Who can be a witness at the wedding?

Who can be a witness at the wedding?

In the life of every person it happens this ambitious event. About the day of the wedding, about this beautiful holiday remember all life. On this day, everyone wants to be resting relatives and close people. Witnesses become the main figure after the groom with the bride.

What are witnesses?

Russia has established rules that are allowed to conduct a painting without witnesses. However, the tradition was so far that they must be present. Wedding celebration is difficult to imagine without them. They just stand next to the newlyweds, they do not put signatures anywhere. Newlyweds themselves decide whether they need these people at the wedding, because you can do without them.

In ancient times, witnesses were to be able to attend the wedding procedure. Marriage was not considered registered if there were no pain. In addition, they helped organize a celebration, buy a bride and so on. Today their painting is not needed, the wedding can pass without them. If newlyweds do not plan a magnificent celebration, witnesses are usually not invited. However, for a large-scale event, help loved ones does not prevent. Of course, Tamada, invited to the wedding, will hold her with glitter, but he will not be able to bring a bride to moral support, tell me how to fix a hairstyle or dress.

Permissible age

Quite often you can hear the question of how much years should be to become a witness. To give an answer, you must first determine if this man needs at the wedding. Perhaps he will play the role of an honorary guest or will be your assistant. Therefore, the question of age instantly disappears. Of course, you can choose even an eight-year-old child, but he will not be able to help buy a bride, pronounce a beautiful toast. For a large wedding ceremony, it is better to invite an experienced person who will help in solving the most difficult problems.

You can not invite witnesses, but the problems that have arisen will have to decide, And it will require a lot of time, will die from the main holiday. For many years, these persons have remained important persons at the wedding of newlyweds. These people, located next to the main day of life, will help newlyweds not to encounter unpleasant surprises. They will reliably protect them from trouble that can spoil the festive mood.

Who is best suited?

In most cases, newlyweds are asked to be witnesses at the wedding of their best friends. These are usually two idle people who are in close relationships. Sometimes this role is played by two girls, although two guys are invited quite often. To the holiday be fun, you need to approach a couple of witnesses very carefully. These must be company and funny people who are minor, who know how to raise the mood.

The witness can be any girlfriend of the bride. The groom can invite a native brother. Restrictions at age does not exist. Ideally, witnesses should be distinguished by such qualities:

  • Communicability+
  • responsibility+
  • Sophistication+
  • sense of humor+
  • pleasant appearance.

Is it possible to invite a person in marriage?

Typically, a man is witnessing a man. The bride always helps a woman. Both witnesses should be free from marriage obligations. It is believed if you invite a married witness or the role of the witness will perform a husband with his wife, newlyweds will not have long family happiness. According to the current tradition, the best witnesses are considered a couple of lovers. However, it is better to take idle people, unfamiliar or do not know each other at all.

So that the wedding banquet is having fun, unmarried witnesses should be able to raise the mood, be active, mining, sociable. If the wedding holds Tamada, the main task of witnesses is to participate in all games, various funny contests. In the role of a witness can be a cousin of the bride. Witnesses can be such close relatives:

  • Brothers+
  • sisters+
  • cousins+
  • cousins+
  • Uncle+
  • aunt.

Witness the bride cannot speak sister. Choosing a girlfriend, it must take into account one old tradition: the age of the bride should always exceed the age of the girl. In previous years it was believed that witnesses should be very believers. Today, when ordinary registration is held in the district registry office, it is not worth paying attention to this.

If future newlyweds belong to believers, and in the future they are planned widden, compliance with this tradition becomes mandatory.

Who can’t choose?

So there are centuries that people who do not spoil the holiday usually become assistants with the bride. Selection is carried out by relying on relationships with them. Different candidates are suitable for this.

  • It is forbidden to take the role of divorced witnesses who have been married several times. According to believe, this witness will cause the conclusion of the future family life of newlyweds. It will be unpleasant if a person who has not retained his marriage will wish happiness to a future family.
  • Back in ancient times it was believed that the widow could not witness. Ancient sign reads: Such an assistant will cause a big trouble.
  • Very bad if married couples will be in the role of witnesses. Newlyweds do not threaten anything, but married relatives can quarrel, their lives will be spoiled.
  • Witnesses cannot become shy, passive and boring people. They simply will not be able to fulfill their duties that are very important at the wedding celebration.

If you have no good relationship with your son-in-law, he does not feel great joy from your marriage, you should not even offer him to become your witness. Negative emotions should not overshadow an important day that will remain in memory forever.

Signs and customs

Entering into marriage, modern young people try to adhere to various customs, a large number will adopt in shapes. This is especially true of invited persons. It is worth paying attention to the following signs and customs:

  • The witness dress should not be black, color can anyone (blue, golden, pink)+
  • The witness is forbidden to look in the mirror, where the bride looked earlier, according to an old one, the girlfriend can lead the groom + the same applies to witness the groom – he is forbidden to tie a tie on the neck of the groom+
  • According to the old custom, before the start of registration, witnesses, to save the newlyweds from the evil eye, must secure the pin on the outfit of the young+
  • Witnesses keep wedding rings, they should not touch them, try to try+
  • According to custom, the registration hall first includes newlyweds, witnesses follow them or are located on the sides+
  • It is considered very bad if any of the guests randomly moved the road just registered newlyweds+

  • When the marriage ceremony is held, witnesses are obliged to watch young, they must remove the young from touching empty, beautiful boxes in which there were rings + according to accept, future family life will become empty and dreary+
  • Guests usually shout “bitter!”+ To wish young big happiness, witnesses should shout loudly” Sweet!”+
  • Some witnesses dream of marriage so that the dream come true, she needs to come in a green dress + if it is not, you should decorate my outfit with a green accessory+
  • To pay attention to the attention of the man you like, a bride’s girlfriend needs to sit at the corner of the table, pull the tablecloth in his direction + he will definitely pay attention to it.

All the brides want the memories of the wedding to stay for a long time.

Beautiful traditions help make the celebration memorable and spectacular.

On the role of witnesses at the wedding, see the following video.

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