Wedding Bottle Decoration: Methods and Interesting Examples

Wedding Bottle Decoration: Methods and Interesting Examples

The most exciting and significant event in life for most people is the wedding day. So all young tend to hold it so that everything went on the planned plan and nothing overshadowed the holiday. Attention is paid to every little thing, attribute and item, since even the slightest hitch or inconsistency can depress the bride and groom on such a day. So that this does not happen, you should carefully prepare for the celebration, considering everything to the smallest details. One of the most important wedding attributes is champagne, decoration and decorating bottles with sparkling drink and talk further.

How to choose decor style?

Champagne – the most traditional drink for wedding festivities, they are replete with any festive table. Many wedding competitions and games also use bottles with this drink. This is a weighty reason to make champagne a small highlight of the holiday. In this exclusive, you can turn the bottles by shifting a little fantasy and smelting. Perform decoration is possible on your own that cash will save money.

Variants of bottles with champagne Great set. The most common option is to decorate sparkling in the “Groom + Bride” style. Such a “couple” is usually put on the table of newlyweds. Classic color solution in this case – black and white gamma. But if the triumph assumes the use of any bright color (it is fashionable now), then on bottles can be colorful elements.

Popularly celebrate weddings using in addition to classic colors (white, ivory, champagne, milk) of bright colors. It can be turquoise, blue, orange, lilac and even red. The holiday will clearly become bright and unforgettable, but then you should think over the color accents in everything. Including in the decoration of wedding attributes.

Mass design options – decoration with bulk elements, fabrics and lace, pearls, scrapbooking, modeling. Nicely looks like a drink in bottles painted by acrylic paints manually.

The most important thing is not to overdo it and create such a decor so that the bottle of champagne does not get out of the general style of the holiday.

Beautifully decorated bottles are usually made two and they are not customary to open during the celebration. They remain a pair for the future: one – on the anniversary of the wedding, the second – for the birth of the firstborn. Here is another reason in order to make a bottle of champagne beautiful and unusual.

The main rules for decoration – compliance with the specified level of solemnity, combination with the situation, dishes, outfits of the newlyweds. For example, gold and silver engraved bottles will not be at all to the place at the booho wedding or Provence. But delicate floral motifs and lace – a great version of the decor for a classic wedding with aristocratic notes.

If the wedding passes under the auspices of some particular topic, for example, the seaside, then the appropriate parts can be provided in the decor. Bottles with champagne can be painted under the seaman vest or decorate the anchors and chains, paint their marine waves and t. NS.

Autumn wedding in Russian style assumes the presence in the autumn fruit and vegetable attributes, the use of red-red color gamut. Here bottles can be decorated with stylized painting, autumn apples or leaves.

The main thing in decorating is to show fantasy. On the Internet you can find many master classes, where the sequence of actions and the necessary materials are specified in detail. Of these trifles and there is a general atmosphere of the holiday, so pay due attention to the decoration of not only newlyweds, a taper and a banquet hall, but also small accessories.

Required tools and materials

As a rule, both bottles are drawn up in a single style to manifest themselves (yet it is a wedding, a celebration for two). Simple version of the decoration – spraying on the bottle of aerosol paint. In this case, the bottles will look harmoniously, where one has a slightly large size. It can be decorated from above the little black hat and butterfly.

A bottle of smaller size will personify, respectively, the bride: re-adjust it with a venerable or white skirt of matter in 2-3 layers. The skirt can be performed from different fabrics:

  • organza+
  • silk+
  • guipure+
  • atlas+
  • fatin.

As a rule, more trouble and attention falls on the lady’s bottle, as a man is more restrained in the color scheme and in the outfit in general. Do not refer to the decoration of champagne frivolously. After all, this holiday attribute will be in sight of the guests. It is worth making it unusual, paying attention and putting efforts.

For decorating champagne, it is usually not necessary for many materials, and they are quite inexpensive. So, it is necessary to cook for work:

  • Champagne itself+
  • glue+
  • Decorative paper+
  • Fabric, lace+
  • Beads, rhinestones, colored pebbles+
  • Paints and brushes+
  • Polymer clay+
  • Thicks+
  • Napkins for decoupage and varnish.

Such materials are applicable in those design options with which any person will cope without special skills in decorator art. Of course, there are more complex ways of decoration, such as, for example, engraving. Such actions are better to entrust professionals who know the nuances of such work.

How to decorate the bottles with your own hands?

Bottles of wine, rearranged by hand, should fit into the total tone of the holiday and his style. Drink Decoration options – just a unthinkable amount, select the one that the instructions are in the shower and step by step. For those who have a tendency to needlework, an excellent option – decorate a bottle of polymer clay. Minimum costs and your masterpiece will admire all guests!

