Wedding bouquet of brides from daisies: ideas of compilation and subtlety

Wedding bouquet of brides from daisies: ideas of compilation and subtlety

It would seem that luxurious garden flowers, often the components of the foundation of wedding bouquets, no competitors. However, there are quite a few girls who will prefer humble daisies, especially today it meets fashion trends. A bouquet of these fun and non-spare colors will be a gentle and romantic addition to the image of the bride.

Symbols of flower

Chamomile for a long time is associated with naivety, modesty and simplicity. With her appearance, she hints at the innocence of the soul of the bride, her young carelessness, speaks of the sincerity of feelings to the chosen. It is believed that chamomile attracts good luck, helping to make the right choice when it comes to marriage. No wonder in this flower you guess: loves – does not like.

Features of flower

Period of flowering daisies continues all summer until September. However, at other times of the year they can be purchased in a flower shop. After cutting, this flower retains freshness in the water of about two weeks.

Knowing people go to the trick, adding sugar to liquid. In this way they prolong the life of the flower up to the month.

The use of daisies to create a wedding bouquet gives certain advantages:

  • This flower is always available+
  • A bouquet of such plants will be original+
  • Chamomile is combined with a huge number of other colors.

The sake of objectivity should be noted that this flower, which appeared in the summer, can quickly turn if it was grown with a retreat from the rules.

What kind of grade to choose?

Floristics specialists allocate about fifteen chamomile species, which opens large space for creativity. Compositions are compiled with large, and with small flowers.

Petals in different types are almost round, and long, and wide, as well as with pointed and rounded edges, but always white. The thickness and height of the stem can also be varied. Such a diverse texture allows you to harmoniously combine chamomile with completely different plants. The appearance of bouquets in the end is unique.

Combination with other colors

  • The composition of cornflowers and daisies will look somewhat naive, but at the same time quite bright. Against the background of a white dress, this decoration will be very spectacular, especially if small flowers are used in the composition, and the bouquet itself will have a modest size.

  • An excellent combination will be a composition of daisies and sunflowers. In the hands of the bride will be a bright optimistic bouquet, which will fit well into the subject of the country wedding.

  • Close the wedding female image to the classic will help a bouquet of daisies and expensive gardening. From roses and field white-yellow beauties will get a wonderful composition capable of decorating the bride of any age. To create a composition, you can use roses of milk color, yellow, tea or red.

  • For a classic style wedding you can make a bouquet with peonies. Orange, yellow, pink. White require additional techniques in the design, so that different types of colors do not merge into a solid mass.

  • Wonderful option – to combine gerbera and chamomile in the flower arrangement. The forms of these flowers are very similar that in itself creates harmony. When using gerbera bright tones, you can get an elegant cheerful bouquet.

  • Dilute the optimistic naiveness of daisies in the wedding bouquet will help the modest eustoma of lilac or blue.

It is better to choose small auxiliary flowers that will not interrupt their own form the basis of the composition.

  • In the company to daisies you can add chrysanthemums. Garden in size Larger field daisies. Therefore, they will be very familiar with the same composition, complementing each other.

How to decorate a bouquet?

Decorating a bouquet of a wedding from daisies should be answered by the nature of the flower. In addition to inclusions from other colors of type of forget-me-notes or bells, you can use ribbons from satin, grass, ears, leaves and branches with berries for decoration.

If we are talking about a rich flower composition, which involves roses, in the yellow center of daisies often placed pins, crowned with rhinestones and other shiny decorations. In the summer composition you can insert decorations in the form of butterflies from the fabric, and the bouquet itself can be arranged with white lace draped.

A decor in the form of a twine on a bouquet handle is suitable for a wedding in a rustic style.

Also, the composition can be placed in organza, burlap or corrugated paper, although it is sometimes easier to do without wrapper.

Do not miss the practical side of the issue. It should be borne in mind that keeping in the hands of the bride decoration will have long. Therefore, decor elements should not increase its mass.

By constituting a bouquet of daisies and more stringent, noble flowers like roses, you need to try tightly connect the flowers into a composition having a strictly designated form, for example, rounded. For a chamomile bouquet using other field plants, it is possible to leave the possibility of artistic disorder when needle or ostolic tops of the herbs that complement the composition go beyond the “main form”.

Making a bouquet

To independently make a composition of daisies for a wedding celebration, you need to choose flowers having straight and smooth stems. Then you need to remove the leaves from the stems. It should also be done with other plants that have to be included in the future composition.

To create it, it is better to use the principle in which the flowers are connected crosswise. This will allow them to distribute them.

The collected bouquet in the area of ​​the stems should be copped with adhesive tape, and then decorated with satin ribbon or lace, fixing by special studs. Usually choose green, white or yellow ribbons.

    Stems need to cut smoothly (you can degrada) using a sharp knife. The finished bouquet remains to be placed in a cool room in which there are no drafts.

    Engage in the manufacture of living flowers for the bride better on the wedding day so that it is guaranteed to save the elegant and fresh look.

    Dress and accessories

    A chamomile bouquet will emphasize the charm of a young girl, and more adult bride with such an accessory will look younger. The image of the bride with a bouquet of daisies will be romantic and gentle. With such a flower composition, a short dress, and magnificent, and stitched along silhouette can also look. Outfit can be trimmed with lace or print of floral topics. Very good such a bouquet is combined with a sundress or dress in a rural spirit, embroidery with traditional Russian ornaments.

    The composition with daisies suggests that instead of the usual Vesti Fata, you can use a wreath consisting of the same colors that are involved in the bouquet. Daisies can be decorated with hair, for example, wept in a braid girl or insert several flowers in a more sophisticated hairstyle.

    Master class on creating a wedding bouquet of daisies is presented in the following video.

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