Blankets with silk filler

Blankets with silk filler

Silk blanket – an ideal choice for people who prefer to combine the highest possible comfort and aesthetics. Moreover, this product, due to its naturalness and the absence of dust mites, will be a real rescue for allergy.

Pros and cons

Silk blanket has a lot of advantages. You can start with hypoallergenicity: a silk product will not cause itching, nor irritation, nor any other reactions. Practical, lightweight and pleasant to the touch material can serve for many years, providing its owner a calm and comfortable sleep. Proper thermoregulation (structure and good air circulation) forms all-season covers – under it heat in the winter months and not so hot in summer. The plus is the absence of a greenhouse effect: Silk absorbs and evaporates a large amount of moisture, while remaining dry to the touch.

In products with filler from the filaments of the silkproke, dust pliers do not appear at all, which you can not say about dwarf blankets. This is ensured by a special protein that is an obstacle for parasites. Moreover, such products do not produce static electricity. Finally, fibers are completely environmentally friendly and safe for human health, due to the absence of synthetic or chemical additives.

Unfortunately, silk blankets have a number of flaws. The product of 100% silk is quite high worth, which, by the way, gave rise to a large number of fakes on the market. In addition, all the outstanding characteristics of the bedspreads remain only subject to the required care, which is characterized by special complexity.

Types of silk filler

In the production of silk blankets there are two main types of filler: “Malbury” and “Tussus”.

Raw silk waste

Waste production varieties “Malbury” and “Tussus” usually remain in large quantities, so all these residues are sent to the manufacture of low-quality covers, as a rule, heading abroad.

Mulberry Mulberry Mulberry Silk

Malbury is natural grade premium silk. It is created from the threads of a tute silkworm grown in a man created by man. Insects develop at a certain temperature and humidity level, consuming only fresh leaves of mulberries. Production can only be manual making it impossible to use chemicals. As a result, the long-filling silk “Malbury” has the best quality and strength. Pearl homogeneous fibers have a length of 25 centimeters. The highest grade is known under the name “Malbury” AA, and the first grade – “Malbury” a.

Use the filler for 20 years.

Tussah grade silk

“TUUSS” is a grade of silk, which is obtained from wild silkworm larvae, fastened not only by mulberry, but also by other trees. The production of raw materials is whiten in a special solution from chemical reagents, after which the fibers become less durable and acquire a brown-yellowish tint. The length of the fibers does not exceed 25 centimeters. The life of this filler is 6-7 years.


There are various variations of silk blankets. The samples of 150×200 cm and 140×205 cm and 140×205 cm are suitable for a single or one-time bed. Double beds will be able to acquire variations from a small 175×205 to euro size of 200×220 centimeters. You can find both larger models and non-standard, for example, the size of 160×190 centimeters. The middle mass of the bedspread is from 1.5 to 2 kilograms. For the summer season, you can purchase a kilogram product, and for winter – three kilogram.

The more the severity of the product, the warmer it will be.

Review manufacturers

One of the most popular manufacturers is considered Togas – The company founded in 1926 in Greece. Today, the brand has more than a hundred boutiques around the world, including in Russia. For the production of blankets, the company uses both the Malbury variety and the “Tussus” grade. The most famous Russian manufacturer is called Onsilk, present in the market since 2004. Silk brand blankets are based on Malbury grade material.

Pretty wide price range makes it possible to purchase high-quality products of different costs.

Of course, there is a huge amount of Chinese products on the market. So, the buyer’s trust has already conquered the brand Meizhoung, present in the Russian market since 2008, as well as Aonasi – A company of China, which uses high-quality “Malbury” as a filler. Brand blankets are available without stitches to maintain quality and appearance, and covers are created from teak or satin. The advantage of Chinese products are acceptable cost, but not bad quality.

Good reviews Get blankets of the Italian brand Asabella. In addition, in stores you can detect products Austrian German Grass, Finnish Joutsen, Turkish Karven, Brinkhaus from Germany and Alanna Rod from Turkey.

How to care?

