Wedding hairstyles on the side

Wedding hairstyles on the side

Among the wedding hairstyles of laying the side are allocated as the most simple and at the same time. To make this, it takes not so much time, such as, for example, for a complex, heavy knot on the back of the head or on the top. At the same time, all the beauty of the hair is in plain form, not closed by Fata.

Combination with a dress

The image of the bride is key at the wedding ceremony, which is why it should be carefully thought out every detail. First of all, the hairstyle must be combined with the dress. If the dress from the satin and is simply overflowing smoothness, the laying should be similar – a strict beam or a node, and if the hair is short – they should be in a hairs to the hairs.

In the event of a choice of dresses with an abundance of laces, they can be supported by curls. The knot should not be smooth, well, if it is framed by “randomly” knocked artistically decorated curls. For multilayer dresses, a little careless waves will be suitable, light dishevement.

It is no less important that the hairstyle is combined not only with the dress style, but also with his style. So, if you stayed on a lush, “princess” dress, hair will have to raise, and higher. After all, as we know, no princess – neither in a fairy tale, nor in life – did not get married with loose hair. Clumps, studs, rims, diadem can go into move – Any complexity of the host created.

If you like a short dress, then, on the contrary, you should not be too wise with stacking. Cascade of curls and waves that give the image of playfulness – this is what is best suited in this situation.

Stopping your choice on the luxurious “Rus Moulder” dress, you get the opportunity to create a sophisticated aristocratic hairstyle. All kinds of low beams are suitable (except for dissected), as well as large, laid logs.

The dress in the Greek style will not allow you to wear a veil, but in the advantageous light will demonstrate the beauty of your hair. You can use any, the most difficult weaving, as well as their combination, decorating the hairstyle with flowers and rims. And deciding to open the shoulders – with the help of straps on the shoulders or their complete absence, you should not dissolve the hair so that the beauty of the neck and the clavicle is not hidden.

If your dress is tightly closed on top, then the hair will have to remove. Otherwise, the impression will be created that your neck is too short, and the proportions of the body are visually violated. It should also be done if the top of the dress is decorated with complex patterns, lace, otherwise the beauty of the leif will not be visible.

The optimal version of the dresses in order to make the side laying is a model with a strap on one shoulder. Such a style immediately creates “overload” on the one hand, and it is possible to balance it just with the help of hairstyles.

Nuances styling

Options for hairstyles, laid out, a great set – from braids to curls, from a beam on one ear to waves in the style of the 20s of the twentieth century. At the same time, each of them looks very impressive, allowing you to demonstrate healthy shiny hair in all their glory.

Cascades of tight curls are suitable for girls with medium hair lengths, and sophisticated weaving, and negligent bundles. As for the happy owners of truly long strands, they will have to stop on the original volumetric spit, because loose hair will create a lot of inconvenience during a wedding ceremony and a feast.

As for brides with short hair, they are somewhat more difficult to create styling, but there are interesting options for them. Pluging strands from one sides with studs or with a weaving, on the other side you need to form curons or a fiberglass.

In general, the owners of short hair hairstyles in retro style go more than anyone else.

Choosing the laying of the side, you need to consider both the weather (and time of year) and the structure of your hair. The hairstyle must be fixed so that neither the breeze, nor the humidity spoil it.

Of course, it should be taken in advance to ensure that your curls look really gorgeous. And this means that in three or four months before the wedding, you should start taking vitamins, carefully to care for curls, regularly make masks (both for both hair and scalp), co-sequencing ends. Such a functional thing as a scrub for the scalp is also very necessary, and if it is not possible to buy it, you can make it at home – from a large sea salt.


Spit can decorate both with flowers alive or artificial and various decorations: pearls, beads, studs. Of course, they must be harmonized with the outfit: if the bodice is embroidered with pearls, then the hairstyle should be decorated.

If you want to want the outfit to be complemented by Fata, you need to take into account that it will not be attached on top of the top, but on the back of the head, and it will have only one layer. If you choose a traditional long two-layer veil, and even which small bride helpers will carry, – all beauty is hairstyles under the layers of the fate.

The more difficult your laying, the easier it must be. In addition, it should not be much longer hair.

Top Mantilla is also suitable for laying on one side – one-layer finest, with a decoration of beautiful lace around the edge.

Laying on one side gives the opportunity to try on such a rigorous accessory as monoserega. If the second ear is hidden under long curls, you can decorate the other one long chic earrings. Their choice is very large, the only condition – she must approach the style of the dress. If you chose a romantic outfit, a rocker earring will look alien.

If the hair is not sufficient, then long drop-shaped or elongated earrings, emphasizing the beauty of the neck and the clavicle.

Master class on creating a Greek braza on side See below.

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