Wedding hairstyles in Greek style: characteristics and tips on design

Wedding hairstyles in Greek style: characteristics and tips on design

Selection of a banquet hall, sending invitations, search for a photographer and rental of a luxury car – the brides have a lot of pleasant hassle. But the main among them are the choice of dresses and a suitable hairstyle. After all, on this day, each wants to look like a royal. Such an event is in life only once, and the video and photos of the spouses, guests and relatives will be browsing for a long time. So it is so important for your wedding to choose the perfect image.

Features style

Among the various variants of the bride of the whole world, mostly choose wedding hairstyles in Greek style. This is not surprising, because they most successfully emphasize beauty, femininity and at the same time magnificence with royal grace.

Such an option is involved in the presence of curls. He is ideal for girls with nature curly hair. But the owner of perfectly smooth strands with modern means for laying can also create a unique volume and curls of the desired size.

Greek stacks go absolutely to all. From a large number of variations, every girl with a hairdresser can pick up the most optimal option suitable for a concrete dress and beneficially underlining the advantages of her appearance. Regardless of the edge of the face, eye shapes and chin luxury loose curls or eating out curly strands are decorated with any newlyworked.

Hair length can also be any like color. The most advantageous such styling looks on the hair of medium length. Elegant long curls will require particularly thorough fixation. Cutting from nature hair simply created for laying in Greek style.

Do not defeat and winners of short haircuts or thin hair. Wedding hairstyles are often performed using shinons and overhead strands.

Images of Greek goddesses and the ancient kartins still continue to inspire hairdressers. It is safe to declare that the Greek hairstyle is generally equivalent to the concept of wedding female hairstyles. It looks not only with an outfit in Greek style, but also with any very elegant or luxurious wedding dress. Attracting the attention to the face of the bride, it is advantageous with its soft and aristocratic features, the volumetric laying becomes a worthy framing and completion of the perfect image.

There are several main types of Greek wedding hairstyles that are performed by hairdressers. The remaining varieties are created based on them:

  • Greek beam (or lampadion based on it as a more complex option)+

  • Greek braid+

  • Greek tail+

  • Greek “Cascade”.

Each of them can be used for different hair length and supplemented with all sorts of accessories.


Greek hairstyle is unthinkable without hairpins and decorations. Natural beauty of curly curls in their homeland complement the flowers. As a rule, it is white or cream buds. Ideal if they harmonize or repeat the flowers in the bride bouquet. These may be artificial jewelry or real inflorescences. So that natural flowers do not lose freshness, they are pre-treated with wax.

Another popular and most common accessory – Fata. You need to be careful. Severe and too patched fabric can damage the hairstyle or distract all attention. It is better to choose transparent and maximum easy medium length veil. It can also be decorated with a wide lace strip around the edge.

Best to combine Fata will be with a Greek bundle in the middle of a nape or low-tech. Typically, in this version, veils pin under the beam, which does not distract attention from the beauty of the bride’s hair.

Sometimes instead of Fatas use a mesh to emphasize the unusual and refinement of the image. This item is best suited to the owners of middle-length hair or short. Also the aircraft is perfectly combined with a Greek bundle or lampadone.

Ribbons, beads are often woven to a Greek braid or a free tail. They emphasize the complexity of weaving and give a larger amount of hairstyle. The rims are also frequent satellites wedding hairstyles in Greek style. Narrow or wide, one or more, made of metal, ribbons, lace, they can remind the blades to their magnificence or concisely hold the border of the bangs. Whatever you choose the option, It is in Greek hairstyle that he will look most effectively.

Gum and ribbons for Greek hairstyle allow you to make an interesting option at home. For this, the hair curls into the curl or hair curlers, paying special attention to the ends. On the hair separated by direct, the hair is put on a special ribbon band. Under it are tested hair tips. It turns out the original free roller. In front of such laying usually framed small curly strands.

Diadem – another reason to feel like a Greek queen. This little like crown is most often worn on the forehead with a lightweight decoration or on a dark part. Sometimes attach it and on the back. Optionally, the diadem must be made of precious metals with natural stones. But the quality should be good enough to make the accessory to do not look cheap.

It looks original on a freely drop-down cascade of curls Oarser’s small rhinestones or tiny flowers, iridescent of multi-colored lights in the sun.

