Wedding bouquet of ribbons: manufacturer do it yourself and design ideas

Wedding bouquet of ribbons: manufacturer do it yourself and design ideas

Bridal bouquet – one of the most important and most beautiful attributes of the celebration. His groom’s presentation symbolizes the confirmation of the proposal of the hand and the heart, which was made long before the marriage day. The bride does not produce flowers from hand throughout the holiday, and then, according to tradition, throws him with his unmarried girlfriends. However, not everyone wants to part with the Floristic Work of Art. To do this, you can make a small bouquet-dubler from satin ribbons, repeating the original or contrasting with it.

Variety of ideas

There are many different materials for the manufacture of flower arrangements: thin lace, colored paper, polymer clay and many other options. However, satin ribbons remain the most popular material. This is due to the fact that a dense shiny cloth has many advantages.

  • Material is inexpensive, and at the same time it is durable and capable of decades not to lose their appearance.
  • Externally, the satin resembles natural silk, but it is better to hold the shape, does not mind and does not accumulate dust.
  • Perfectly combined with various decorative elements, such as beads, rhinestones and embroidery. In addition, decorative ornament may also be applied to the ribbons, for example, Arabic or Slavic patterns. Flowers from such tapes will look very original.
  • Artificial flowers are not covered by the end of the holiday, even in the strongest frost or heat. They do not drink a snow-white bride dress with pollen or juice and will not harm allergies.

From tapes You can make a large number of different colors. For example, the place will be classic roses or peonies, multicolored gerberas, fluffy chrysanthemums and asters or laconic hyacinths. There are many different techniques for the manufacture of wedding bouquets from ribbons.

Kanzashi. To date, the bouquets in the style of Kanzashi are the most popular option for the wedding. This technique came from the East – in Japan, decorated with hairstyles of noble women. Petals of these artificial flowers are so accustomed that they want to touch them and consider each detail of the bouquet separately.

The technique itself is not too complicated, and even a beginner will be able to cope with it, but this work is long and very painstaking. Each petal is made of a separate piece of ribbon and only after all the petals are ready, you can collect one flower. The edges of the petals can be both sharp and elongated and rounded and even expanding to the ends.

Flat flowers. Such tape roses are perfect for a bouquet of topiary on a long thin leg. They are performed from a long whole ribbon, rolled in a certain way and nasty on a small substrate from burlap, soft felt or even cardboard. Such compositions from ribbons of pastel shades look very gently and touching in the hands of the bride.

Lush flowers. Magnificent flowers without individual petals can be made using one ribbon and needle threads. To do this, it is enough to fold the satin tissue along and flash it with long stitches around the edge. After that, you need to carefully pull the free edge of the thread, collecting tape with beautiful swans and spinning a spiral. For greater structures, you can twist the tape along the axis – it will give the flower a greater density and create a unique pattern.

Melted petals. The bouquets of peonies, collected with the help of melted pieces of satin ribbon. You can do this as a conventional lighter and a flame of a candle or a gas stove. Finished petals are collected in a tight or blossomed bout and connect to one big composition. With a certain skill, artificial bouquets can be collected, which, even from the distance of two steps, do not distinguish between the present. In this case, such a bouquet can stand in a vase for two days, and several years.

Flowers of thin ribbons. From thin tapes whose width does not exceed centimeters, you can make lush chrysanthemums or asters. To do this, it is enough to wind a long ribbon on the fingers of the palm, to tie in the middle with a small thread or rope and cut the loop with scissors. A fluffy ball, pressed on the sides of the same neighbors, externally looks very similar to the garden flowers growing on the cottages and in the gods. With a competent color combination with roses or peonies from large ribbons, even such simple bouquets will become a cute decoration of the celebration.

Color and texture

In order for a bouquet of artificial flowers to fit in a celebration format, it is necessary to choose the right color and size of buds. And for a bouquet to approach the dress of the bride, it is necessary to take into account his texture. Than air and lighter outfit, the more gentle and miniature should be bouquet flowers.

An excellent solution will be executed in the shade of dresses or decorative elements. If you want to make brightness in a monochrome outfit, then you need to pick up the tapes of the same color as the design of the whole event. Most often, 2-3 shades are chosen, in which the decor of the hall is performed and the tables are decorated. If the color solution of the bouquet will coincide with them, then the whole composition will look more completed and thoughtful.

