Wedding hairstyles with the diadema: laying options for the celebration and methods of their execution

Wedding hairstyles with the diadema: laying options for the celebration and methods of their execution

Each girl on the day of his wedding dreams to look like a princess and carefully selects the appropriate decorations. An integral part of the image of any princess-bride is a diadem adorning hairstyle. What kind of diadems exist how to choose the right option to hairstyle and how to securely fasten the decoration in the hair – about all this in our article.

History of appearance

The sophisticated accessory appeared in ancient Greece, and the title of the diadem is considered an ancient Greek Goddess Hera. It is on her images in her hair that a spectacular decoration was always concerned. In those days, such an accessory was considered the subject of luxury, so only girls and women from rich families.

Nowadays there are many varieties of diadem, and almost any girl can afford one or another type of accessory. Elegant decoration Choose for their wedding images not only celebrities, but also ordinary girls. In addition, this spectacular accessory can be called independent and universal, because it can be used without Fata.

Types of decoration

Assortments of jewelry houses and accessories stores are so great that you can meet many varieties of the diadem for every taste. For example, girls who prefer natural gems and metals will suit the decorations of gold, silver and precious stones. Silver models and white gold products are graceful, brighter will be decorations made of yellow metal varieties.

Stones play an important role: the silver diadems will be more restrained and elegant, and with color – more spectacular and unusual. It is worth noting that such types of decoration have a fairly high cost and are not suitable for every girl.

A more affordable option is accessories from ordinary metals and stones that have nothing to do with jewels. But this does not mean that they will be somewhat inferior in appearance and quality – look like such decorations no worse.

Different tiaras differ not only by materials involved in their manufacture, but also sizes, ways of fastening, color and arrangement of decorative stones. The most spectacular is the decoration that resembles the appearance of the royal crown. Typically, such a diadem is quite large and decorated with symmetrically arranged large stones. These varieties are also called tiara.

It is worth noting that the product in the form of a crown can be a small size, and small crystals are used as a decor in such cases.

Long tiaras look very unusual and incredibly feminine. Usually such accessory options are suitable for girls with long hair. The product is attached on top of the head and smoothly descends over the entire length of the hair, gracefully walking into the hairstyle.

For other options, hairstyles there are diadems, fastened from behind, and decoration models, lowered on the forehead.

What stacks are suitable?

Practically, one or another view of the diadem is suitable for any styling, the main thing is to choose the size and securely secure.

Accessory in the form of a rim, which is running on top of the head, is suitable both under the sucked hair and under the versions of hairstyles with a surgery or bangs and a bangs on the back of the head. Thus, the decoration focuses on a smooth transition to the main volume hairstyles and profitably emphasizes the proportions of the face. And the right choice of color of the stones will help even strain the eyes and makeup.

Cleverly collected curls and high bundles are not always harmoniously combined with large accessories, so thin sieves of sieves will be perfect option for such hairstyles, which are slightly descended at the forehead. This accessory looks very gently and is the easiest in attachment.

For low beams or volumetric hairstyles collected from large curls, decorations are perfectly suitable with fastening. Usually they are a rather dense chain with stones and decorative elements made of metal in the form of leaves and colors. The product is fastened with invisible and studs and perfectly emphasizes tenderness and elegance of volumetric hairstyles.

We select under the length of the hair

When choosing a hairdo and accessory, it is importantly important to consider the hair length of the bride. For example, the long diadem, distributing along the entire length of the hair, will not suit girls with short hair and curls of medium length, and a small decoration can be lost in a thick shower of long hair. Several step-by-step master classes for the creation of hairstyles with diadems on the hair of different lengths is shown below.

Short hair

The choice of hairstyles for short hair is small, because of short hair you can hardly build a bulk tail with curls or an air beam (if not to resort to the use of artificial strands).

Most often as a wedding hairstyle for short hair, girls stop their choice on neat air curbs of the average. It is important that the hair is not just curled, because so hairstyle will lose volume – you need to carefully comb and stretch the curl, making it more air.

Tiara tiara with fastening, like a rim.

Medium length

Girls with medium hair length is much easier to determine the hairstyle than the owners of short haircuts.

The most popular wedding hairstyle of this season is an air beam, which can be as low, so medium or high – depending on the wishes of the bride. It is not so difficult to create this hairstyle, as it may seem at first glance, it will take only a few additional elements:

  • Studes+
  • Invisible+
  • Volumetric hair roller.

And the most suitable accessory for such hairstyles will be a diadem with fastening from behind.

First you need to determine the height of the beam and, separating the part of the hair, tie a tight tail, then put the roller on it and secure invisible. The remaining part of the hair must be optted by creating a root volume, and fix next to the top of the roller.

Then you need to pouch loose hair on a thin or thick curl, stretch the curls, giving them an airiness and fix with studs in the mesh surface of the roller. It is very important to use studs so that they are not visible in the hairstyle, then it will look not just neat and neat, but also light, air.

Gradually, you need to fix the loose hair curl per curl, forming them into the bulk bundle, after which you need to fix the hairstyle of the hair and supplement the diadem.

It is best to place it at the top base of the beam, fixing with strong invisible hairpins.

Long hair

In most cases, the owner of a long luxurious chapelurs prefer not to hide the length of their hair, and emphasize with its bulk curls.

This is exactly what the popularity of wedding hairstyles with loose crispy tails and long diadems is.

To create this type of hairstyles, you will need all the same materials as for the beams, but with one condition: the mesh roller needs to be dissolved so that it represents a long grid in the form of a soft tube, then collapse and later fix at the base of the tail.

Separate part of the hair and fix the tail at the desired level. Then you need to fix the roller and the remaining hair, pre-giving them the volume. Next, you need to crumble curls, give them airiness and fix with studs, giving the tail the desired form.

The advantages of long tiaras are that when creating this hairstyle, you can fix the part at the beginning of the head, and the rest of the pushing in the tail. So wedding hairstyle will succeed more spectacular and tender.

Beautiful images

There are several luxurious examples of wedding hairstyles with diadems:

  • Option with an openwork tail from volume curls with a long diadhem to allow any girl on the wedding day to feel like a real princess+

  • The pearl diadem, located in the forehead, will give the image more charm and mysteriousness, and bulk curves, neatly laid back, will look very harmonious and neat+

  • Loose hair with bulk curls or a Hollywood wave can also be an excellent option for wedding hairstyles, and a rather large diadem with a decor in the form of small gems perfectly complement+

  • A small tiara decoration perfectly fit into the hairstyle with a low beam, a small volume and released curls in front of the front.

How to make a wedding hairstyle with the diadem, look in the following video.

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