Why the wedding is accepted to scream bitter & ?

Why the wedding is accepted to scream & bitter & ?

No event seems to not be more interesting and romantic than the Russian Wedding. This ritual has already been many centuries, and he managed to promote various signs and superstitions that are relevant to this day. Even a modern wedding does not work out without many of them. For example, one of the main and basic traditions is the cries of “bitterly” to newlyweds, after which they must kiss. What this feature is connected and what it means?

Different interpretations of tradition

The origins of this interesting action should be sought in the past. And there are several options for explaining why “Gorky” scream at weddings.

Winter fun

Previously, the wedding often coped in winter when it was possible to relax from crops and other harvest work. The legend says that the cry of “bitterly” occurred from one winter joy called the “slippery slide”, the essence of which was as follows: Before putting her daughter, the parents did in the courtyard and poured it with water until she was covered.

After that, the bride itself began at the top, together with friends, and the groom should have climbed into this slide to kiss his chosen.

All this gaming ritual was accompanied by funny shouts of “Gorka”. After the kiss of the groom with the bride should have risen down together.

Protection against Schalza

Our ancestors had many superstitions that could not but affect the wedding celebration. It was believed that the cries of “bitterly” could be protected by a married couple from any unclean. The fact is that evil spirits could disturb the happy Union of Newlyweds, so it was necessary to overcome these dark forces.

The exclamations “Gorky” hinted on the fact that nothing good happens, there is nothing interesting for evil spirits. So the guests defended the young from the evil eye and evil.

Treats on a tray

Previously, the bride during the wedding celebration went by male guests, holding a tray in the hands. It was chairls with vodka. Everyone who will drink a little drink, was to say “bitterly”, thereby confirming that vodka and the truth is bitter, and to sweeten it with gold coins, brightened to the tray. Hence the tradition of exclaiming “bitter”, which has been preserved until now.

There is another common option of this legend: Sweese the bitter drink was to be the bride itself, kissed every guest-man. Such a ritual was doomed to go into the fly, because what bridegroom would be delighted with the kisses of his new wife with other men, even in comic shape.

Another version associated with treats also takes place. Guests shouted with a married couple “Gorky”, hinting that you need to sweeten the wedding wine with a kiss.

Only kissing the bride needed not with guests, but with the fiance.

Gorky event

There is another reliable, but not quite a joyful explanation for this tradition. In ancient times, the wedding for the bride was not always voluntary and happy. Therefore, during the wedding, the girl itself and her parents exclaimed “bitterly”, thereby understanding that it was completely difficult for them.

There is a interpretation that this cry came from guests and also symbolized regret that young people will now not be able to participate in mute entertainment, because such a privilege was available only to free people.

Despite the universal joy and fun, the wedding was “bitter” ritual, Because the bride went away from relatives in someone else’s family, the newlyweds said goodbye to their former standards and habits, with most of whom should say goodbye. The exclamation of “bitterly” was made to make all these sad emotions, so that in marital life was light, cloudless and happy. Kinda it was also superstition.

Account for years

After the guests say “bitterly”, the newlyweds kiss under the total. Previously, the same calculus was determined how many years in marriage will live the bride and groom. Nowadays, it’s joking to such a tradition, but in the old days of newlyweds tried to stretch their kiss sometimes even to the number “hundred”.

This choral account was like a fateful omen, so the groom with the bride, and the guests treated him seriously.

It is now difficult to imagine that newlyweds will be publicly kissing such a long time, it will be tedious not only for them, but also for guests. Therefore, usually the current action stops on the account “Ten”.

Traditions of other nations

Ritual screaming “Gorky” at the wedding was borrowed from Russians and other peoples: Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Belarusians, Moldovans, that is, by other Slavic groups. As for remote countries, in Italy, for example, screaming “Bacio”, which means “Kiss” in the translation, while the exclamations are accompanied by a ringing bells in advance. The same at weddings are performed by Koreans. Spaniards exclaim “Que Ce Besen”, which means “let kiss”. Some English-speaking countries have a tradition to knock for a fork about a glass, thereby calling newlyweds to kiss.

Many nations due to their culture or religion do not demonstrate their feelings at weddings in public. For example, in Armenians or Gypsy to the bridegroom with the bride can not kiss in front of everyone, because such behavior is considered simply unacceptable.

Is there an alternative?

Wedding with time, despite the return of Dani tradition, has undergone and continues to undergo changes. Newlyweds every time they bring something new to this event. Some hold a ceremony in European traditions, completely leaving Russian customs. Now for wedding planning there are many possibilities and this celebration can be made in any style, the bride and the groom at the same time do not even be in traditional outfits.

Even harmless exclamations “Gorky” like not all newlyweds. To get away from this ritual, you can come up with alternative versions of calls for a kiss in love. Only them must be discussed in advance with guests, so that during the celebration, no awkward situations arose.

  • You can follow the example of the Italians, handing out the guests the bells. And every time, instead of “bitterly”, a pleasant and friendly chime will sweep on the banquet hall. The bells thus can be decorated, for example, engrave the initials of newlyweds and their wedding date. After the celebration, these original things can be left to guests as souvenirs.
  • Bells can be replaced with bamboo sticks. Guests will knock them on the table when they come to see the kiss of the groom with the bride. The sound will be muffled (not so loud as the bells), and such an unusual tapping will definitely like the invited.

  • To bring in the wedding celebration of the notic of humor, there is the following alternative: instead of the exclamations “Gorky” you can write this word on some tablet. And periodically some guest will raise it so that the newlyweds saw a hint. And for the groom with the bride, thereby you can make a sign so that they covered her during a kiss. At the same time, it is possible to decorate it some kind of funny inscription for an even more interesting effect.
  • If the new spouses simply do not like the word “bitterly”, then who prevents simply replace it with another word? Fantasy is not limited, the main thing is to discuss this important point of the ceremony with the lead and guests in advance.

Follow long-standing traditions or not – this is a personal choice of each. But still a kiss of loved during the most important event of their collaboration is one of the brightest and romantic spectacles.

What else can you replace the cries of “bitterly”, see the following video.

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