Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Before the wedding, any girl thinks about perfect dresses and hairstyle. The exception is not the bride with bangs. Possessing such a difficult haircut, it is doubly difficult to create their wedding image. These beauties must first appeal to the stylist to select the most successful laying, and must be supplied to the festive appearance.


It is important to start with the fact that the hairstyle with bangs should be organically combined with the face form, and the image of the bride, and with the existing accessories, and with the overall theme of the wedding. Do not cut a bang directly before the wedding. The likelihood of excessive shortening of hair that tribal do not have time to grow to normal. If you have a correction for two or three weeks before the event, time to bring everything to normal, just enough. In addition, preparatory procedures are necessary for those brides that have always worn bangs directly, and kosya wanted to the wedding. A couple of days before the event they have to honor their hair in the right direction.

Often the brides, pick up hairstyles for the wedding, are experiencing that this haircut element will not fit into the subject of celebration. However, the situation is completely different. For example, a retro wedding literally demands a bang. Alternatively, it can be tightened by the forehead by creating large curls from the rest. In another case, all hair is stacked in a high babett, are tied up with a suitable ribbon, and a neat bang remains unchanged. In addition, you can make a high tail. Wedding hairstyles of boho celebrations also do not fail without bangs. As a rule, the hair is neatly stacked on both sides and are fixed in invisible, so as not to interfere. The rest of the mass generates natural curls.

Classic weddings, of course, do not pass without brides with bangs – it is more appropriate to choose the elegant bundles, emphasizing the beautiful face shape and opening the back, neck and shoulders. In the event that the girl has a straight bang, it is better to give her preference to a neat hair node and a dress with an open back or a bulk smooth beam and an atlantic along. Kosy or Long Bang perfectly complement the natural nodule and a gentle chiffon outfit, and the lush decorated bundle and neat bangs require a simple style dress. On glamorous weddings, this is, of course, goes about Hollywood curls, carefully fixed by special means for laying.

Overview options

Wedding hairstyle is determined depending on the shape of the bangs. Just so succeed to achieve a truly harmonious image.

With direct

Styling with straight level bangs to make the easiest way, besides, it looks stylish and fashionable. It perfectly complement and loose curls, and the mass of healthy and well-groomed hair. In addition, a straight bang has more to implement original ideas, but not too overloaded. For example, if the braid is selected, it should be as simple as possible and natural, and if the beam is the classic smooth shell. Sophisticated weaving in this case are weighing the image. In the case when the hair is fixed upstairs, it would be nice to twist curls, large or small. In general, it is believed that smooth bangs and curls make up a very attractive combination.

The outfit on this day should be simple and unsurched. It is recommended to choose the dress of classic models, not burdened with bows, lace and ruffles. The bangs itself will have to be perfectly smoothed with the help of special funds, as well as cut it so that it does not seem to be too thick and weighting. Ideal straight bang closes forehead, but not too.

Laying a straight bang happens as follows: First my head is, and balm is applied only on hair tips. Following in the palms, a few drops of liquid crystals are easily rubbed, and they are applied to the head so that they do not have roots. Remains are distributed across the bangs again except the root zone. Special spray is applied to the roasting zone to give volume, after which all the strands are combed. Thanks to the hairdryer and comb, the selected laying of the total mass of the hair takes place. Then the round comb is taken and the bang is stacked with it so that the ends are slightly rounded.

With oblique

Kosay bangs always successfully complement the high hairstyle with pile. Snars are going upstairs in the node, a beam or other laying and decorated with alive flowers, ribbon or rim. It is appropriate and when all the hair is combed back and left to the “flock” on the back, or they are placed on one side. It is worth mentioning that oblique bangs, unlike the straight, is perfectly combined with a variety of braids and weaving, even the most complex. For example, a good idea will braid openwork pigs on one side.

With long

Most often, a long bang is completely removed into the hairstyle for maximum convenience, but it can also be put separately and make a key component of the image. Many girls are combing this part of the hair on the side and fix the rim, ribbon or beautiful hairpin. Others prefer to split bangs into two equal parts and leave naturally hang on both sides, demonstrating a beautiful face. This is suitable, by the way, only brides with oval faces. And, of course, high hairstyles, as a rule, require the use of bangs in the total mass of hair, that is, joint laying.

For laying long bangs, it will take a comb for creating a volume of roots, a standard round brush and a hairdryer. First, with the help of the tools, the strands are lifted and stacked in the right direction. As the hair dryer is activated, you can understand what is happening at the stage of wet hair. Following the racial spinning of the face, the face is slightly turned out, then screw and dry.

With short

If the bride has a haircut, like bangs, short, then the latter will need to either make a straight line, or to combed one side. If the wedding should be thematic, then the hair can be born upstairs and make a peculiar joke. In any case, a sufficient volume is attached to short hair, as desired they are decorated with accessories. In the event that a short bang accompany hair to the shoulders, then the hair weight can be twisted into the curls, put in the rim from the pigtail or tighten into the beam. For such hairstyles, rims, diadems, velutes or decorated dressings.

Type of appearance

Wedding laying with bangs is also determined by the face form. For example, oval allows you to choose any kind of bangs: both straight and side, and even different lengths. For the wedding, the oblique bunch is best suited, that the side is laid. For a round face, you should not use bangs at all, otherwise it will not play a girl. However, if the desire to make an accent and narrow the face is still available, it is recommended to leave several strands at the face or cut down a long bang. There is also an option to grow long bangs and bother it up, and then stacked with invisible or decorative accessories.

Finally, the triangular and rectangular faces are not combined at all with a straight bang, but they look good with oblique and rather long. By the way, there is no special requirements for hairstyle, depending on the color of the hair, there is no – what is suitable for brunette, it is quite suitable for a blonde. Much more important in this case type of person and general image.

Suitable accessories

Stylists recommend to combine bangs with a victim either by the same. If the bride wants to appear in front of guests with a crown, she should accommodate it in the place where bang begins. Decoration can be completely different. Fine accessories resembling silver or gold rim, and bright high ladies should be brought together to the luxurious practically real crowns, decorated with stones or rhinestones. In addition, there is no need to limitate only by loose hair – the diadem is also suitable for brags, and to high styling, and elastic curls – you should not only forget about. Finally, it should be mentioned that the crown will suit any kinds of bangs: straight, oblique, short and long.

Although modern brides are increasingly deciding to appear without Fata, this accessory is still considered extremely popular, including girls with bangs. If the image combines a complex hairstyle and a straight jug, then the veil should be simple and, best of all, from one layer. In the event that the laying is selected as simple as possible and does not demonstrate the loose hair, the veil can be selected rather lush and consisting of several layers. Finally, oblique bangs organically looks with accessories of any variety. The use of Fata is accompanied by a selection of a variety of decorations, including hair.

Beautiful bride images

Retreats allow you to create very stylish and memorable styling with bangs. For example, the hair of the middle length can be rear in the free beam and combed on the top. In this case, part of the bangs can be consolidated in the total mass, and part of the leave freely framed. At the request of the tips of the hair lighted. The hairstyle is decorated with a stylish ribbon or a rim with feathers, beads and other decorative elements.

In addition, on the same thematic wedding you can make styling in the style of Gatsby. Light waves are formed on the hair, then they are all combed back and fixed in a bundle, and bangs gently stacked on the side. The finished hairstyle is abundantly fixed with varnish and decorates solitary pearls.

About how to make a wedding hairstyle with your own hands, look in the following video.

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