What is the guest’s guest to go for a wedding?

What is the guest's guest to go for a wedding?

For the first time being among those invited to the wedding, every man is confused a little. After all, the mass of troubles and questions will be collected at him, starting with the fact that to give, and ending with what to go. And if you still have to decide on yourself (finances in the envelope are always in the topic), the latter requires the help of connoisseurs of male fashion and etiquette.

Weddings are different, but most of the compliance with the style of the ceremony in everything, including guests.

Consider the style of the ceremony

In fact, the multi-faceted trends in the harness with the basic rules of the wedding etiquette turns the choice of a male dress in a difficult task. If a man’s witness is to get on a wedding, you will have to pick up a suit according to how I decided to look like a groom, while the image of the honorary testimon is taken into account. Friend and friend must look together harmoniously.

With a serious approach to the event, their style is discussed together with newlyweds. The quartet of witnesses and the newlyweds will have to be the whole ceremony. So their outfits must correspond to each other and the atmosphere of the celebration. The agreed image is much easier to observe than to think over all the details on your own.

The same applies to the relatives of the groom. Brother is supposed to look like a similar color scheme with a native groom. This is definitely an optional condition, so no one will impose it. But the harmonious combination of colors or outfits in similar shades will create a pleasant harmony. There is a lot of memorable photos and the picture will be much more effectively if it is thought out in advance.

Traditionally, invitation cards indicate if a stylized wedding is expected with some particular subject.

  • Celebration in a luxurious banquet hall. Here you can not do without a solid costume – Troika or even spectacular phrak. All shades of gray and noble fabrics will become a good choice in an invited guest dress.

  • Fashion club. Lightweight jacket of modern cut plus bright shirt complete with black or dark gray pants.

  • Celebration of weddings in a country cottage. This option involves carrying out most of the outdoor activities. We can not grab there replaceable clothes of unofficial style. Upon completion of the solemn part of the marriage, you can change to a less obligatory and more convenient set of things. Particularly carefully consider the choice of shoes. It is better to take a replacement couple. Change strict shoes for comfortable moccasins – an excellent solution for this holiday option.

  • Youth Wedding. Such an event has its own rules and standards. And most often they consist in their complete absence. The first rule of such a wedding is democratic. As a guest, a young guy can go to the holiday of friends as it is convenient and like. Universal manner for a guy invited to the wedding, there will be a bright shirt with a short sleeve under a thin jumper under classic trousers from denim blue or black.

Linen and cotton shirts with long sleeves can be put even on an eye. Modern young people skillfully combine urban careless chic with everyday elegance.

  • Beach wedding. In this case, you can do without a suit. Light linen fabric pants or classic white shorts perfectly fit into a radiant picture of celebration by the sea. Such things are often in the men’s wardrobe, and if they are not found, they are purchased. And then they do not get down without a case, because there is such clothes where we can wear in everyday life.

If newlyweds do not put specific installations, you will have to rely on different factors. For example, choose eye shirt. Suppose, under gray or blue eyes, it is preferable to choose a shirt in these shades. Dark pink modern color gamut. And the carragelasm and green-eyed men are very suitable for the beige and green shade, from khaki to light-salad or coffee and to cream.

We focus on the weather

An important factor from which you have to be repelled by the guest to the wedding – this is the time of year and weather conditions at the time of the celebration. On etiquette for each season there are some specific colors and costume fabrics. This also applies to shoes: its style and models. In winter, the most suitable option for the guest at the wedding – a two-way suit or a triple.

Most popular colors: Cold shades of gray and blue, for example, smoky, graphite, coffee. And for special events, men, designers advise to try themselves in an elegant image, carrying a suit from a striped fabric either with a small printed geometric pattern. Extravagant guys who are not afraid of attention, costumes from wool or fabric letter bright shades.

Do not go to the wedding celebration in the winter season in the sweater. This thing is designed for everyday socks, and also looks like a ridiculous. Much more appropriate and smarter looks a monophonic cardigan over bright shirt. The most successful colors for men’s sweaters on the Classical Croes Buttons – Blue, Black, Gray. Under them just pick a shirt, since universal colors allow various combinations.

Sometimes a jacket is allowed at the cool time of day and in the absence of a jacket. But the style of choosing is only strict, and the color is to the tone with the total along. You can not raise collar, as this is a sign of bad tone.

In the summer season, a visit to the wedding event also has some conventions. In the heat optimally appear at the wedding in the trousers of a classic cut and a monophonic shirt. The fabric is allowed with a nonsense small pattern, it is desirable to choose light colors and shades. Summer short sleeves on a shirt are not considered a violation of etiquette. Under the shirt you can pick up a color tie. And if the sleeve is long – put accents with cufflinks, cervical or cheerful handkerchief. They can be brighter shirts and create a truly festive, summer image in one “note” with the event.

If the summer wedding passes in an unofficial setting, more democratic species is allowed. Guest, dressed in a free style, will be more comfortable to feel and more willing to participate in contests and dance. Even jeans and shirts are appropriate. But bright colors and screaming prints better leave for other cases. Do not distract attention from the main perpetrators of the celebration. Their outfits must remain discussed and attractive.