Options for laying

Greek braid has become popular more than ten years ago not only as a festive styling, but in everyday style. Now you can find a lot of its varieties: French braid, spikes and t. D. The difference between the Greek option – in light carelessness. The hairstyle is simultaneously natural and harmonious, but at the same time quite thought out – from the location on one or another side of the head to the added accessories.

This option is a real masterpiece. A severe multi-layer hairstyle looks great in the frame of flowers, beads, ribbons, often performed using artificial strands to create volume. The master skillfully straightens separate strands from the common braid to give light carelessness and naturalness of the hair. The effect of the adorable Greek princess or nymph, which casually collected curls, scattered on the shoulders from running.

Cosa can be one formed by wide free curls, and may consist of several medium in volume beginning with the temples, and then moving into a common fancy pattern of weaving. She can go straight, but more often a little side. Curly hair tips are framed by accessories in the form of ribbons and colors and freely fall or removed into the hairstyle. Often, Greek braids become a basic element for more complex hairstyles, such as the Greek node.

Best of all the Greek Spit looks without Fata in the framing of colors or with the diadem. The hairstyle itself is quite textured and interesting. Lace can hide the most spectacular details of the image.

Greek tail is one of the most uncomplicated variations that can be made even on their own at home with due skill. Supplement to it is well served by veil, as all beauty is hairstyle visible on the side. The tail begins more often on the back of the head and straightened several asymmetrically on one shoulder, less often – on both. It consists of curls or Greek braids. Often it is performed from several twisted harvesters, which to the middle of the length are connected in one.

Often mix a Greek tail and braid to get an unusual and interesting option. Such a hairstyle is especially recommended for the bride with short hair, because the use of overhead hair here is the easiest way. It is worth noting that The more difficult the drawing of the hairstyle, the framing head, the more modest and less should be decorations in the hair.

Greek Cascade – Popular Long Hair Option. The hairstyle is based on the free position of the hair, curled into the curls. Curls should not be smooth and smooth. The effect of light negligence with curls of different sizes is welcomed. Curly hair with the help of invisible is cleaned from the face and climb low above the neck or slightly higher on the back of the head, if the hairstyle is not too heavy. For an additional volume on the sides of the temples and on the top often used.

Hair in this laying is beautiful and by themselves, and with the addition of small accessories. With such a hairstyle, the most popular diadem, but the bulk vehicle will not be the best companion. It is also worth thinking about the choice of dresses. Framed hair, falling on the back and shoulders, require the maximum open top of the dress.

Greek node or based on its basis Lampadion – one of the most spectacular and difficult for performing types of wedding hairstyles. There are simple options, but in a complex and volumetric execution with a multitude of framing curls without a professional still can not do. This is a wonderful hairstyle for medium hair. She most effectively emphasizes the opening shoulders and the elegant neck of the bride.

Laying luxuriously looks in any framing from accessories and is a universal option. Those girls who dream of a lush vehicle at the marriage ceremony can safely choose this hairstyle.

Hair is cleaned back completely. The hairdresser can leave for effectitude of several thin curly strands in temples or neck. The strands are collected high on the occipital part, forming a similarity of the crown in shape, or in a simpler version of the node is quite low, closer to the neck, and from its volume is knocked out, as if there is no part, curls of different shapes.

The main thing in this hairstyle is to create a solid base, on top of which the rest of the strands of the most intricate way. All hair volume should be well fixed with invisible hairpins and styling.

Spectacular images

The most impressive are “Cascades” from blond hair, in the curls of which small rhinestones are soldered. Spectacular supplement will be the diadem with rock stained. Holders of red hair are lush Greek braids or combinations with a Greek tail in the frame of living white flowers.

Brunettes are low bundles of Greek nodes with a complex pattern from curls. Frames such a hairstyle, as a rule, a spectacular hairpin, and a gentle vendline is attached from the bottom under the node.

The most luxurious option that emphasizes the position of the hostess of the holiday, will be high lampadion, with released, freely flowing from under him strands of different lengths.

Each of the options looks with a bang, which is often specially isolated using diadems or rims and various ribbons. Straight or slightly combed side, it helps harmonize face features and make the form of forehead perfect.

Whatever the types of Greek teaching the modern bride, it will invariably send to the times of beautiful women, natural and gentle, conquering with their beauty. And the majestic harmony of the image will create a unique silhouette of the sophisticated and natural female beauty.

How to make a wedding hairstyle in Greek style, look in the video below.

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