Wedding Photo Album: Types, Decor and Master Class

Wedding Photo Album: Types, Decor and Master Class

For most couples wedding is a very important event in life, and therefore I want to capture for a long time. The most convenient, practical and beautiful option for this are wedding photo albums. They can be found in large supermarkets and wedding salons, but if you wish, it is possible to create your own, perfectly special, an album that will show a unique history of love of two hearts.

So that everything happens correctly, you need to know some features of manufacturing this product.


Wedding photo album should become an important part of the preparation for the main event, as it will be an element capable of keeping one of the happiest Migs in the history of the couple. Almost all the newlyweds ordered photographers for the event, and most of them agreed to the photo book, which the Master will do it independently, at its discretion, with small adjustments at the request of the bride and groom. This option is convenient because there is no need to spend time and strength to do something additionally, but the result of this work may be unsatisfactory.

To please yourself with a unique product reflecting the love of couples, it is worth up for working on your own. Preparing for a wedding takes a lot of strength, time and money, but for some things it is still worth allocating all these components. Before starting work, it is worth considering some features of the creation of an album.

  • Should not be taken for working alone, because it takes a lot of strength and energy, and the result may not satisfy. It is important to find a partner for this lesson, the adviser and mentor who will inspire and direct.
  • Each decor element needs to be chosen carefully, trying different options, creating layouts, as well as prepare sections for photos, taking into account their future sorting.
  • Before proceeding to the creation of an album, you need to accurately understand what option I want most to what the soul is what will give the necessary knowledge to select the materials and choosing the manufacturer and decor strategy.
  • Photo album can be created both before and after the wedding. In some cases, the couple wants to have a ready-made book where it will be possible to place a photo after the holiday, and there are those who, having received inspiration from the wedding, starts to create immediately after the event. In both cases, it is important not to rush and do work carefully.
  • Creating a wedding photo album, it is worth thinking not only about the placement of the pictures of the bride and groom, but also friends on both sides, family, relatives and guests present at the event – for them you need to highlight individual pages and decorating them, accordingly.

To make a truly beautiful photo album, you need to choose one of the already available varieties. Among the most popular can be allocated:

  • Album for photos with dense pages, where pictures are attached to bilateral tape or by stickers+
  • Magnetic album where pictures made in the form of magnets can be mounted on sheets+
  • The product with pockets from transparent material in which photos are placed, or with corners that fix photos on a sheet.

There are also a variety of wedding photo album design styles.

    Classic option

    Created when using a color gamut inherent wedding celebration: white, gentle pink, pearl colors. The name of the album and all the inscriptions inside usually require the use of gothic style in silver or gold color scheme. And the best album looks in the close version.

    For the cover in this case it is best to use silk or atlas and a minimum of decorative elements.


    Differently different from the classics, may require unusual elements, such as a cover of wood. This option is appropriate if the whole wedding is organized in an extraordinary style, for example, country.


    Technique involving artificial aging elements. Another feature is the addition of decoration with all sorts of ribbons, hearts and other.


    Creating an album that externally will resemble the product for a long time. The means of achieving such an effect will be yellowed pages, decorative elements used 50-100 years ago. For signatures it is worth using a special font, imitating an ancient letter, calligraphy of those years.


    Combination of textures and colors from different styles and directions. The inscriptions are selected in accordance with the decor of the village. The main criterion of the selection is the organic of each element in combination with other.

    So that the wedding photo album of handmade turned out to be truly beautiful, you need to take into account certain tips, try a variety of techniques and execution styles.

    Decor ideas

    To make your own album, which will look no worse than purchased options, you can use the unusual decoration techniques.


      The main feature of the style is to combine in one object of memorable elements and other little things that together create a unified story associated with the event for which the album is created. The decoration process may include the use of envelopes, articles from newspapers, letters written by hand, postcards, which were donated to one person from another. Scrap, which combine the dear heart things, allow you to revive memories and feelings even after many years, because this technology is enjoying a great success, especially for wedding albums.


        An album in which the photo is connected using the accordion technology. The main album is rarely performed in this style, but the pocket version will be an excellent addition and will provide an opportunity to wear important memories nearby.


          A variant of the decor of the product in which the lascory materials, crosslinking among themselves, ribbons and buttons, which can serve as auxiliary and the main option of the album decor.


            The option of finishing the product with floral motifs that will allow to achieve elegance and tenderness in the design. Bright color gamut used: white, pink, pearl motifs. As a supplement, you can use lavender flowers and other small and neat plants.


              Album for which you need to prepare vintage photos.


                For all the severity name, the design of the wedding album can be very stylish and interesting. The main features of the decor are the use of dark tones and accessories. It will be good to watch black lace, red ribbons and metal corners, which complement the corners of the product. You can also use a massive chain or any similar materials.


                  An album decor option under the shooting of the film – Photos are a personnel of some story. Especially appropriate such decoration, when the event itself is subordinated to this idea, and the bride with the bride play in advancely thoughtful roles. In case of choosing a scenario, the finishing of the album must be completed with the selected plot, materials and accessories should explicitly indicate the idea of ​​the newlyweds.

