Wedding hall decoration options with your own hands

Wedding hall decoration options with your own hands

Wedding is the most extraordinary holiday for the hearts in love – the first dance as spouses, the first kiss, the exchange of rings, the wedding cake … But before these exciting moments came, future newlyweds should work well, especially when the hall. It is here that there will be a banquet part with a lot of entertainment.

What is important to consider when choosing a decor?

The design of the banquet hall with wedding scenery mainly falls on the shoulders of the owner of the premises or the company on the organization of holidays. But recently the situation has changed. Many scenery prepare friends and groom girlfriends with the bride.

To date, the decoration of the Hall of the Wedding is becoming fashionable. At the expense of the individual approach and preferences of the marriage banquet hall, you can turn from the usual room in luxury apartments. An important nuance in this question is to save budget.

Simply and beautifully arrange a wedding hall can any couple. The main thing is that the scenery gives the festive mood to guests and the perpetrators of the celebration.

Room size

A banquet hall area is very important for a festive event. The greater the square of the selected room, the richer and brighter will be equipped with a festive design. In addition, you can not forget about the guests present, where everyone should get a place. To properly arrange the accents of the wedding interior, it is worth paying attention to the advice of designers.

  • Visually increase the size of the hall allow light tones, especially white. On a white background, contrasting elements must be present, for example, bright and catchy decorations on white tablecloths of tables.
  • If the selection of the bride and the bride fell on a large size of the hall, it is necessary to divide the space into several identical zones, thereby fill the empty corners of the room.
  • For large rooms you need to use appropriate furniture. Each decor element should be large sizes, such as tables, bouquets.

Each room, despite the size, you can visually reduce or increase. The main thing is to correctly establish lighting and allocate significant places in the interior.

Style and Topics of Celebration

Recently, in the preparation of the wedding celebration of the bride and groom, more and more often refuse to classic style events. Convacted standards have long been anxious, and such a special day I want to remember for life. Therefore, newlyweds choose unusual holiday theme.

In general, the topics of the wedding is the basis of the celebration. The style of decorations depends entirely on this choice. Of course, for the closed room, the classic version of the wedding is more suitable, but by connecting fantasy, you can turn a holiday in Masquerade ball. To celebrate in nature themes can be very diverse, for example, retro or provence.

It is worth noting that today there are several popular thematic solutions, among which you can make a choice:

  • Classical – standard solution where you can not connect fantasy+

  • National – depending on the racial affiliation of the bride and groom+

  • Rustic – implies decorations made by their own hands+

  • fabulous – allows you to immerse yourself entirely in an intriguing story that ends with a happy ending.

Prevailing color gamma

Wedding is traditionally associated with light tones. But for designers, the bright color gamut is the opportunity to give the holiday of brightness and saturation. To properly use this nuance and do not resort to the help of professionals, You need to know some rules for working with the palette of colors.

  • When making a festive room, it is necessary to take into account the time of year. Spring shades will be perfectly harmonized with the interior in the warm season.
  • For winter, a very interesting solution for jewelry will be silver inserts.
  • When choosing a color scheme for decorations of the room, the features of each shade and their meaning should be considered.


For any celebration, the budget is an important part of the holiday preparation. And it is impossible to treat this issue. Before proceeding, it is necessary to carry out the necessary calculations and understand how future the future family has.

It often happens that the rented room in the end does not correspond to the topics of the wedding, which is why some failures in the celebration scenario can occur. To this not happen, you should use some advice.

  • When choosing a wedding subject, the room must match the color scheme or be absolutely light.
  • Not trouble that the budget for a banquet hall is small. Selecting a small room, you can enlarge its visual size with decorations and color games.
  • Deciding with the theme and premises, it is necessary to start preparing scenery.

Not necessarily order trained professionals who expose a decent account for a simple work. Friends and friends of the culprits of the celebration will be able to make special and original ornaments for the hall with their own hands. Especially since the time for their manufacture will be abound.

How to decorate the room?

Wedding is a holiday, the preparation for which is starting at least in two months. During this period, the bride and groom spend the mass of strength and energy to make this day the most bright and special in their lives. Among other things, the wedding is a very costly event, so newlyweds have to trim the list of required for the holiday. Quite often, the decoration of the banquet hall is subjected to.

In fact, it is not necessary to order professionals for decorating the room. Friends will be able to do everything much better by putting the soul in the scenery and an excellent mood.

  • Quite often for the decoration of a wedding celebration used paper. From it you can create elegant bouquets, decor on the walls and even decorate vases on the table.

