting for you in the video below.

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