Features and varieties of cotton blankets

Features and varieties of cotton blankets

People spend a lot of time in a dream, because rest is needed by a person to maintain health, full growth and development. To sleep is healthy, you should select comfortable and high-quality blankets that can protect against temperature fluctuations and warming winter nights. Let’s stop more on the advantages and disadvantages of cotton blankets.

Pros and cons

Wattin’s blanket is a practical and thick product. It is used to cover the body during day or night rest. The filler consists of one hundred percent cleaned cotton cotton wool, and a coherent is used as a cover, sitez, satin, as well as atlas or microfiber. In stores you can find products based on blended filling, combining cotton and artificial fibers – depending on the manufacturer, they may have a different percentage ratio.

In the Soviet years, Wattin’s blankets were widespread, our moms and dads slept mainly under such. But at the end of the last century, more modern and, accordingly, more expensive materials came to replace them. But today people remembered the old good blankets from Wattin.

After all, their merits are obvious.

  • Heavy weight. Studies have long confirmed that under a heavy blanket people sleep tight.

  • Antistatic. Such blankets are well preserved heat, not electrified. This is especially true today, when residential buildings are overflowed with household appliances creating static electricity. This leads to insomnia, migraines and decline, sleep under a cotton blanket minimizes these negative impacts.

  • Safety. Ward blankets are made exclusively from natural materials, they do not pose a threat to the health of children and adults.

  • Hypoallergenicity. Watin is optimal for people having skin and respiratory diseases, as well as allergies.

  • Comfort. Watina-based textiles are pleasant to the touch, gives comfort and warm.

  • Uniform distribution of filler. High quality shot guarantees that the bedspread will not be knocked down with lumps.

  • Practicality. With careful circulation, such blankets can serve up to 3 decades.

A pleasant bonus will be a democratic price – a cotton blanket is worth an order of magnitude cheaper blankets with any other fillers.

There are also disadvantages.

  • Cat filler is folded for manual cleaning due to its severity. In addition, such blankets can not be emitted in the machine. Even after dry cleaning, there are inesthetical divorces.

  • Wool often absorbs extraneous odors.

  • Natural cotton fibers become a favorable medium for the appearance of dust ticks, bedbugs and other parasites.

  • Vata absorbs moisture well, but it dismisses it badly. Such blankets require beating and regular drying – no less often in a quarter.


Depending on the technique of sewing, there are several varieties of cotton blankets.

  • Stegian – These are products in which the cotton filler is attached to the cover with a stitching. Such models are most in demand, as they ensure uniformity of the redistribution of batting throughout the area. Even with low air temperature, quilted blankets give comfort and surround with warmth.

  • Karoscpe – These blankets are manually manufactured. They are distinguished by a complex pattern. They stylishly look and have good thermal insulation. However, if the pattern is large, then over time, cotton begins to be knocked out and distributed unevenly.

  • Cassette – the most expensive products, they consist of several separate blocks. Each of them is filled with cotton. The creation of partitions contributes to the holding of the filler in one place, not letting it shift.

Wattin blankets differ in such parameters as the structure and composition of fibers, their density, as well as thickness and color. The filler itself can be produced both from fully natural and blended raw materials.

Sizes and weight

Watin blankets are made in several sizes.

  • Children’s models, for children of younger – 110×140 cm.

  • 1.5 bedroom – 140×205 cm. They are relevant to teenagers and adults who prefer to sleep alone.

  • 2 bedrooms – 172×205 cm. Such models are optimal for a couple of people sleeping under one blanket, as well as for people who relax alone on a spacious bed.

  • Euro – 200×225 or 220×240 cm. Designed for the couple, which does not go to bed approaching each other.

Cotton blankets are very hard. Their final mass depends on the parameters of the product – its length, height, width, as well as density (that is, the specific weight of each volume unit).

For example, for a blanket with parameters 140×205 cm with a density of 500 g / m2, a standard mass is 1.5 kg.


Cotton filler can have white, yellow or grayish color. If the blanket is made from the apparatus yarn, it has coloring in multi-colored shades. Nowadays a lot of color solutions are presented. Blankets are blue, green, red and multicolored, so you can always use cotton products without a duvette. Covers are usually embraced from natural matter. In stores you can find both monophonic products and products with abstract ornament.

In a situation where the blanket is used without a ductile, it is desirable to pick it up with the general stylist of the bedroom. It may be the same shade as the whole finish. Or maybe, on the contrary, give a contrast accent.

Very effectively look cotton blankets with a satin surface, they are often used as stylish plaids.

Tips for care

Captive blanket must be regularly ventilated – it will allocate all the excessive moisture. It is best to do it in warm and dry weather on draft, while you should avoid direct ultraviolet rays. To clean cotton blankets, it is desirable to handle in dry cleaning, in living conditions there is enough regular treatment with a vacuum cleaner.

Captured packing is a cotton processing material. Unlike synthetic fillers, she keeps moisture. As a result, during wetting weight increases 4-5 times. That is why the washing of products due to the large mass delivers a lot of hassle.

If you are still forced to wash, it is best to do it in the summer – then a blanket can quickly dry. Previously, it is perfectly knocked out either vacuuming. Fully wedin blanket is soaked solely if there are pollution of organic nature or sharp smell.

Washing takes a long time. For it, you will need:

  • Concentrated economic soap+

  • water+

  • Porolon+

  • Liquid washing agent for washing+

  • Any stain remover.

Correctly clean the blanket is not easy. It is placed on a solid horizontal surface, smoothing all the folds. Then make a soap solution based on water and liquid washing powder. If the product is polluted strongly, the economic soap and the stain remover are added there. Cleaning remedy is whipped and cause foam to polluted sponge. After that, we wash with running water before eliminating the entire foam.

IMPORTANT: Unscrew and pressing Vatine products undesirable. It is best to bust them with a soft cloth.

Little blanket can be washed in the machine. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.

  • You can use only liquid tools for washing. They are quickly washed out and leave no divorce on the surface.

  • Washing should be done in a gentle mode at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.

  • You can not activate the prescript option.

  • Tennis balls should be placed in the drum or balls intended for washing down fluff-feathers.

Alternatively can be resorted to cleaning with a pair, it is considered more gentle. In addition, this processing eliminates not only spots, but also conducts additional disinfection, destroying ticks, as well as bacteria, fungi and moth larvae. To implement this procedure, an iron is used with an excipation option or steam generator. This method further eliminates all unpleasant odors.

During drying, the blanket is covered with fine matter. It is not recommended to hang it on the rope – in this case, the product is inevitably deformed.

Dry things before use should be spent or thoroughly disappear to completely eliminate all the remains of the washing powder.

Cotton blankets can serve until 20-30 years. However, manufacturers advise them to change them every 5 years, because inside the Wattin, an environment is created for the development of a population of dust mites. However, the price of this product allows you to freely buy new sleeping facilities.

Review reviews

Cotton blankets are available at a price, so they found wide use in budgetary institutions. Such blankets are massively used in hospitals, polyclinics, kindergartens and schools with organized groups of extended day. Without such a accessory of bedding, no military unit do.

For a long time, such blankets were undeservedly forgotten. But today they are in demand again. They can be single and double, so they are bought for both adults and children. Users noted that these are comfortable and comfortable blankets that warm well at night.

Cottage blanket production technology in the video below.

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