Silk itself is quite complicated for care, so the blankets from this material require special appeal. Small specks can be used to remove with funds intended for this tissue. In principle, you can use the brush, but without a strong push. Some housewives also use the following recipe: connect part of the ammonia and two parts of the water, after which the pollution is processed by the resulting solution, and everyone is rinsed. Ethyl alcohol is also suitable. At high lesions of the surface it is better to go to dry cleaning.

Hand wash should occur at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees and using a special detergent solution. After careful rinsing, the blanket must be dried in a horizontal position, protecting from heating devices. Wash the bedspread in the washing machine is allowed exclusively in the “Silk” mode or “delicate”, if there is a bag for washing. It is important to ensure that the capacity of the device makes at least 7 kilograms, and the powder was intended for silk things. The mode itself should be characterized by a multiple rinse and the minimum number of revolutions.

However, it will still be more reliable yet not to try to wash the product on their own, but to contact the specialists.

The material reacts poorly to high temperatures, and boiling so can destroy it. Silk blanket can not be dried in the sun, otherwise the unique protein structure of the fiber will be destroyed, and the product will lose the proper appearance. It is worth mentioning that, hazing on a similar bedspread, each morning the bed should be left not refilled for a while. This will allow the product to be filled with air, as well as restore its shape and puff.

If the blanket got lost or jammed, then it is enough just to beat and shake. Such “processing” of the smooth product will avoid the formation of lumps. Periodically, the product should be airport. The blanket is prohibited to store in a vacuum package, as the product must be breathed. To preserve the structure of the filler, heavy items should not be placed on top.

How to choose?

The best silk blankets are products from “Malbury” aa or aa. They not only differ in high quality, but also have a long service life. When buying, 100% Malberry should be specified on the label. High-quality product necessarily has a small window, allowing to appreciate the filler. When it is unbuttoned inside the elastic white or gentle-beige reservoir should be detected – that is, a silky. Malbury also has black and yellow splashes. If the blanket does not have this window, then such a product should not be taken.

Specialists do not advise buying quilted blankets, since through holes for threads over time begins to cut silk. As a rule, in such blankets and the material itself is used poorly, so the product is very quickly fail. It is important to pay enough attention to the fabric from which the case has been completed. The higher its quality, the more naturalness, the longer it will be able to serve the bedspread. Most often case for silk blankets is made from either cotton or silk, the first of which is cheaper. This fabric must necessarily be dense that thin silk fibers cannot penetrate out.

Quality covers are obtained from satin – material, the filaments of the foundations of which are located in parallel to each other, almost without a distance. Due to the fact that the threads twist are quite tight, a beautiful shine resembles a silk on the surface. Satin’s blanket misses air well, and also clearly repeats the body shape. Such bedding is suitable for everyday use and does not lose the appeal of the appearance even after numerous styrics.

High Quality are distinguished by jacquard covers – made of blended tissues with the addition of synthetic fibers. Revet the base of the base form a relief pattern. By the way, the more their thickness, the stronger the finished product will be. A mixture of satin with jacquard is suitable – very smooth and stable material with a beautiful glitter glitter. Silk blankets must also have a point stitch, which allows to prevent the occurrence of holes and preventing “output” to the outside of silk yarns.

How to determine authenticity?

In order to understand whether a silk blanket is genuine, first it is worth visually considering the product. Silk must return its shape while clicking. To the touch without cover, his threads are felt soft and elastic. The color of the material is not clean white – as a rule, it is painted in a beige or pearl-cream hue. The decent seller usually offers the buyer to set up one thread. Hands from her should immediately get dirty, as if from a piece of coal, and the smell arisen to remind about burning hair, wool or similar organic.

Also when buying it is worth paying special attention to the cost – too low price or big discounts usually indicate a fake. Silk itself is quite expensive, and the cost of the blankets should also include the cost of manufacture and transportation.

Review reviews

Reviews about silk blankets are mostly positive. Buyers noted the possibility of a long life of the product without replacement, as well as comfort. However, a high probability of acquiring a fake is mentioned, which requires special attention when making a purchase, as well as cooperation only with verified vendors. Reliable products from Turkey and China, also there are rustling and electrification.

About how to choose a blanket, look in the following video.

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