Most often for decoration of weddings, pastel and tender tones are used. Solorate, as usual, white and all his shades. Dilutes the composition blue, pink, lavender and pistachio. Nevertheless, if desired, you can add bright accents in the form of a red, purple or bright green. Perhaps it is worth abandoning only from black, which is traditionally considered a tint of mourning, so he is not a place for such a joyful event.

Some equilibrium in the decorations of the girl itself and its accessories should be observed. If the bride’s dress and hair sparkle with pearls and stones, you should not decorate them and a bouquet – it will look prefigured and overloaded. On the contrary, the laconic image will well emphasize flowers with rhinestones and broots. In addition, wedding stylists advise to leave the elongated forms of bouquet for girls, and ladies at the age of stop their choice on a spherical shape.

Necessary materials

Of course, each technique will require your own set of tools, as they differ in many ways. Nevertheless, there is a certain basic set, without which it is not necessary anyway.

  • Foam ball or microphone with a floral sponge that can be purchased in a flower shop. You can replace it with plastic, crumpled and glued newspapers or a thick rope, rolled into the ball.
  • Dense cardboard for handle. You can take a ready-made cardboard tube that remains from the foil or food film after its use in the kitchen.
  • Satin ribbons of the necessary colors and patterns. It is best to take them with a stock in order to practice in the manufacture of buds. Satin consumption for each of the technician may vary.
  • Adhesive gun, which can be purchased at any needlework store or order in an online store.
  • Stapler, Pins, Neck, Scissors.
  • Threads in color tapes and contrasting shades.
  • Various decorative beads and stones.

For the manufacture of peonies of melted ribbons or flowers in the Japanese style, you will have to additionally install a candle or burner on which pieces of ribbons will melt. Before you begin with needlework, it is necessary to organize a clean free space. It is best to do it at the desk or stand, so that you can leave the unfinished bouquet and return to its assembly a little later.

Step-by-step manufacture

Before you start making a satin bouquet, you should study several master classes for the technique that was chosen, and take the flowers to do. All the rest of the work will not take much time and is performed in stages according to a small instruction.

Step 1. Production of the base

First of all, the foundation is prepared on which buds and decor will be attached. If a finished ball is bought from plastic or foam, it is simply connected with a long cardboard handle. If the ball needs to be made independently, you can hide several newspaper sheets and clean the rope tightly. Such a homemade ball is also attached to a cardboard handle with a glue gun.

To hide the cardboard tube, it must be wrapped in a satin ribbon and thoroughly glue the ends, wrapping them inside the pipe. In order to hide the connection place and not too aesthetic bottom of the foam sphere, a lace or satin “skirt” is glued to the place of connection with the tube. Most often it is performed under the color of the bouquet.

Step 2. Flower making

The easiest way to make beautiful flowers is the technique of bulk buds. To do this, take a wide satin ribbon and fold it in half the facep. A needle with a thread Such a tape is stitched around the edge, after which it is delayed with large assemblies and turns into a small bud. So that such a bud does not break up, the tapes are stitching at the base with several stitches.

Step 3. Fastening flower

In order for the satin bouquet to be able to withstand all the active movements of the bride, its photo session, dance and, finally, flight into the hands of the girlfriends, the flowers must be well fixed on the foam or rope. To do this, the small English pin with the color of the head is stuck in their core, suitable. The sharp edge of the pin leaving the wrong side of the bud, firmly and deeply sticks into the basis. Additionally, the connection site is treated with a glue gun. A qualitatively completed bouquet will not fall apart in the hands of the bride and will delight her all the celebration.

Than decorate?

In order for a bouquet of ribbons to be more interesting and original, it can be decorated with various additional elements. It may be a beads of beads or individual major beads. Especially good in the bouquet of gentle shades, large and small pearls are found, which are sewn or glued both to the buds themselves and in the space between them.

Great brooch in the form of butterfly, dragonfly or ladybugs will look excellent on this bouquet. The decoration can be thematic, for example, a decor of bouquet in the form of small seashells and marine stars is perfect for the wedding on the beach. In addition, in the bride’s bouquet, as always relevant elements of the Fatin and Lace – they will make the composition of the satin of more gentle and air.

Beautiful examples

The most popular shape of the wedding bouquet was and remains a spherical form. It has a comfortable long handle and can be performed in both one and several colors.

Cascade bouquet in the form of drops especially spectacularly in the technique of Kanzashi. It can be decorated with large stones and beautiful brothers.

    Unusual bouquets in the shape of a heart or a large flower will look very fresh and original. For them, no additional decor is needed or too bright colors – they themselves will become a worthy decoration.

    About how do it yourself make a wedding bouquet of satin ribbons, look in the following video.

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