Wedding Hairstyles with Diadhem and Fata

Wedding Hairstyles with Diadhem and Fata

The bride should be impeccable in his main day. For this, there is not enough expensive outfit and the corresponding attributes, it is necessary to correctly choose a hairstyle. For several seasons, the popularity of hairstyles with Diadhel and Fata does not fall. Such a luxurious accessory will allow the bride to feel like a real queen.

History of diademia

The appearance of the accessory takes its beginning in ancient Greece. There such accessories wore priests, treating them as ritual dressings. Later, the decoration began to be used by monarchs as a symbol of power. The fabric material was replaced by precious metals, and the round shape became open.

After some time, the decoration became the attribute of the highest nobility, and then passed into the status of women’s accessories. The peak of the popularity of the decoration came at the XVIII century. These little crowns were called upon to emphasize the knowledge and financial well-being of their owners, so they were covered with complex gold or silver patterns.

Currently, the diadem has lost the emphasis status of the hostess. However, this accessory, be it even from the usual decorated metal, is able to revive any hairstyle and add a wedding luxury image.

Types of decoration

In classic form, the diadem reminds the crown, but with open base. The highest point of the product is exactly the middle of the head, gradually decreased by disagreeing with the edges. This decoration can be quite massive or, on the contrary, very miniature, barely noticeable under the Fata.

Another kind of diadem – Tiara. It is a permanent design of the same height over the entire diameter. There are options for an accessory intended for fastening from the occipital part or on the side. This is done so that beautiful curls do not fall into the face of the bride, and the brilliance of precious pebbles did not switch attention from the face of the bride to the shining accessory.

Feronerics are decorations in the form of an elegant chain or hoop, Come on the forehead. As a rule, they are equipped with a “droplet” from precious stones, pearls or artificial colors. Accessories can be attached in the wedding hairstyle vertically (as standard hoop) or horizontally (like the crown). In order for the styling does not break down throughout the wedding day, many brides are preferred to the diadems attached using the ridges.

The appearance of the decoration is selected in accordance with the individual bride preferences. Diadem can be made of expensive materials or jewelry, including precious stones (diamonds) and SWAROVSKI rhinestones or standard plastic beads. The same applies to the patterns: geometric shapes, floral ornament, fantasy liner.

Combined styling

If there is a hair design for the wedding of Fata and the diadem, then the main thing in this situation is to choose a suitable hairstyle. Volumetric wedding hairstyles with the diadema and Fata will give the image of the bride more femininity. It is better if the laying is made in the form of a pretty beam, babettes, pigtails, rolled ring, and the diadem will be equipped with a row. The decoration should be quite voluminous so as not to get lost in the hair. Logsa Fatas are important and not a sense of visual imbalance. When choosing a wedding accessory, the rule should be remembered: the greatest decoration, the more modest and more stricter should be vehicle (one or two tiers or a velute).

A small accessory of A la Corona will look good with long laying hair or in context smooth hairstyles for long hair. Locks should be large, beautifully laid, by type of Hollywood, falling on shoulders or raised. Numerous curls running around the perimeter of the whole head – unacceptable.

Decoration, designed for decoration, loose locks or smooth styling, should not be greater and contain bright decorative elements (live flowers, feathers), as it will turn the image very. And also should not overstat the hairstyle with different decorative elements. All used accessories must be combined with the basis of the base and style design.

For holders of Kudryashek, it is recommended to choose elegant tiara. In the company with such an ornament (without unnecessary decorative elements and visual massiveness) well use a multi-tiered veil.

Hairstyle in the Greek style, supplemented by the victim and Fata, will give the wedding image of the bride more romanticity.

Brides – Holders of bangs It is recommended to adhere to additional recommendations in order to not turn your hairstyle. Allow the decoration to be on the hair growth line – it is impossible. For this you need:

  • In general, to ensure that there is always a wide hair area between the frontal part and decoration+
  • put bangs so that it does not interfere with the diadem+
  • give preference to the narrow accessory coming on the forehead.

The type of hairstyles is primarily determined by the length and thickness of the hair. From the luxurious shield of the hair, you can braid, and then elegantly lay a magnificent braid or pouch chic curls. Thin medium-length hair carefully look in a lush beam or snail. To give the way of naturalness should be released from hairstyles somewhat curly spin. The latter can be replaced by bangs.

