What a blanket is better to choose: camel or sheep?

What a blanket is better to choose: camel or sheep?

Each of us is nice to miss the bed. One of the components of a comfortable pastime is a warm blanket. Now the range of similar bedding is striking by their manifold. There are samples from bamboo, synthetics, cashmere and other raw materials. The most popular are options with sheep and camel hooler. It is their comparison that we will deal with this article.


Before drawing conclusions, what product is better, it is worth initially familiarizing with the features of each of them.

For the production of camel blankets, use undercooked young individuals or adult animal wool.

The difference between these two options is essential: the first raw material is very soft and tactile pleasant, the second – spiny and rather rude.

Pooh young representatives of manflocks are mainly used for the manufacture of children’s blankets, as the body of kids is gentle and sensitive.

When choosing camel blankets, preference is better to give copies stuffed with Mongolian animal wool, as it is more thick and fluffy than at camels living in Kazakhstan and China.

List the advantages of camel blankets.

  • Since hairs wool have a hollow structure, the blankets are obtained light and air.

  • Wool is poorly staining. And since various chemicals and dyes in the production process are not used, you can not doubt.

  • Camel wool is considered the most durable of all, so the blanket will serve you a long period of time.

  • Value Blankets based on camel wool and in their medicinal properties. They will have substantial assistance in arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, will improve blood circulation.

  • It is also impossible not to note the antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sheep hair is used for the production of blankets for a very long time. In antiquity they even looked premature babies and healed them.

To create blankets apply coarse wool coarse. In the process of combing, it is possible to get both hard hair and undercoat, known for its air.

That is, in this case, the volume of weightless fluff will be greater than in the course of similar manipulations with merino, in which all the wool is soft.

The advantages of these types of blankets are also quite a lot.

  • Sheep wool has the appearance of curls, as a result of which the blankets are obtained very elastic, do not lose the form, are operated for a long time.

  • Thanks to the structure between the hairs, the air remains, which prevents the advent of ticks, dust accumulation.

  • Characterized by weight of useful properties: anti-ethnic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Conducted by the fact that each hairs is protected by woolen wax, called Lanolin.

  • It is impossible not to mention about the antistatic.

Considered blankets can be open and closed species. In the latter case, it is understood that the canvas hidden into the case, for sewing which only natural materials should be used: cotton or bamboo.

That warmer?

And sheep, and camel blankets are characterized by one valuable property in conservation of dry heat.

They are equally well able to absorb a significant amount of moisture, at the same time actively evaporating it.

That is, if a man at night stands up very much, he will be wanted dry, not overheated thanks to the processes described above.

These features are useful when there are violations of hormonal background or colds.

For children, as you know, often sick ORVI and flu, dry heat is also invaluable, as it helps to cure in a short time, often without receiving medicines.

Both varieties of blankets are very warm. They will not freeze in winter and do not stand in the summer.

In addition, they have good thermal conductivity, that is, almost instantly transfer heat from the heated parts of the body to not yet time to type the desired temperature, so a person is quickly warming up.

However, when shelting camel blanket, this process occurs a little faster.

It is impossible not to note the fact that sheep blanket not only well keeps heat inside, but also increases the body temperature of a sleeping person by 5 degrees.

The thermal characteristics of any blanket are directly related to its density. You can find out the thermal conductivity of a sheep rune by the number of circles on the label. So:

  • 1 Circle says that the blanket is not very warm, that is, it can be used in warm seasons of the year+

  • 2-3 Circle denote samples that are desirable to hide in late autumn, early spring and winter in apartments with a working heating+

  • 4-5 circles indicate the warmest blankets, they are recommended to acquire, if climatic conditions are pretty severe.

Camel blanket manufacturers are used to indicate the density similar notation:

  • 1 point – the most subtle (at least 160 g / kV. m)+

  • 2 points – thin (200-220 g / kV. m)+

  • 3 Points – Universal (220-350 g / kV. m)+

  • 4 points – warm (350-500 g / kV. m)+

  • 5 points – the most heat (no more than 900 g / kV. m).


Any product based on wool can cause a person an allergic reaction, the blankets in this case are no exception. Therefore, people with high risks of this alend are better than such things not to buy. You can give preference to bamboo blankets or those samples in which hypoallergenic raw materials of artificial origin performs by filler.

If we compare in this criterion of sheep and camel blankets, then when using the second probability of allergies is much lower.

It is due to the low content of Lanolin, which is known to be considered an irritant for the immune system of allergy.

In addition, sheep fleece is a favorable environment for the development of dust mites, which are not less than Lanolin contribute to redness, tears and other signs of allergies.

Comparison of other characteristics

As for other characteristics, first of all we note the difference in the cost of products. Camel wool blankets have a very high price, on sheep instances it is 2 times less.

Different and weight of considered varieties of blankets. Sheep fleece is characterized much more mass. For such products, it is necessary to draw your attention to people suffering from nerve disorders. It is due to the fact that the severity of the blanket gives such a person a sense of psychological security and security.

It is worth mentioning about ecology.

From this point of view, bedding is safer, fillers in which camel camel.

As mentioned above, it is not painted during production and is not processed.

Studying questions of care, it is worth taking into account that sheep blankets can not be erased, since under the influence of hot water a fleece turns into hard felt, as a result, the product will lose their former lightness and airiness. The use of cold water will not be at all, since no contamination it will eliminate. The only way out in this situation will be the appeal to dry cleaning.

Products based on camel wool wash at home can be, but it is necessary to do it extremely carefully:

  • In extreme cases (not often)+

  • without activating the spin function+

  • Selecting a delicate mode+

  • Using a soft gel.

Regarding similar features, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Static electricity is removed, that is, prevent the penetration into the body of its charges, which negatively affect the immunity of a person and often cause oncology+

  • Gigroscopic+

  • Excellent medicinal and relaxing properties+

  • Provide comfortable sleep, regardless of ambient temperature+

  • long service life – more than 9-10 years.

What better to choose?

When selecting and buying blankets, it is important to decide in advance with your preferences and the amount you are ready to spend.

If finance allows, it is better to buy a blanket with camel fur, as it is the warmest and durable. With a limited budget, stop your choice on sheepskin, but do not forget that you need to wash such bedding very carefully.

Children-preschoolers and those who study in primary school schools are suitable options with fluffy of young camels, as they are less pruner, and adolescents can be purchased light sheep.

For sensitive to man’s cold optimal sheep species of the greatest density and closed camels. For the activation of therapeutic properties, open blankets are suitable, to achieve a massage effect – spiny.

With frequent allergic manifestations, give preference to samples filled with camel fur.

With what filler choose a blanket, look in the video.

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