  • Extremely bright and catchy will seem scenery made of balloons.

  • DIY decorations imply the use of not only balls, colors or paper. You can take any unnecessary thing and turn it into an extraordinary element of the hall.

  • When placing a fabric it is important to remember that the acquired material should not be expensive. After buying it is required to be sipped and stroke, and after decorating.

  • The most budget option is to find the premises ready for the holiday, but it is extremely rare to meet this option.


Balls are the most simple and very unusual elements of jewelry. Of these, you can create a lot of scenery, the main thing is to connect fantasy and offer a lot of unusual ideas.

Balloons can be decorated with seating sites and championships. Inflatable different sizes, make them various figures, as well as decorate the edges of the marriage for the bride and groom. From balloons you can make an arch and even tunnel.

It is worth noting that for such a celebration to use conventional balloons very rashly. It is best to choose milling products, the foundation of which is made of metal film. They are distinguished by special strength and can be represented in a wide variety of forms. So that the balls are batted at the height of the room, they are pumped up with helium instead of ordinary air.


Extremely brightly and unusually look at the scenery of the fabric made with their own hands. Use tissue material for any scenery. For example, make bows of various sizes or decorate balls.

In fact, fabric material when placing a wedding is the most significant decor element. The most common types of fabrics for a wedding celebration are considered guipure, grid and chiffon.

When making a banquet hall of matter, it is important to use several colors contrasting among themselves. For example, sew covers for chairs from white fabric, and bows for the backrest are made of red material.


Wireless Wedding Banquet Room Wedding Option – Flowers. You can arrange living colors, but it is extremely expensive, and the scenery themselves exist only a few days. Even during the wedding procession from the noise of the surrounding environment, the floral interior can lose its appearance.

The alternative is the paper colors. Selecting bright colored paper tones, you can make unusual bouquets and place them all over the hall. If the wedding goes outdoors, you can decorate with paper floristic bushes and trees.

Crafts from paper buds made for photocons look quite original. In this case, you can play with the sizes of origami.

Ideas of interesting design

Quite often wedding turmoil does not allow the perpetrators of the celebration to get together with thoughts and decide what and how to decorate a banquet room and its elements.

In this case, colors made of paper are decomposed on the tables. Their color shade perfectly harmonizes with a wedding style and looks very concisely on a light tablecloth background.

At the sight of the decoration of the wedding hall in pink tones, the soul becomes calm and easy. Gentle flowers neatly settled on all required points. Most of the decorations occupy fabrics, thanks to which you want to rejoice and laugh.

In this case, the wedding decoration is felt unusual ease. The design is thought out to the smallest detail. It seems that the place of the bride and the bride is about to turn into a cloud.

Step-by-step instruction

So that future bride and groom do not get into an awkward position and have not lost in the process of pre-wedding turmoil, they should be a small master class and details to learn a sequence of actions to get the desired result.

As soon as future spouses will make the final choice of the venue of the holiday, one should immediately begin the choice of decorative elements. Initially chosen the topics of the holiday, then the color gamut.

Next, it is necessary to resolve the issue with the distribution of areas of the room. Speaking with simple words, it is necessary to draw borders where tables for guests will stand, where to install a tabletop for gifts, donated colors zone. For a large number of children, you should consider a children’s mini-platform.

Then each zone must be decorated. You can, of course, invite specialists, but for modern connoisseurs of hand maids they are not needed at all. Decorations made by your own hands, cost much cheaper than hiring workers with payment for the implementation of standard ideas.

Analysis of major errors

Pre-wedding efforts make it worry not only the perpetrators of the celebration, but also of all relatives. Passions reach apogee, and the only common desire, – so that everything goes perfectly. The main thing is to prevent some errors capable of turning the atmosphere of the holiday from the legs on the head.

  • If the selection of the design was made in favor of the specialist, it is not worth it to constantly touch your advice. Changing the color of the color and location of the scenery, some zones can lose their kind.
  • With independent decoration of the wedding hall, it is necessary to be extremely attentive to the saturation of the color shades. Slightly overdoing with the contrast, instead of a wedding can get a real circus.
  • Before starting, you should draw up a plan and constantly adhere to it. Then the perfect harmony of the event will be observed.

If the budget allocated for the design of the room was insufficient, should not be upset. The final result must have the most luxurious appearance and to meet the funds spent.

About the design of the wedding and decoration of the wedding hall for 5 steps See next video.

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