Diadem for short hair – quite difficult case, Since the accessory with a successful selection can add the appearance of the bride of expressiveness, and in the case of unsuccessful purchase – spoil it. In order for a short haircut in harmoniously with the diadem, there should be large ornamental inserts in the latter. The best option is a permanent hoop, feronnieres and elegant chains.

Consider what trends are relevant this season.

For the bride

Today, the bride for holding a wedding ceremony can choose a hairstyle with a diadem in any style: traditional, romantic, retro, country, bohemian, youth, greek, vamp. In order for the decoration to look in the hair organically, it is necessary to remember the rule: for brunettes and fiery-red brides will fit the diadem with blond, beautifully iridescent stones, and for blondes – decoration with crystals of light pastel tones.

Among the fashion trends of recent times – to decorate the head of the bride to the charter with blue stones and a grenade. Very claimed among brides Diadem with pearls in silver or gold rim. Metal optionally can be selected more modest. In any case, such a decoration will add the bride of tenderness and charm. Harmony to the image will add similar pearlescent pebbles on a wedding dress. The original diadem can be made of beads or colors, with their own hands or using experienced masters.

For girlfriend

The decoration at the wedding in the form of the diadem is the prerogative of the bride, however, if you really want to decorate my hairstyle with a similar accessory, It is necessary to take into account the recommendations of specialists.

  • Diadem must be thin, not to overshadow the decoration of the bride. It will be elegant such an elegant accessory on loose curls, in a high beam, a Greek hairstyle or bulk spit.
  • The diadem can be decorated with alive flowers (one big bud or a pair of small).
  • If there are stones in the accessory, they must be a small size and how to drill in a hairstyle (any high laying is suitable).
  • Very fashionable for girlfriends use colored veluts in combination with the diadem. Such a hairstyle echoes the bride. However, it is better if the similar style will support all the girlfriends newlyweds so that there is no noticeable contrast between the bride and one more young lady with a veil.
  • Diadems girlfriends can be decorated with small pearls, but the latter should only be slightly knocked out from under the curls (spiral-shaped, zigzag, careless).
  • Bride girlfriend can decorate the diadem not only their chic loose hair, but also hairstyle in the form of a high or low tail, braid in the Greek style.

We disassemble stages

Brides with dense hair, make a hairstyle with a charter quite just. Just twist large curls, and then freely dissolve them. In this case, the decoration is fixed by invisible, and the ends of the tiara faste. If freely loose curls – an unacceptable option for you, you can stick curls to the same invisible on the sides of the head, slightly raising the strands (type of cascade) in the temples to be visible shoulders and neck.

Greek hairstyle, especially in tandem with thematic tunic, is very popular at wedding ceremonies. Create it pretty easy. Direct probor is made. Strands are combed back to form a slight elevation in the center of the head. This elevation can be created in a natural way, using BL, or put a flat lining under strands. Combed curls can be freely dissolved or pick up in a long roller. For the latter, you need a gum-rim.

The diadem in the Greek hairstyle is chosen in the form of a modest rim (often with flowers), located in the immediate vicinity of the frontal area. You can choose an accessory that crosses the forehead and is attached to the hairpins in the temporal areas on both sides.

Wedding Fashion appeals to the trends of the middle of the twentieth century, when different format rollers were at the peak of popularity: round, semicircular, side, elongated, on the back of the head or head of the head. Such a hairstyle in combination with the Fata and the diadem looks very effectively. If you make a high babett, made in the center of the head, diadem, it will give the image of the bride of tenderness, femininity and royality. Visually “pull out” growth, open the charming neck and shoulders.

Beautiful images

Incredibly gently and harmoniously looks a diadem with floral motifs on a high beam, a crumbling pattern with fate edging. Capturally looks pretty wide diadem with swarovski crystals.

Luxury luxury luxury thiara with vegetable motifs. Another trend of recent seasons – Feroneri. Decoration with pearls, coming on the forehead, gives the image of the bride somewhat eastern flavor. The modests can choose a simple metal accessory, decorated on the sides of the butterflies.

Wedding Diadem does not need to be decorated with stones. Its foundation can be lace, beads and sequins. Luxuriously looks diadem, reminiscent of the crown, decorated with large stones.

Diadem-Comb will organically fit into a high hairstyle with bangs.

How to make a wedding hairstyle with a charter and Fata, see the following video.

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