                  Since the options for exactly how it is possible to perform a wedding photo album, a lot is quite enough, it remains only to decide on the most likely way, it’s good to study it, but only then began to slowly create your own masterpiece of family creativity.

                  How to create a cover?

                  The cover is an equally important element than the contents of the album itself, and therefore it is worth paying a lot of time, pick up the right decor and design. Among the most popular techniques that are worth using is the following:

                  • Scrapbooking, which allows you to decorate the main memorable product of family life with the help of important elements for newlyweds+
                  • The photo of the bride and the bride on the cover allows you to create a face of the object, immediately showing who owns this product, about whose life there will be a story in it (usually the photo is located in the middle, and decorative elements adorning the main actors are used around+
                  • Embroidery – option of the cover decor, which is appropriate if the bride can make a beautifully embroider (in this way, you can make an inscription or execute the decor in the form of flowers or ornament, which will look original and very effectively).

                  Like any other element, the cover can be performed in a variety of ways to have a diverse appearance, but the most important thing is to strive for, is that it can immediately understand the essence and contents of the album, tune in to the narration of a certain family history.

                  Step-by-step master class will help create a unique version of the product that will distinguish it from all similar.

                  Page options

                  The wedding album should be drawn up so that each element is subordinated to some specific purpose and the task to ensure that everyone has connected to the overall picture, allowing you to see the happiest moment for a young couple when they became husband and wife. In addition to the cover decor, it is worth paying attention to the very styles, for the original and interesting species, you can use such ideas:

                  • Using designer paper, which will create an unsurpassed appearance of pages, and you can use different colors and textures to make each sheet unique and unique+
                  • The use of words and inscriptions specially selected for each photo in the album (it is important to choose the right font, size and color, print on some original paper, which will be advantageous to stand out on a general background), – Thus you can post wishes, congratulations, love phrases and poems that fit into the overall concept+

                  • Turning on the lace paper to decorate pages and photos – such paper can be purchased in specialized stores or create yourself, and the color, texture and pattern can be both uniform, and different for each of the pages+
                  • The use of decoupage technique, which implies the application of some particular pattern or image to the page with which further work will be carried out+
                  • Application of stickers that will approach the desired case – for the wedding it is best to use the amurists, hearts, wedding symbolism+
                  • Adding small envelopes that are located near the photos on the page, which helps to supplement the family history with small memorable trifles that are associated with the events depicted in the picture.

                  To make the stages with photos do not look dry and uninteresting, there is an opportunity to supplement them with a variety of decorative elements, Among which the most popular for a wedding celebration is considered:

                  • Bows and flowers made of satin ribbons of different colors and thickness+
                  • dried flowers and beautiful plants that organically complement product style+
                  • Laces cut from fabric or paper+
                  • multicolored sparkles, decorative sand of different shades+
                  • Decoupage+
                  • rhinestones and stones of different sizes and color+
                  • full volume beads and halves+
                  • clippings from newspapers and articles that complement the overall history+
                  • verses suitable for the wedding or those given to each other newlyweds+
                  • congratulatory words from holiday guests+
                  • wishes of relatives and close young family.

                  In order to get the perfect version of the design of one or all pages, you need to carefully select each item, change in places components, search for a suitable background, the material for pages and much more. Creating a memorable wedding album with your own hands is a very difficult task. To make this product beautiful and tastefully, it is necessary to put the entire soul in it, attach the maximum of patience and excerpt.

                  Beautiful photos do not reflect how long the creator worked on the embodiment of his fantasies, so it is not necessary to demand from ourselves fast results.

                  Beautiful examples

                      In order to create a wedding album, it is worth using examples of masters who know their business. The right choice of design, color gamut, decorative elements – all this gives the concept of how to properly make this product with your own hands.

                      Typically, a bright color gamut is selected for the manufacture, the advantage is given to white color, which shade with golden or peach elements. If the album makes the bride, then you can decorate it with bulk artificial colors and pearls, and it is logical to place a photo of the culprit of the celebration.

                      Typically covers are dense, because they have a mission of preservation of content for a long time.

                      Minimalist lovers will give preference to a simple album, without a large number of decorative elements. Very fortunately and expensive, the cover of the cover of the skin of pink or gently gold color, on which there will be an image of the bride and groom. You can use the real photo of the bride and groom or just a picture that is additionally decorated with imitation of the dress of the bride and wedding bouquet. It looks very impressive.

                      Romance will give preference to the wedding album made in pink colors with a large number of parts, lace and colors. Instead of inscriptions, you can use the wooden letters of the corresponding content. Not always the use of images is good for the product, therefore you can add a heart with a silhouette of the bride and groom, which will also be made of wood.

                      An album design options can be a huge amount, it is important to decide what exactly I want to see, understand how the cover and the contents should look like, so that the intention is embodied in the desired subject in practice.

                      Master class on creating a wedding photo album in the following video.

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