Wedding beam: classic, italian or negligent?

Wedding beam: classic, italian or negligent?

Each girl dreams of becoming a bride when she grows. Baby presents what her dress, shoes and hairstyle. And seemingly in the head already definitely have a specific image. But when the girl is about going to go under the crown, panic arises. After all, in fact, she still does not know what he wants to appear in front of the fiance, what hairstyle to do in this solemn day. If the bride chose a dress, then we can assume that it has already done it, because the form and type of hairstyle depends on the dress.

There is a rule that the hairstyle and dress should complement each other, and in no way overlap. You can not buy a magnificent dress, and make a lush hairstyle, it is ugly, inappropriate and too clean. The image of the bride must be laconic, sensual and in no case causing.

The hairstyle of the bride is a very important element of the image. If the dress is very volumetric, modesty can hairstyle can smooth out the image, if the dress is calm, restrained, then the volume will admire the solemnity.



Classic option

The hairstyle in the form of a beam has long been classic. A strict beam can calm the violent image, lush will give a modest outfit. This hairstyle is very universal. It suits any form of face, and it can be done even on short hair. Bunch – an incredibly convenient option for a solemn event. Hair in this form does not interfere, and throughout the evening they will carefully look.

Great set beam options. It can be very strict and tight. There are options for careless beams with curls framing. It can be positioned high on the back of the back, it can also be fixed at the bottom of the neck in the composition with Fata. Fashionable now to perform not smooth hairstyles with a bundle, but slightly negligent, as if made on the ambulance hand. In combination with flowers, such options look very romantic and girlish.

If the hairstyle implies the presence of bangs, then the bundle is also fine with it. Bang always pursues a face, and a beam can give a bride with bangs.

There are a number of recommendations and advice for those who decided to fulfill such a hairstyle on their hair.

  • The beauty of execution is hairstyles depend on the successful beam location. If the neck is long, it can be positioned high. If the neck is short, then the bundle is closer to the neck.
  • The growth of the bride plays the last role. High girl should not do a high and bulk bunch. He will make it even higher.
  • Volumetric hairstyles do not need to do miniature brides. It overloads not only the upper part, but also the entire image of the bride is low growth.
  • Large features of the face should also stop the bride from the performance of a high beam of hair.

The height of the beam and its volume is completely dependent on hair length. Short hair and middle-length hair will not allow making a high, bulk bundle, and long strands in a beam quite hard to fix. But there is nothing impossible, since the hair can always be increasing, and the options for stamping facilities that bride’s hair will save the same cement, a huge amount.



For long hair

It would seem, on long hair a beam to make the easiest way. It really is. From a large hair, you can make a beam that will not require additional accessories to increase its volume. But the problem may occur when fixing the design.

A bunch of long hair can be fixed high on the back of the head of the straight hair, tightening them in a circle, securing the maximum number of invisibility and varnish with strong fixation. Such a laying option will be the least deformed, as it will rely directly on the head.

Similar hairstyle in its proper execution will continue until the end of the evening.

For wedding bundles, bagels are often used for thin hair, so that the beam itself seemed to be greater, and the hair is thicker. For this, the strands are collected in a high tail, they put on it a bagel and evenly distribute the hair, fastening them under it. It turns out an incredibly beautiful classic beam that is suitable for a classic straight wedding dress.

If the image of the bride is assumed to be a romantic, then a pair of strands and flowers fastened at the base of the beam will support such a wedding theme. Strands can be left straight, and you can put on the curl. Flowers can be replaced with pearl decorations that fit very concisely in a cute, romantic image of the bride.

In addition, for the exclusivity of the image, it is possible to brake the hair from both sides into the harnesses, and then fix all hair into a low beam. You can add even more originality, and after your hair is taken into the tail, make several more harnesses from it, and then fasten them in a beam. Such an extravagant option of the beam will surely attract many views, and at the wedding the bride will be under the sight of the enchanted looks throughout the evening.

For short strife

Short haircut is not a reason to deny yourself in creating a beautiful beam for a wedding. Fortunately, now the mass of accessories on such hairstyles, so you can easily build an excellent hairstyle – imitation of the beam, of course, if we are not talking about a boyish short haircut.

On short hair to shoulders it is quite possible to make a sleek strict beam, as well as curls can be laid more free. The last option involves the presence of wavy hair that will create a volume of hairstyle.

The high bundle, naturally, will not work on short hair, so it is necessary to properly determine its location, namely: in the middle of the back of the back, so that the hair from the bottom is not knocked out of the total mass.

Before creating hairstyles you need to decide what an image is – strict or romantic. Strict implies smoothly removed straight hair without unnecessary strands in the temples, and this is the most classic option. Under such a bundle will suit any dress. Lush adds strict hairstyle some infantality. Direct classic dress will complement the strict image of the bride who has far-reaching serious plans for family life.

The option of a beam on short wavy hair will also be very successful if they are not fixed too tight. There will be 3-4 invisible and a small amount of varnish. On the one hand, you can form a non-sore braid and consolidate it at the end, in the beam of the collected hair.

Italian laying

Italian bride – a sample of femininity and rigor at the same time. She is elegant and at the same time romantic. Not only the image, but also her hairstyle is quite modest, so Italian wedding styling is always very restrained.

A beam is a very popular option in Italian hairstyles, especially those rather modest options in which there is nothing superfluous. Perfectly assembled strands, hairs to the hairs – Standard Italian hairstyles.

It is necessary for its execution certainly and laying fixation facilities, and the iron to create perfectly straight hair. Straightening the hair with the help of a special device at the roots and half the length of the hair, it is necessary to collect them in a tight tail. Then the hair should collect snail into a bundle and secure invisible so that they are completely invisible. They decorate such a hairstyle at a minimum: a sufficiently laconic crest with stones or small colors.

Careless style

Careless beam style still remains in fashion. Of course, in such a style you need to know the measure. If you create something too careless, then look like this hairstyle in the bride will be inaccurate. Light negligence in the creation of a beam is quite allowed.

To achieve such an effect, it is recommended to run a couple of negligent brass from the evening. The hair will be slightly wavy, and such a material will become a good basis for air hairstyle.

Such styling looks like quite volumetric, so it will not fit the lush skirts and the abundance of sparkling jewelry and accessories. The height of such a beam can be different. It looks equally beautiful both on the top and neck.

Careless beam is not suitable for too strict dresses. It is also not suitable for lush dresses. The image will be too voluminous, and the bride will look like a festive cake. For careless hairstyles you can choose an air dress without rings, you can afford and a small loop.

Careless beam is not worth covering top top. The best option will fasten it under the bundle.

About how to make a careless bunch with your own hands, you will learn from the following video.

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