Who should buy a bridal bouquet?

Who should buy a bridal bouquet?

The people there are a lot of believer of the bride. They concern not only the creation of the composition and the subtleties of the purchase, but also further than the fate of the colors. Modernity, of course, makes its own adjustments to such a set of rules. The choice of bouquet depends on a particular pair, or what more often, from the bride.

Folk beliefs

Our ancestors believed that buying a bouquet for the bride should only groom or his relatives of the male. Women were not recommended even to touch the colors in the name of the well-being of a newlywed life.

It was considered a good omen if buying a bouquet, the groom received a surrender. It assumed the financial independence of the pair later. There was even a ritual of his acquisition. The groom was supposed to leave the house with the right leg, not to speak any words, but return home on another road, and to go to the room already on the left leg.

The bouquet itself was impossible to throw out. He was dried and kept for many years.

Floral etiquette

When compiling a composition for the bouquet of the bride, not only the combination with the wedding dress, but also the semantic content. Most florists, knowing the values ​​of colors in various religions and peoples, do not include some of their kinds in the composition. It helps to avoid misunderstandings during the wedding, and if you believe the signs after it.

There are a number of colors that are usually brought to the funeral or pin to the graves and monuments to soldiers:

  • Calla+
  • Azalya+
  • Lilies+
  • Red carnations.

They are not used in the bride’s bouquet, as it can bring misfortune.

As for lilies, they have several more negative qualities. Their pollen is intensely crept on, and it can spoil the appearance of the bride’s outfit. In addition, the lily aroma is able to cause headache.

Adherents of strict adherence to all traditions consider sorrow and roses flowers having white, yellow or tea colors.

Experienced florist masters are monitoring that the cherished composition does not turn on rapidly glad flowers or plants that are afraid of cold. Considering all of the above, the bouquet is better to acquire from specialists.


All beliefs are similar in one: a bouquet of the bride – the subject is sacral, the choice and the acquisition of which cannot be entrusted with a random person.

Considering modern, more free from the prejudices of the minds of young people, you can entrust the purchase of the bridegroom, father or witness of the groom, the parents of the bride, the bride’s girlfriends. Of course, a bouquet can buy a girl herself.

The most romantic option is to buy colors with a bride. It creates an additional intrigue before the celebration. After all, the girl gets the opportunity to look at the eyes of his beloved. Find out what flower it looks outwardly and in character for your future husband.

When it is known in advance that the young man is not burdened with knowledge in floristry, the girl can unobtrusively hint, which compositions are preferable, showing him several photos on the Internet. The same approach is applicable to friends of the groom.

An excellent option will be an independent choice of brush bouquet. After all, the girl itself knows exactly what option is better suitable for the wedding dress and will be in her taste. Sometimes it is necessary to see a sprig of a plant or bud to decide on the choice. At the same time, the bride can simply pay for the purchase. Another plus will be that the young man does not have to violate an important tradition, and ask about the design of the wedding dress.

Bridesmaids can also solve the problem of choosing a bouquet, however, only when the bride is not superstitious.

The appearance of the girl in the dress and her preferences will be known to them, which will help determine the options. The bride itself this option will save time on planning other details of the celebration.

In the case when buying a wedding bouquet falls on the shoulders of parents, it is better to specify some nuances in advance. After all, more adult generation is not always versed in modern fashion trends, including flower. Therefore, it is not worth actively criticizing the choice of parents. The best solution in this situation can be an experienced florist. And in order not to wander your relatives and not to stay without a welcome bouquet, you can meet in advance and discuss all the subtleties.

Well, if the bride is not against surprise, then parents will be pleased to participate in the creation of a daughter or future daughter-in-law. In some situations, it can help to establish relationships with her husband’s parents.

Choice rules

An important point in choosing is the size of the bouquet. It is determined based on the external data of the bride, the design of the wedding dress and the rules of flower design.

A bouquet in the form of a cascade is well suited to high girls in a long straight dress. If plants are selected with big buds, they should not be too much. Otherwise, the bouquet will look too much surround. Small plants, on the contrary, should be more.

For low brides in the outfit with lush multilayer skirts, a round bouquet with briefly cropped stems is suitable.

In the event that a small girl chooses a straight dress, buy a compact bouquet, decorated in a romantic or classic style. Great and “Pomander”, which has a spherical shape and is attached to the ribbons on the wrist.

For girls who prefer to vividly emphasize individuality, florists offer asymmetrical bouquets of an unusual form. Composition is compiled by a specialist based on the nature of a particular girl.

But whatever the choice of the bride, about such an important element, like a bouquet, it is worth taking care in advance. In most floral salons and stores, the order can be made at a specific date of the celebration, and the composition will be ready in time.

How to choose a bridal bouquet and not mistaken, you will learn from the following video.

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