All about dying blankets

All about dying blankets

On the market blankets a variety of Veliko – from lightweight and air to heavy and solid copies. Many buyers are confident that you need to choose a classic, that is, a down blanket. Although they really have it, it happens often – they do not fully understand what the features of such a product than good down blankets, how to choose them and how to care for them.

Features, pros, cons

On warming properties these warm winter blankets do not know competition. Inside the cover is a soft down cloud, and they say that under such you can sleep even in the cold when open. But This is the perfect version of the quality product made on the basis of the fluff of waterfowl.

But there are still blankets from an artificial fluff, as well as the goods of questionable quality, which, under the guise of a down blanket, sell either a fundamentally different composition, or a product with impaired manufacturing technology.

Publi pluses.

  • Comfort. They are gentle, cozy, soft, warm and pretty light. All night under them heat, even psychologically there is some kind of defense.
  • Good breathability. Natural Pooh is perfectly ventilated, and therefore there will be no stuffy under such a blanket.
  • High thermal regulation. Pooh in any weather in the body of the bird should maintain the temperature optimal at a specific point. And this feature of the fluff persists in products from it made. Therefore neither supercooling nor overheating under such a blanket is not terrible.
  • Elasticity. Your original volume of the blanket will save for a long time without losing important thermoregulation markers.
  • Ease. Middle weight of a down blanket – 1 kg. The smaller the percentage of the pen, the more it will be easier.
  • Service life above ordinary. If the standard blanket is designed to serve 5-7 years on average, the dying can be used three times longer.

Another question is that the hygienic conditions of the blanket requires more often.

Among the minuses the main probability of an allergic reaction, which causes the composition of the blanket. As well as bird fluff attractive for fungus, tick, mold. Initially, the composition is processed by special means that protect the fluff from this attack. But over time, the tool ceases to act.

Also, you can also call the need for laborious care for a blanket, putting it in dry cleaning. And finally high price. This blanket is the most expensive of all popular species.

Manufacturing technologies

Two sought-after types of blankets – quilted and cassette. There is a third view – Karastep. But what is better, the question is not easy.


The technology itself is complex and expensive. The cassette is a container of a fabric holding down. Inside each cassette there is a fluff, and the side walls these cassettes are connected to each other. Inside the cassette of the Pooh is distributed evenly, and hence, in the area of ​​the whole blanket too. In the class of heat, cassette blankets are considered warm and all-season.

The way that bed warms depends on the weight and amount of filler. The more fluff in the blanket, the warmer. Filling the cassette volume the filler must be entirely, not squeezing and not distributing unevenly. The height of the magazine of the All-season blanket – one and a half centimeters, warm – three.


In this case, the filler will be sealed with a case, the needle follows from top to bottom so that the case turns out to be punctured through. And in the stitches, where the top and bottom of the cover come into contact, the cold zones are obtained. Because such blankets are usually designed for the warm season, because by the quality of warming, they are worse cassette.

Them, by the way, and called – Summer. They relate to the temperature regime from 22 degrees: if there is such a temperature in the room, quilted down blankets are suitable for sleep.


So called the method of sewing, according to which the blanket is striking the pattern or on some drawing. Of course, it gives an elegance product. But the practicality of the blanket is not as high as the cassette and quilt. Often such products are purchased into the guest room, where the blanket is not intended to be used every day.

Types of fluff

Actually, there are two large categories here – natural products and artificial.


Raw materials are used mainly from bird plumage. Most of the modern enterprises are trying to extract it with living birds, delighted the collection under the period of natural molting. Living beings do not suffer, with the raw material becomes what the birds threw. The plumage of gagachy, goose and duck pen is most in demand. If you allotect the elite product in this category, the Gaga feather will relate to it. This bird dwells in northern latitudes, preferring a cold climate, and therefore even in the frost of her feathers, which became the basis of a down blanket, will be worn safely.

But the goose down, for example, heavier fluff gaga. It can be swiss – so called fluff with maximum volume indicators, European – with a high quality standard, and the world that is characterized by a small volume, and it is more common in the products of an inexpensive segment.

Fame acquired goas and camel down. Goat products Bloherty have relative ease, increased hygroscopicity and high degree of elasticity. From the minuses of goat fluff you can highlight high heat insulation. That is, in one case, it is, of course, the undisputed plus, but in the summer, under such a blanket, it is difficult to sleep. Again, these products are quite capricious in processing, for example, incorrectly by choosing the temperature, you can turn the blanket, and the recovery will be controversial.

Camel Pooh Do not eat camel wool, it’s, oddly enough, completely different fillers. Pooh is mined when combing light, very soft undercoat of young people camel. This material has a hollow texture that helps keep the fixed body temperature. And the huge advantage of these products is the high content of Lanolin, that is, animal wax, and therefore, the blanket on the camel fluff is not just a lightweight option, but also therapeutic. It favorably affects the health of the muscles and joints.


