Wedding Bouquet of Bride from Eustoma

Wedding Bouquet of Bride from Eustoma

When organizing a wedding ceremony, literally every detail is taken into account. A special place in the image of the bride occupies a bouquet, which today has many compositions in a wide variety of color shades. A truly fabulous wedding will help to make Eustoma in combination with roses, freesies, hydrangeas or chrysanthemums, adding the wedding image with tenderness, ease and youth.

What it is?

Eustoma or Lisianthus is a rather large flower, with 8-centimeter buds. Composition based on this plant is quite large and lush. Such bouquets ideally look at the center of the festive table and in the design of the arch for the ceremony, which will remind the entrance to the Magic Forest.

Initially, Estoma existed only in one shade – blue. A little later, they so loved decorators and designers that breeders had to be fantasized and withdraw other color variations.

Today, wedding design does not do without white eustomas, symbolizing happiness and strong union. In addition to them, cream, peach and pink shades are used.

Much less often meets lilac, yellow, red variety of plants. For people with sophisticated taste in assortment there is a unique view – a bud with contrast edges.

In Russia, breeding a plant is quite successful. True, buds start flourishing closer to the summer. Therefore, if you want to buy them at another time of the year, you should contact flower shops, however, the price will be rather big. Motherland of imported lisianthus – America and Mexico.

The bouquet made up of them looks luxurious and sophisticated. And no expenses will make you feel sorry for the choice.

This beautiful flower has delicate and volumetric bud. Looking around for petals, you will find on the end of light waves that resemble a rose. As a result, this feature awarded them an additional, unofficial name – “Irish Roses”. Florists prefer to combine them with white roses, creating a gentle and magical composition.

Eustoma by nature symbolizes youth and freshness – ideal for young moms. Another meaning of these adorable colors lies in the inner calm and harmony.

In addition, the flower is associated with the resistance of feelings, loyalty, warmth and tranquility. In the festive composition personifies love, happiness, purity, fun, justice and honor.

The wedding bouquet of lisianthus will emphasize all the beauty and charm of the bride going to the altar, and will also express strong feelings and admiration from the face of the groom.

It is believed that such a bright bouquet of roses and eustoma will make a young family of happy, full love, devotion and understanding.

Advantages of bouquets:

  • The absence of smell reduces the risk of allergies and migraines in the most responsible moment+
  • Based on these colors, a stunning beauty of bouquets, giving any bridescence, refinement and softness+
  • buds look natural and expressive, fresh for a long time.

The only minus – the rates.

Features of compilation

Estoma are characterized by bulk boutons, so the composition with them will turn out to be air and fabulous. Such a spherical bouquet is very appropriate in the hands of a girl – he will emphasize her youth and femininity. Merge pink, cream shades, as well as red and white perfectly fit into the wedding scenery of classical and sophisticated theme.

The so-called bidermeyer is considered a traditional and very suitable option. Its essence is to use rounded forms.

If we decided to use this plant in the compilation of cascade bouquets, resembling a waterfall in form, keep in mind that it will not attract much attention, and only the role of add-on will play.

Tips for creating a bouquet of eustoma:

  • It is recommended to choose such a bouquet that can be easily worn throughout the day+
  • Better to abandon too fragrant colors – after a couple of hours, the smell will begin to bother, and will also cause a migraine+
  • Using the eustoma in a bouquet, will be an excellent option to apply it in the design of the venue of the ceremony, the table, arches, as well as for wreaths, boutonnieres, bracelets+
  • Create the perfect duo lysianthuses will help roses, freesia, alstromeria, orchids, calves and chrysanthemums.

To Eustoma showed itself in all its glory, it is necessary to choose a suitable composition.

  • Hemispherical – Classic wedding bouquets. Lisianthus buds must be tightly pressing each other, and their stalks hold on to the bottom of the portboot. The handle is better to decorate a silk ribbon, attach a brooch.

  • Cascade is a falling variation that narrows from the base in the hand of the bride. Other name – “waterfall” or “drop”. It is preferable to choose such a bouquet of high, slender girls.

  • Spherical, In other words, a ball bouquet, very popular today. This is explained by compactness, ease and unusual. It can be attached to hand beautiful silk ribbon.

  • Biedermeier – This is a rounded form composition. Drawing up from the center – in the middle there is the largest flower that surround the rest, small flowers.

Variants of bouquets


Elegant and discreet monobuet from Lisianthus will personify tenderness, homemade comfort and love. An ideal addition to it will be satin ribbon or not too thin thread of brown. The second option will create a feeling of simplicity and taste.

Do not overdo it – to attach butterflies, hearts and flowers from paper, as well as bright shades beads, it will not spoil.

Florists and decorators consider the best wedding bouquets from white, purple, cream, pink and two-color eustoma.

With bush roses

Similar buds are able to merge into one excellent composition. Great and monophonic, and multicolored options. Preferably, of course, the first variation – light in the contrast with other flowers it is always advantageous and tastefully. For example, gentle, pastel lisianthus petals will be beautifully highlighted among many bright red roses buds. The classic wedding ceremony requires restraint in everything, it concerns and bouquet – try using white, cream or pink shades.

With freesia

In addition to the light and air image of the bride, we advise you to choose a purple freesion in conjunction with the Eustoma. With such an accessory in hands, white dress will look great, standing out against the background of delicate colors.

You can stick a freesia from above the hairstyle, wept in a braid or decorate it with a rim or diadem. Slide the best bright ribbon or pearl beads.

With alstromerias

A surprisingly delicate composition is obtained from lisianthus with exotic, tropical colors – alstromeria. This plant is a combination of exquisite forms and soft lines. In a duet with an eustoma forms an incredible and luxurious effect. For a wedding ceremony, saturated, deep shades can be approached, a special atmosphere creates pastel, creamy color buds.

Complete the fabulous image of the bride will help a proper bouquet. Any other flowers in combination with a delicate eustoma will make a composition of exquisite, sensual, easy, and at the same time such a simple. Decorating a festive room and an army for wedding with several buds, newlyweds and guests will be able to plunge into a fabulous forest, where love and happiness reigns.

About how to independently assemble a bridal bouquet from eustoma, see the following video.

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