Artificial suede for furniture: pros, minuses and care recommendations

Artificial suede for furniture: pros, minuses and care recommendations

Artificial suede – rather popular in our day, material for furniture upholstery. About the beauty and quality of natural suede is known to everyone, so this material is very valuable. The artificial analogue in appearance is practically no different from natural, so comes home a special atmosphere of chic and luxury. In quality, this product, of course, is inferior to a real suede, but at the same time has its advantages.


Artificial suede has a very simple composition of fibers. One fourth is cotton, and everything else is polyester. The fibers are connected to the tissue web, sometimes on top of the finished product are treated with a layer of teflon, due to which the material does not absorb liquid pollution. Stiffness and flexibility of the product is determined by the structure of the threads. Synthetic fibers provide a greater degree of elastic elongation, the fabric is minimally exposed to fringing, not pulled out throughout the entire period of operation. Two varieties of artificial suede distinguish:

  • on a tissue basis+
  • on a solid non-woven base.

The first option is greater popularity, as it misses the air well. Differences consist in the structure of the material, the height, density and the direction of the pile will be varied. Nobility suede is formed from the game of light shades. Everyone knows the effect that is created on the fabric when stroking his hand. The higher the pile, the brighter the remaining trace.

Artificial analogue has the same principle, so the option with high fibers is valued above.

Painting Production is paid to painting. This process consists of three stages – adsorption, diffusion and consolidation of dyes. Before the paint is applied to the canvas, it is carefully studied for the presence of defects, thermal and steam processing are carried out. For staining, acidic, chromium, straight, dispersed dyes are used.

Currently, furniture stores offer wide color variety of artificial suede. Typically buyers prefer to choose a monophonic version, but the suede with a pattern is also sufficiently common.

Looks very beautifully furniture, upholstered artificial suede in beige, olive, emerald, cream colors.


The main advantage of Alcantara in front of the natural suede is its available cost. Visually, they will only distinguish the professional master. The quality of the natural fabric is higher, however, the synthetic material has enough benefits.

  • If you carefully treat furniture, then the fabric will last for several years and will retain its original appearance for a long time.
  • Material is distinguished by increased strength, it is difficult to break, stretch or damage.
  • The fabric is very steadfastly tolerates the effects of ultraviolet and high humidity. Color for a long time does not fade and does not fade.
  • Unusual ability of artificial suede for furniture: in winter it gives heat, and in the summer – cool.

  • The material effectively passes air, resulting in a pleasant microclimate indoor.
  • By itself, artificial suede is a warm cloth. Furniture, upholstered by this comfortable material, creates a feeling of comfort in the room.
  • Artificial suede immune to static electricity.

Another advantage of artificial suede is very pleasant to the touch. On such a sofa it is nice to sit, touch it with your hand, play the fibers in the sun.

The furniture looks very noble and gives the interior atmosphere of grace. Artificial suede emphasizes the refined taste of the hosts.


Before choosing the presented material for the coupling of the sofa, It is worth familiar with its shortcomings.

  • Despite the fact that the fabric is very hard to transfer any mechanical impacts, with claws of a stubborn animal it will not cope. So the owners of cats are better to abandon the purchase of artificial suede.
  • If the material of the light shade is purchased, then the owners need to be ready for the fact that it is quickly blocked. Especially this problem is relevant in homes where there are small children.
  • Artificial suede requires a careful relationship, as well as compliance with special conditions when cleaning.
  • The hair and animal wool animals are easy to “primed”.

Recommendations for choosing

Choosing an artificial suede for furniture upholstery, Follow the following rules.

  • Pay special attention to the color of the fabric. It is recommended to avoid bright shades, since they are very noticeable spots, and get rid of them problematic. At the same time, too dark sofa is also not suitable for each interior. Sofa from black artificial suede looks spectacular, but it has a feature to absorb space, therefore it is suitable for a very spacious room.
  • Try to give preference to the products with a high degree of impregnation Teflon. This will significantly simplify the care of the material. Plus such a fabric is the ability to wash.
  • Furniture fabric stores offer options with a long and short pile. From these factors, the duration of the operation of the material depends. It should be borne in mind that the suede with a long pile will deteriorate faster.

  • You can find a product with a rough surface, not particularly familiar to the touch. It should not be alarming the buyer. The fact is that this kind of artificial suede is illuminated for additional strength. Such a fabric is distinguished by high quality, the adding processing allows the product to keep the form, but it is still recommended to install a sofa, upholstered by a cabled option, in an office environment, and not to the house.
  • Mainly furniture departments in Russia, including online stores, offer to order products from China. Do not be afraid of such products. In the subway, it is quite good fabrics that make up strong competition to products from Turkey or Italy, the materials of which are practically not found on sale, despite the assurances of sellers.

Care rules

When caring for a sofa, covered with artificial suede, Listen to the following recommendations.

  • The most useful advice – buy a removable case. It will protect the fabric from abrasion, mechanical damage and other external factors. Case can be removed, washed, change if necessary.
  • As soon as the liquid got on the suede, you need to instantly shook the drops and wipe with a wet cloth. In the presence of a spot, it can be cleaned with soda (leave for a day, and then we swapped) or wipe with a sponge with a soap solution, but you can not rub hard. Once the material is dry, a soft brush should restore the pile.
  • Vacuuming sofa, covered with artificial suede, allowed every week, but better apply a soft nozzle.
  • To clean the material it is better to use the services of dry cleaners. The most preferred option is dry cleaning on hydrocarbon solvents or “Drown Klin”. These methods will not damage the fabric, but only give an updated species.

  • Need to closely monitor the fabrics do not dry food pollution.
  • Special tools and stains for natural and artificial suede will be suitable for care for the product. However, before using a similar composition for removing a spot, test the tool. To do this, you can try to apply a stain pressure on the wrong side of the upholstery and watch the reaction.
  • If the sofa is covered with a removable case from a synthetic suede, reinforced by teflon, then it can be washed. But in no case is not allowed after washing to unscrew the product, you must use the centrifuger.
  • When washing, it is impossible to use bleachers, solvents, chemicals, compositions based on petroleum products.


Most reviews about sofas with artificial suede positive. Currents praise furniture for a very aesthetic appearance. With proper care, the material retains its structure and paint. The effect of the sofa is noted even in a few years of use and in the case when it stands at the window under direct sunlight hitting. People like to touch the sofa, the material resembles velvet.

Satisfied with consumers and upholstery ability to quickly respond to the correct care – with the help of a soap solution it is possible to linse strong pollution.

Nevertheless, many still stood the sofa with a covering or cover, opening its beauty only during guests visit. This is done in order to extend the service life.

Negative reviews are associated with the property of artificial suede peeling the upper decorative level with the active use of the sofa. There is a vulnerability of material before animal claws. And also not everyone likes careful care for the product and suede ability to attract hairs and wool.

How to distinguish the natural suede from artificial, look in the following video.

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