Who makes and keep a loaf at the wedding?

Who makes and keep a loaf at the wedding?

Meeting of newlyweds after registration of marriage with wedding karable is an old rite that has been preserved to this day almost unchanged. As a rule, we met young parents of the groom. Nowadays, they do not give much importance to those whose relatives hold in their hands this solemn symbol.

What symbolizes?

Russian rite came from ancient Rome, where a man and a woman were considered her husband and wife only when they were tired on a piece of specially cooked cake. In Russian traditions, bread in the form of a circle was a symbol of the Sun. It was believed that this is the God of the Sun descended from the sky to have newlyweds. Capaway symbolized good welfare and a comfortable life. Previously, young spouses distributed slices of wedding karabavi guests in exchange for some gift. It was impossible to leave the holiday without a piece of karabav, otherwise luck would go away.

Currently, these traditions have not lost. The happiness and wealth of a new family is determined by the puff of punitive. He is brought on the tower, embroidered manually, mother and father of the newly spouse, treat young. Nowadays, there are many options for decoration dishes – these are edible flowers, swans, pigeons, rings. If the loaf is decorated with berries or hearts, it is believed that young love is waiting for young. Flowers are a sign of bride cleanliness. Birds personify honesty and sincerity of spouses. Spikelets symbolize family well-being.

By the way, earlier the cutting of the wedding cake on the part was a sign of the loss of virginity of the bride, so the fragments are punitive, especially decorations, treated unmarried ladies. It was believed that if such a guest left a piece of cake under the pillow at night, she will dream of her future spouse.

Who makes and keeps?

In ancient times, newly new spouses began their family life in the groom’s house. That is why the wedding loaf endured her husband’s parents. Met young on the threshold of the parent house. The guard himself and Solonki kept her mother-in-law, the mother-in-law kept in his hands the icon, which blessed newlyweds on a happy marital union.

Now the established married couple is not necessarily going to live in the house of the spouse, And the meeting with a punishment usually happens on the threshold of the banquet hall. Make this sweet symbol maybe the mother of the bride. These are all Russian traditions, but it may be so that someone from young people have no parents. Then in the role of father or mother can act the shaft parents. Another option – this place is occupied by the nearest married relative who participated in the education of the groom or the bride.


By itself, the rite has its own traditions that preferably observe.

  • Wedding loaf carry on a beautiful towel.
  • In the middle of the cake form a small hole, where they put salt with salt.
  • The mother of the groom or a relative who serves him, says sincere congratulations and farewell. Father holding an icon blesses newlyweds for a happy family life.

  • After that, the script may vary. Most often, the bride and groom are laid down on a piece of cake, macate in salt and treat each other. This tradition implies further joint overcoming of all family difficulties. Another option: each of the spouses is blicking in a piece – who bit off a slightly larger, he will become the head of the family.
  • After the young people got a loaf, you need to drink a sip of champagne or wine, break glasses for happiness.

  • Next, the applause of guests, which were lined up in advance in a row, meeting newlyweds in front of a banquet hall. As soon as the glasses are broken, young people can be squeezed with rose petals, rice grains, coins.
  • The perpetrators of the celebration or the host of the holiday themselves invite guests to proceed to the banquet.


Special place when handing Karabav is given by the partific one’s speech of the mother. The right words are always difficult to choose, even more difficult to say to them to pronounce them.

    When drawing up speech, try taking advantage.

    • The main idea of ​​the text is the wish of a happy family life, a strong union, easy joint overcoming all adversity.
    • Enough 3 or 4 sentences, as long speech tip and guests, and young, for the whole day everything is already tired and hungry.
    • Words should be sincere, so it’s not worth the whole night to rehearse them in front of the mirror, otherwise the mouths are asleep dry text.
    • It is recommended to hold a rite under the control of the master who can smooth unforeseen situations at the right moment to tell the words.
    • You can record congratulations on a piece of paper and imperceptibly peeping if all the words will fly out of the head.

    No matter what kind of relatives are shipping looked at the wedding. It is necessary that these people be sincerely happy for the new existing family and were able to choose warm words while presenting the sweet cavalry to newlyweds.

    How to bake a loaf, look in the video below.

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