This is what is meant by the word “Lebiazhiy”. So called the synthetic filler, which is made from artificial (and it is important!) Fibers. To the swans of direct relationship does not have such a fluff. Products with this filler do not absorb odors and moisture, are hypoallergenic. But for summer and offseason, they are probably too warm. For obvious reasons, such blankets will be cheaper than natural. But with air ventilation not everything is so rosy, as in the case of natural product, and in practice, these products are noticeably electrified.


Everything is standard here: Blankets can be children, single or half-gun, double, euro, and “royal” size and non-standard. With downtop products such:

  • single – 140×205 cm (there is an option 140×200 cm)+
  • One-hour or family – 150×200 cm+
  • Double – 200×200 cm, but there are more familiar options 172×205 cm+
  • Euro – 200×220 cm+
  • “Royal” option – 240×220 cm+
  • non-standard – 195×215 cm.

Baby dying blankets are not as often.

Best manufacturers

It is easy to get lost in choosing, because both Germany, and Austria, and Switzerland, and Russia produce excellent blankets on the fluff. To the most popular brands that are fulfilling their demand for their own demand, belashoff – the Russian manufacturer, MironSon is Italian quality, as well as brands:

  • “Quiet hour”+
  • “Aphrodite”+
  • “Samson”+
  • “Dargez”+
  • “Natures”+
  • “Togas”+
  • “EKOTEK”.

Among these brands there are many Russian firms that are not inferior as Finnish, Polish, German brands, including premium class.

How to choose correctly?

It is necessary to proceed primarily from the amount that the buyer is ready to give for not the cheapest product. Because and in the price segment of the dying blankets, a decent disengagement. In some cases, it is necessary to seriously overpay for the brand. Tips for choosing.

  • If it is a blanket from a gray fluff with the inclusion of a pen from 15%, the price of goods may be about 10 thousand rubles. But if this is a blanket with 100% of the fluff of manual assembly, the price reaches 40 thousand, and this is not the limit.
  • If the bedroom is cool, and the average temperature in it is within 19 degrees, comfortable will be a dense winter version of a down blanket. If there is no heat and problems with irregularities in the room, moreover, it is more often hot – you need to take a all-season or lightweight model.
  • Case must be high-quality, solid, made of silk or x / b tissue of high strength. But if the case is synthetic, there will be problems with air ventilation. Actually, the synthetics in which the fluff is packaged, – obviously losing combination. All the advantages of natural material overlap in an unsuitable case.
  • If the product is expensive, the covers in it are specially covered with silver ions, soil the antibacterial properties are impregnated. But such bonuses can be considered “special effects”, which are not a fact that we need.
  • Be sure to see the lesson, it can go canals or squares. Channels are rows, and squares – cassettes. If the blanket is robbed by the channels, there is a risk that over time the Pooh will start to get out through holes that were formed in a needle in a stitch. In the cassette version there will be no such defect, but it costs more.
  • The blanket must certainly touch. Tactile analysis is reduced to the contraction of the corner of the product in the palm of palm. If the down is high-quality, it will not flavor or form lumps. If the fluff in the product stated 85% and more, sharp feathers will not be felt.
  • Also experts advise not to buy products that are already more than one and a half years. There are doubts that the storage of the blanket did not violate, and this can affect the features and comfort of its subsequent operation.

Well, of course, the goods must be certified.

Washing and care

Each product has a tag that is an informant for the buyer – indicates the specificity of the care. In a reminder to the product, there must also be information about leaving and washing. In general, recommendations are such.

  • The washing machine icon means that machine washing is possible. Icon with a pelvis, with hand lowered in it, gives permission to manual washing. But if on the tap of the pelvis with water, it means that neither in the machine-machine, nor manually wash the blanket.
  • In most cases, the weight of the blanket is such that even the allowed machine washing will not allow you to cope with it. If the blanket is large, it should be attributed to the dry cleaning – and the guarantees are more that the mode will be respected.
  • If the product is placed in the drum machine, it is pre-roll to roll into a roll so that the filler is less deformed, and the blanket did not require further restoration. It follows to “delicate” mode “manual wash” or “Wool” category.
  • If applying detergent, then only in liquid form. You can find special gels for laundry down products.
  • Rinse at home is better to repeat a couple, and then the top three times.
  • The temperature of the water during machine washing is not higher than 40 degrees, with manual – not higher than 30 degrees. If you wash with your hands, it is impossible to rub the blanket, only gently mig.
  • If there are contamination on the surface of the cover, it is possible to wash them manually using the household soap. Rub gently, brush with non-bristle.
  • If you press the blanket in the machine, then only at minimum turns. Manually do it hard, one can not cope. Unscrew the blanket can not.

But to dry the down product you need to be painted in a horizontal position. Heating devices near should not be. If you dry badly, it is fraught with the formation of mold inside. Under the outdoor, the drying is excluded. On the street under the canopy – the perfect option. Shake and turn the blanket during the drying process, but trying to beat the fluff.

If all this seems complicated and risky, professional cleaning masters will do everything without complaints. Since it is often not necessary to wash the blanket, from time to time you can spend money on competent care, allowing the product to serve longer and the joy of owners.

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