Yellow bridal bouquet: selection of colors and their combination

Yellow bridal bouquet: selection of colors and their combination

If you drop all prejudices about infidelity and partings in connection with the bouquet of yellow colors that are among our fellow citizens, then you need to recognize that there is a little wedding compositions that can compete with this truly sunny color. Any weather on the day of the celebration, whether it is at least three times cloudy, will be brighter, if the bride will have a yellow wedding bouquet in his hands.

Symbol color

Yellow color Along with red and blue is the Florists mainly for the selection of various compositions. And none of the specialists will call yellow flowers with a symbol of betrayal or separation. On the contrary, such a color personifies the heat of personal relationships between two in love, sincerity and tenderness of mutual feelings, and also prophesate to their future marriage successful and well-safe swimming in a joint boat called Life.

After all, everything logically comes down to this:

  • Yellow color and its shades are close to the sunset, that is, to the light of heat+
  • People are accustomed to lighting in houses and on the streets, and it also mostly has a yellow tint (even in stores the light of ordinary light bulbs is called “warm”)+
  • Yellow color brings with me a positive charge, it is brown, increases the mood, pours vital energy and enhances activity.

    No wonder in the countries of the East, yellow colors symbolize life without worries and sorrows, in wealth and fun. And for many other countries, yellow color is an abundance symbol, well-being and good luck.


    It is worth warming that the yellow bouquet of the bride will be perceived ambiguously among those who arrived at the celebration of guests and relatives. In someone, it was thoroughly predicted by the allegedly negative value. Therefore, the decision of the young choose exactly such a bouquet, in fact, is a rather extraordinary act, which characterizes them as a completely independent couple, since they attached such an emphasis to their chief celebration of life. After all, they probably prepared a few more wedding attributes, similar to shades to the color of the bouquet. It will most likely anything from the jewelry of the bride, in its outfit or a suit of the groom.

    It is possible that the decoration of the wedding place contains yellow elements: balls and ribbons, curtains on the windows, tablecloths on the tables, dishes or donated by relatives. Everything should look in harmony and approach.

    With this bouquet, the bride’s dress should be either snow-white, or contrasting towards yellow tones. It is definitely no beige or cream dresses in recent times in recent times, since with a bright bug the outfit does not seem the main attribute of the celebration, and with a more shaded tone of the bouquet, on the contrary, the flowers will become an inconspicuous detail. Suitable, besides dazzling white, such colors of the dress:

    • blue with all shades from pale to saturated+
    • red, but only saturated tones, not pale+
    • Bright green gamut colors+
    • black, but not dull.

      It becomes obvious that with a bright yellow bouquet, the dresses of other major tones will look (except beige and cream), but having the same brightness and saturation, like a bouquet. A single bouquet must be necessarily only bright – no halftone and medium shades. Or you will need to choose the composition of yellow with suitable plants of other types and shades.

      Combination with other tones

      When selecting other colors to a yellow bouquet for a wedding bouquet, some rules for their combination should know. The floristry distinguishes three main colors:

      • Red+
      • blue+
      • yellow.

      If the bouquet consists only of yellow colors, then it is perceived exactly. If you mix them with red, then such a composition is generally perceived by eyes like orange. All these shades are orange, red and yellow – are warm, active. Such bouquets are allocated among many others.

      So red flowers can be used for a mixed bouquet with yellow.

      Blue color with yellow creates a contrast composition with a certain shade of coldness. In bouquets with yellow marks a good combination of purple, blue, blue and purple flowers. But here the choice should be careful, since not all kinds of colors of these tones can create a wedding mood and maintain the necessary harmony of the composition.

      Ideal looking bright yellow flowers in a mixed bouquet with white. White color is neutral, so it is well combined with all tones, halftons and even with a mess in bouquets.

      Its presence he emphasizes the sunshine of yellow color, its warmth and wealth.

      Useful advice

      Choosing a wedding bouquet, You can use several advice from professionals.

      • If the bride is dreaming in your bouquet of only roses, then it will be a wonderful composition of the composition from a combination of yellow and white roses buds, for example, David Austin varieties. In such a bouquet, you can need a fresh greens in the form of leaves or individual branches.

      • For aristocratic parts you can stay on the combination of roses and lilies. Such a bouquet will look even more gorgeous if his leg is tied with a satin snow-white ribbon.

      • For a romantic girl be sure to suit the composition of roses with white chrysanthemums. Will look good in conjunction with roses White freesia. Especially such a bouquet should shine at brunettes. Blondes you just need to choose a suitable shade of named colors.

      • Always winning both in the monobuete, and in mixed compositions of the caulla of a yellow shade. But the bouquet of them relates to long kinds of compositions, so the bride should have the appropriate style of the wedding dress (Greek style or ampir). With lush dresses such a bouquet will look a bit. It matters here and the growth of the girl – for low long bouquets are not suitable. Callas can be mixed with any voluminous representatives of roses, peonies, chrysanthemums.

      • A bouquet of three color components looks very good: yellow, red and a little white. Such a gamma will surely like the bride, the main thing is that the forms of all components of such a bouquet correspond to each other.

      Choosing flowers, you always need to listen to your inner “I”. There are compositions that do not even want to watch, but there are such that attract attention immediately. Here among them and you need to choose the best bouquet for a better day of your life.

      How to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands, look at the following video.

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