You will need:

  • Pair of bottles of sparkling wine+
  • Aerosol paint white+
  • Ready polymeric flowers+
  • Pencil on glass+
  • Rhinestones, beads for decoration+
  • glue, ribbons, lace, scissors.

The work itself will not take a lot of time and effort. First paint the bottle of white paint from the can, then apply the contours of the desired decor. By the already finished contour, place polymer flowers, beads, ribbons, rhinestones, bows and secure them with glue. This version of the champagne decor is very simple, and the effect is stunning.

No less interesting, but a much more rare option – champagne decoration by photographs of married couple. Photos can be placed on bottles instead of labels. Similarly, you can make a bottle with a sticker with a triumph or wedding date, with the name of the bride and groom. Decoration photos – the process is simple. First print the necessary photos on thin paper, and then apply them to bottles using decoupage techniques. The contours and the rest of the bottle can be reapped with ribbons and rhinestones.

You can contact the near camera, where you will help you choose special wedding pictures and logos and print them on paper of the desired format and quality. Champagne with the image of newlyweds in reality looks magical and intriguing. Be sure to consider this option of the design of the drink and definitely do not lose.

Ornate and elegantly looks champagne in bottles, decorated with gold or silver. In such a design, the drink can preserve the original view for many years. Choosing suitable for decorating patterns and inscriptions, of course, purely personal matter, but the work itself is better to trust professionals knowing in this business.

It is incorrect to believe that this option will cost a lot of money, there is no. It’s somewhat more expensive than the options discussed above, but still it costs within reasonable.

On our own, you can perform another option of champagne decor – decorating bottles of satin ribbons. To work will be required:

  • Kosy Beika+
  • glue+
  • Rhinestones, beads, feathers for extra decoration+
  • Two bottles of champagne.

The meaning of the process is to secure pieces of oblique bey on the bottle according to the scheme. The scheme depends on the selected pattern. It can be bottles in a suit of the bride and groom, bottles – Weddings in the marine stylist and t. D.

Start design is better with a boothe. The top can be decorated with a black hat or mustache, Fata. Add beads and rhinestones at will. Do not cut the tape into pieces immediately, because their length will change in the course of the work depending on the bottle with a drink.

As you move from top to bottom, the edges of the attached tape are hiding under the top edge of the next row. The widest bottom of the bottle is also decorated with ribbons, but the tails are fixed from the side of the bottom. It is absolutely optionally to mount ribbons at an angle, it all depends on your imagination. If somewhere it turned out an inaccurate strip or crookedly layered a tape, then you can fix everything, fixing the decorative element over the satin. This is not bad for the decor with an addition in the form of feathers and size feathers.

To work it is worth choosing glue, which after drying becomes transparent. In addition, carefully dose the amount of glue in the process of work, in this case it is better not to donate than to overdo it. Good in this case, the glue “moment”, he perfectly holds any materials and quickly dries.

As you can see, the options for design champagne really a lot. This is only a small part of what can be done with your own hands. Establish you – take advantage of ready-made ideas and master classes or invent your own, unique design.

Ideas and examples of registration

Here are some more interesting options for designing champagne on the table of newlyweds. Interesting and easy to perform decoupage decoupage. It is gaining popularity not only in the wedding theme, but also, in general, the needlewomen. The result will exceed all expectations.

Decoupage technique – the process of transferring a paper image to any surface, pre-treated with lacquer or glue based on acrylic. Paper with a picture mandatory should be very thin. For such work, napkins are well suited, the colors of their great set (flowers, plant patterns, angels, hearts). You can choose any drawing.

First need to carefully wash the bottle, removing the label and remnants of glue. Then it is necessary to degrease the surface for better clutch and dry. Next layer – primer. There are special soils for glass, but you can make an impregnation yourself, mixing the glue type of PVA with water and acrylic.

Soil applies with a thin layer on the entire surface of the bottle. It is most convenient to do this with a foam sponge or sponge. It is better to apply two layers of soil.

After the ground will dry well, proceed to apply the drawing. Special adhesive for decoupage, and ordinary PVA, and adhesive pencil. Folds arising in the process of attaching paper, carefully straighten, otherwise the bottle will look inactively. Apply the drawing gradually, better from top to bottom. When all the images take their places, secure all the layer of acrylic varnish (apply several layers, pre-drying the previous ones).

You can additionally decorate a bottle with rhinestones, lace bows, beads. Champagne decorated with decoupage technique, always looks gently, exquisite, easy and rich.

Master class on decoupage wedding bottle look next.

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