Wedding table decoration with their own hands

Wedding table decoration with their own hands

The main emphasis of any wedding hall is always a table for newlyweds. He caresses the views of the guests, the lenses of the photo and video cameras, it is his central place and the main decorations on the wedding banquet. Choosing a festive table for the bride and groom – the most important element of the decor of the entire room.

However, there are certain rules for the decoration of the wedding table for newlyweds, violating which you can turn the scenery of the banquet hall into something allay and tasteless. Therefore, many couples try to invite professional designers for the interior decor or give the Brazds of the Board in this case on the deposit of institutions in which the celebration is planned.

But if you are confident in your own sense of measure, rely on your taste or certainly you want to try yourself in the role of the designer, it is quite possible to decorate the wedding table with your own hands. We bring to your attention the main nuances that will help build a further plan for the decor of the wedding table and awaken fantasy.


Decoration of tables at any event should be laid in the overall concept of the celebration. Therefore, the table for newlyweds is mandatory will be harmonized with the style of the entire interior.

The interior is selected under the topics of the wedding, considering the tastes and wishes of newlyweds, and can be both classical and extravagant. In the same style, it is drawn up and a central place for young.

Standard festive table decorations serve:

  • Flowers – Fresh bouquets or artificial compositions+
  • Fabric – tablecloths, drapery, ribbons, bows+
  • Decor Items – Balloons, Candles, Decorative Napkins+
  • Lighting suitable for style wedding celebration.

Basic Rules

The wedding table must be the central view of the review of the entire room. However, the word “central” in this case is conditionally, since in the literal sense the table in the center of the hall will be unprofitable to look. Newlyweds will inconvenient congratulations, and guests – to look at the backs of newlyweds.

Therefore, the table for youngsters always install the wall, with an open review of the entire hall. Optimally, if the cafe or restaurant has a small podium or mini-scene.

If the wedding is planned in the style of a cheerful parties, it will be enough for a bundle table for guests, however, for newlyweds you need to make a small separate table and highlight it with special decorations.

For a modest wedding of the house designed for a small number of guests, one common table is suitable for which the bridal place will be in the end part. It needs to be highlighted especially, let it simply, but beautiful. Here the main thing is not to overload the table with superfluous objects that everyone will only interfere.

The décor of the main table must be harmonized with the color gamut and the stylistics of the rest of the tables, but to stand out brighter or lush ornaments among them. Decorative decorations may be present not only on the tabletop, but also near the table, on the front side and on the sides.

Vases and candlesticks should not choose too bulky and high – they should not close the review, get into the photographer’s lens instead of newlyweds. But for outdoor decorations, voluminous objects are fully suitable, with the condition that they fit into the interior stylist.

Decor with flowers

Wedding Flowers – This is a special decoration, symbolizing beauty, youth, blooming life. For the decor of the table, the best option will be small buds on short cropped stems. Selected in tone and compiled in the composition, they will fill the atmosphere of the holiday and grace.

The best choice, according to experts, to decorate the wedding table are roses, gerberas, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums. They best hold the form, give the composition volume and are well combined with other plants and decorative materials.

In the background of the wall or the front of the table on the floor, you can arrange the volumetric vases with ready-made compositions from large and high colors or put flowers in these vases donated by guests when the groom with a bride will arrive in a banquet room.

No less festively watching garlands and paths from flowers at the outside edge of the table and a drop-down tablecloth. To do this, a porous sponge moistened with water, in which the holes make. In these holes insert flowers according to a pre-thought-out scheme.

This décor can be issued a back background behind the backs of newlyweds. In this case, the sponge is attached to a solid wire or any bending material. The billet is installed on the wall in the form of the arch, wedding rings, hearts, or any other beautiful symbol. By the same scheme in the holes of the sponge, briefly cropped colors stems are inserted.

Beautifully look at the table wicker baskets with flowers, but they should not be too much. It is desirable that baskets are located symmetrically and had the same size and shape.

Live flowers perfectly emphasize the style of the wedding celebration, if you pick them up in accordance with the total color scheme. In turn, the color solutions will depend on the style of the style and the topics of the wedding.

Style directions

So that the wedding table does not become a ridiculous fifth among the alien to him, it is necessary to take into account the overall interior design. So, for the main place of newlyweds, the same tones and decorations are selected as for the rest of the tables, tablecloths, curtains. With the only difference that the table of newlyweds will be magnificent and brighter.

Traditionally, a wedding celebration is drawn up in two styles – classic and provence.

  • Classic. The rigor of the style will give the event especially solemn notes, emphasizes the sophistication of the bride and respectability of the suit of the groom. The table in this style can be decorated with deep noble tones in a compulsory combination with an abundance of white. Elegantly looks a snow-white tablecloth on a protruding lower purple or dark blue, burgundy or chocolate fabric. Comfortable drapery and heavy fabrics for lower tablecloths. Crystal, Kandelabra, Cutlery and chairs must fit a luxurious setting. Floral decorations are chosen in the tone of the color range of tablecloths. But with the rest of the decorations you need to be careful – the royal table in the classic style will not tolerate vulgar frills.

