Wedding Certificates: Original Ideas

Wedding Certificates: Original Ideas

Wedding is an unforgettable event in the lives of newlyweds. How much is to be done: this is the choice of the rings, the rings, the hall for the celebration, as well as many other cases. And it is only the beginning of the long work to be done. When, finally, the wedding day comes, I want him to go fun and remembering one of the best days in life.

Benefits of a gift certificate

Guests should take care of the gift for the bride and groom in advance. The gift certificate can be an excellent idea for donation, because to choose an interesting and original present very difficult. You can restrict ourselves to the acquisition of shallow home equipment or give money, but I want the gift to be unusual. Of course, if newlyweds need additional finance and as a wedding gift would like to receive cash, you can give an envelope with money.

It is important to consider in advance what the gift certificate will be, because it needs to be colorfully arranged, write the text and give the original.

If there are doubts about choosing entertainment for newlyweds, you can choose the option where they themselves will be able to choose an acceptable idea for leisure.

In the event that the interests of the bride and the bride are known, it is better to stop on the fact that both newlyweds will be interesting. Extreme lovers are suitable for exciting extreme entertainment options.

Romantic couples more soul will be a trip to a quiet place or just a trip to the movies.

In the latter case, you should take care of a separate hall for the newlyweds, because this is a wedding gift. We will not know the decoration of the hall with candles, decor. Sweet table, fruits and a bottle of champagne only complement the romantic atmosphere.

The certificate should be given in the event that:

  • The donor is well known the interests of newlyweds+
  • When the cherished dream of one of the marriages is known: to visit a certain country or place+
  • If young are ready for any madness and do not differ in conservatism+
  • If newlyweds love new impressions and ready to take them.

In the event that a gift certificate is given on a trip to another city or abroad, you should agree on this with the travel agency in advance. The bride and groom will be pleasantly surprised, having received a visit for a few days in an exotic country or a different place at will.

Best ideas

Below are ideas that can be implemented using gift certificates.

  • Visiting spa procedures. This is an excellent opportunity, finally reset the tension after long-term preparation for the wedding ceremony. You can give a gift card to carry out various procedures and entertainment activities in the cozy hotel.
  • Different walks for young. It can be a walk on a boat or a motor ship, a house visit and horse riding, privacy in a country house. Extreme lovers will suit a journey on a balloon or a parachute jump.
  • Participation in master classes. Given the preferences of newlyweds, you can give them a certificate for visiting culinary or other master classes. Joint cooking chocolate, sophisticated dishes or coffee, soaping skills or other fascinating classes will help the young couple even more close.

  • Wedding photo session can become a good opportunity to reveal a couple in a new way and see yourself in unexpected images. Gift certificate should include not only the work of the photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser, but also give the opportunity to get a luxury album with photos as a gift.

It is important that newlyweds get emotions from a gift. Do not forget about practical options. Certificate for the purchase of shallow household appliances is appropriate if the young couple will live separately and it needs electronics.

Fans of joint campaigns on shopping will suit the certificate for the purchase of stylish clothes and accessories, dear and elite perfumes.

For those who behave a healthy lifestyle or seeks to bring their body in order, a gift is suitable in the form of visits to the gym, swimming pool, studies in the fitness club.

Guests and newlyweds will delight certificate confirming that they are the happiest family. Husband issues official permission to jointly and “exploitation” of his wife. The same document is awarded young wife.

Unusual guest ideas

In order for fun at the event, it is possible to give gift certificates not only a young couple, but also to guests. They are usually awarded as bonuses during contests. They must be a smile, but not be vulgar or stupid.

Possible options for them can be:

  • Certificate for holding a paper wedding with a young couple+
  • on holding a golden wedding+
  • on a raw breakfast prepared by her husband+

  • on a joint visit of the cinema, zoo, exhibitions+
  • Document that gives the right once a month in newlyweds+
  • Right to dance with bride or groom+
  • right to kiss all beautiful girls or guys.

Options may be set. Certificates for a wedding will be an ideal addition to the celebration and will leave unforgettable emotions from guests and perpetrators of the event.

This document should be beautifully issued. If this is a small card, then it can be placed in a small box, which is put in the box more – it is given to newlyweds. If this document looks like a small card, it will be useful to supplement it with tiles of luxury chocolate. You can also present it by placing a card to a fruit and wine cart.

You can print a document on ordinary paper, tighten it into a scroll and tie a beautiful ribbon. To “create” a document, you can place a sheet of paper into a container with tea welding for a few minutes, and then dry.

Well will look at the document printed on a color printer. It can be placed in a beautiful frame or make an original decor, decoring tapes, patterns, rhinestones. Decorative butterflies and beautiful expensive paper will complement the image and make a gift reflected.

In addition, you can order the execution of a document in a special workshop. When it is design, it is important to stick to the color scheme and the subjects, which is provided for by the wedding.

Certificates should not necessarily be expensive – they can be comic. It is important that the bride and groom rightly appreciate the gift, and he remained in mind a bright event.

Give each other Certificates as a gift can and newlyweds. This may be a document on the execution of desire: young people think of their cherished desire and enter it into the document. Thanks to him, partners can learn about the cherished secrets of their halves.

The certificate youth can be presented in different ways, about one of them is told in a short video.

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