For men who are accustomed to always and everywhere look elegant and stylish, it is proposed to consider as a summer image a shirt with a vest and tie. Light, pastel tones and thin fabric will be perfectly combined with a bright tie and a dense one-photon vest in a set with the same type of pants. The bottom of the bottom of the outfit is chosen on the basis of preferences and features of the shape of a man. There can be no general recommendations and standards. Everything is selected individually.

Confidently and stylish you can look at the celebration in bright trousers, and put on the dark jacket and the polo of the monophonic color. The emphasis can be shoes, such as stylish leafers or soft moccasins, stylish light shoes for monophonic socks.

But shoes need to be selected in a harmonious combination with each other. Any kind of sports shoes and slippers is excluded. It does not correspond to the solemn occasion of the event.

Do not allow mistakes

It is worth sticking to several rules to prevent errors when choosing clothes for a wedding.

  • There is a tight rule of etiquette for a ban of only two colors – black and white. Black is competing with the bride and looks overly officially. White competes with the decoration of the bride, which even looks defiantly.
  • Suit must be selected so as not to look like a fiancé. In order not to get into an awkward position, it is better to ask what kind of costume is going to put on the celebration of his main culprit. And choose another option.

  • Extravagant outfits put on the wedding inappropriate, as there is a risk of becoming a subject of universal discussion and ridicule, bringing discontent with newlyweds. And it will not be in the topic to appear dressed in jeans among guests in classic costumes and evening dresses.
  • If a man is going to attend the wedding with a companion, you need to take care of their harmonious image like a couple. Desired outfits, combined in style and gamme.

  • With caution you need to choose fabrics with glitter. They not only reflex in the photo and video, but sometimes it looks screaming. This applies to the choice of a tie, the color of which should not be very distinguished by glitter and overly bright color. If a man wants to have a representative look, it is better to choose a tie to the costume, then with a bright shirt, the image will be solid and held. Footwear are selected in accordance with the color and style of the selected clothing, socks – one tone with shoes.
  • To look spectacular in a suit with a significant increase, it is important to avoid fabrics of light colors and vertical strips. To create a harmonious image, it is better to prefer dark top and light bottom. Very high men will not suit a tie, which visually extends the silhouette. Replace the accessory can be elegant butterfly.

  • Low guys, on the contrary, butterflies are not suitable. And ties need to choose not too long. The jacket is also selected according to the figure, correct length and non-screamed silhouette.
  • Strong young people more often prefer to appear on people in a shirt and classic, smooth pants with an expensive strap in the tone of a stylish pair of shoes. For large men and representatives of solid age are preferred strict sets of dark fabric without shine and color overflows.

Examples of images

Evening costumes

Definitely, for the cool time of the year it is one of the most successful options. It is not necessary to have a restrained classic, extravagant tailoring will also look good at the wedding banquet in a solemn atmosphere.

Strict Dark Classic

Such a suit looks correctly in the setting of a prestigious restaurant, on a burst in honor of the marriage, on official registration with a lot of invited. But from the black color it is better to give up in favor of dark gray, indigo or chameleon fabric. The texture is picking up at will: smooth, glossy, in a slash or strip and other. If you want to be in the trend, it is a dark, a nonsense suit and a shirt for a few shades lighter. But even if the wedding is an official event, it’s not too serious to approach him not to look too boring and gray.

Beautiful ties are able to transform any suit. In addition, if the wedding is planned in a certain shade, it is a tie to the easiest to support the overall stylist.

Light linen suit

Kits in beige-gray gamma look great on slim and dense men. They go very much, in front of the transformation of any modest in an impressive light lion. In addition, flax is lightweight matter with natural composition. In such a suit will be comfortable even in hot weather or during energetic wedding contests.

Fitted jackets

Top of the top of the costume, fitted according to the figure, is allowed for thin, tightened men or textured guys with developed terrain. Prutted models advantageously emphasize the taste and style of a man, but full of people are better to give up to more spacious clothes.

Tuxedo or Frak

For such an image, a tie is needed in the tone of costume fabric and contrast compared to the shirt. Shoes necessarily selected under the face – solid and high-quality. The color of the belt is a bit dark or lighter trousers, necessarily in the same shade. Decorating chest pockets with a silk snow-white handkerchief, will be perfect image. In addition to conservative snow-white shirts, there are many variations for the perfect combination with a secular sample costume. It is worth seeing to beige, blue, purple shades. Especially gorgeous looks shirts, sketching the color of the eyes of a man.

Urban chic

The jacket of modern cut in combination with a shirt or a polo-t-shirt is beautifully combined with dark blue jeans or cotton black colors. Commitable shoes of a classic model with socks to them. Polo in this image is selected exclusively. And the jacket can be with a small pattern and any acceptable color. It is necessary not only to try to meet the event, but also to feel on it is not flat.

A comfortable cardigan with a shirt can also create an image of urban styles at a wedding that does not require a strict dress code. Men’s jacket of such a cut is suitable under the pants of any style. The kit will seem comfortable to everyone who prefers Casual Business Style.

About what a guest is a guest to go for a wedding, see the next video.

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