  • Provence. General name for all weddings in pastel colors. The main color of the style is the lilac shades of lavender, however, they can successfully replace blue, pink, salad color. There are air tissue drapets on the table, the abundance of small bouquets from gentle colors, bows, ruffles. Rear background decorated with flower arch, balls, large bows and light ribbons from organza or capron. Porcellen Parliant Shades reigns in a serving. The decor in pastel shades will especially suit the very young marriage or convinced romance.

How to decorate a cloth?

Any festive table begins with a tablecloth. Place for feeding must first create an aesthetic atmosphere. For decor, special techniques are used to emphasize the identity of the place for newlyweds.

Fabrics do not spare for tablecloths for a wedding, or richly declared the method of twisting, beautiful knots, bows, create a drape of several types of fabric of contrasting colors, by tightening and weave.

Exquisite option – two tablecloths, different in texture and color.

  • Lower tablecloth made of deepest or intensive tints. Can be made of heavy atlas, velvet, silk.
  • Upper, not fully covering lower – from organza or lace.

In the creation of spectacular drapery it is worth applying fantasy, and the rest is a matter of technology. On the edges of the tablecloth to the center, the durable thick thread is stitched and tightened by any convenient way. Folds are formed and fixed at the desired level.

Beautifully looking lush bows on the front edge of the table. For a special accent, they should be attached to a snow-white top tablecloth, and the cloth for bows to pick up the bottom tablecloth.

Volumes created by drapery can elegantly free on the floor as a hem of wedding dress. Such a wave of fabric serves as a decoration by itself. But it is possible to determine the place for flower arrangements or decor elements – figurines, symbolic gift boxes, decorative fountain.

Any fabric decorations for decorating can be sewn independently or purchased in the wedding cabin already ready-made options.

Festive serving

In the design of the wedding table, each detail of the decor should be in its place, to harmonize with the general theme of the wedding, and the table appliance service is not an exception.

The general rules for the dishes on the festive table sound like this:

  • Cutlery must be extremely clean and polished to the brilliance+
  • The coach plate is placed at a distance of 2 cm from the edge of the table+
  • The plug should lie on the left of the plate to the cloves up, and the knife is on the right, a pointed edge to the plate+
  • A spoon is located next to the knife, a little right+
  • The glasses are put to the right to the plate, their quantity depends on the proposed beverages, but the standard is the number 3 – under champagne, wine and non-alcoholic beverages+
  • Ryumki for hot drinks are set near glasses.

The rules adopted by world etiquette should be observed even on modest or informal weddings. Such a trifle, as the correct placement of dishes, gives the appearance of the table well-kept and cultural species.

The coach plate is an important serving device. First, it serves to impart the completion in the decoration. Secondly, keeps the space on the tablecloth clean, and is also a stand under the deep plates with hot dishes. Before the start of meals, coaming plates can be beautifully decorated with napkins with additional decor elements: branches, bows, rings.

If the wedding takes place not at a high official level, then you should not puzzle guests with a variety of cutlery around a plate. This can be put in a guest in an awkward position. A fairly standard set, and the rest can be subsequently reduced depending on the new dishes exhibited on the table.

For champagne there are two types of glasses – narrow on a thin leg and wide in the form of a bowl. At the wedding celebration, high narrow glasses for guests are desirable, but newlyweds can be any. And even better so that they are originally decorated. For example, ribbons or cases.

Salon, peppermill and bread basket are exhibited at equal ranges of guest tables, next to fresh vegetable cutting dishes. If a separate table of rectangular shape is assumed for the bride and the bride, it is salt, a basket with bread and vegetable cutting in a double copy on both sides of the table. For the wedding table of a round form of a single copy.

    Tea sets are taking out closer to the end of the celebration, when the 2/3 of the event program has already passed and it’s time to make a wedding cake. The service must be equally the same, even if guests are more than items in the set. As a rule, there are no such problems in restaurants, but for a home wedding it is better to take care of the purchase of the same settings in advance.

    Possible mistakes

    The above rules and recommendations are, of course, are not panacea, and at each wedding may happen to force majeure. It is not worth upset because of this, but you can avoid many mistakes.

    • Do not allow high items on the table, be it bottles, vases or flowers. Newlyweds should be in all its glory in public.
    • For round tables it is better to limit ourselves to one decoration, while rectangular require symmetric jewelry on the edges.
    • Dining wipes that will initially serve as a decoration of the table and a coach plate, it is desirable to choose fabric, large size. When the newlyweds and guests will skip the tables, the napkins can be put on his knees, in order to be inappropriate not to stain a festive outfit.
    • It should be avoided by very smelling colors and aromatic candles – in the hall with a large cluster of the people from strong smells can be accepted the head. Let the holiday smell like good wines, delicious food and a bit of the bride’s spirits.

    Successful examples

    To decorate the wedding table with your own hands, do not necessarily resort to the help of expensive designers. Interesting ideas can be learned in the catalogs of wedding agencies, on specialized sites, and it will also be worthwhile to take part in the master class on this subject.

    We offer several examples that will help run out fantasy and, maybe will bring on your own original idea.

    • Round table for newlyweds in gentle tones “Provence”. Main emphasis – on floral garlands and tablecloth fabrics.

    • Elegant burgundy and white classic. Ideal for a respectable adult couple.
    • Amazing blue. Marine theme for holding a wedding in a cafe or restaurant on the waterfront.

    How beautiful to decorate the wedding table, look in the following video.

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