How to clean the dishwasher?

How to clean the dishwasher?

Dishwasher – one of the main home assistants. Daily facilitating the routine work in the kitchen and laundering the mountains of the dishes, it needs to care and care. Despite the fact that the device is constantly working with water and detergent, in the cavities, the fat is stuck on the walls and accumulates, the remains of food, garbage, flying.

How often to clean?

The more often you use the technique, the regular care should be. It is recommended to clean the cleaning once in 10-15 days, and if you turn on it not daily, then focus on 10 launches.

Do not wait until there is an unpleasant smell and the reproduction of bacteria will begin. This is the risk that the technique will faster will be in disrepair, and the threat to the health of your family.

Proper careful appeal will extend the service life and will guarantee what you use clean dishes.

Features of care and cleaning

There are a number of simple and affordable actions that make life easier for you and your assistant:

  • Check the machine with the possibility – increased humidity inside leads to an unpleasant smell.
  • Get rid of excess moisture will also be wiped from within the usual moisture-absorbing cloth or sponge.
  • When the car passed a wet cleaning cycle, walk through a dry cloth inside.
  • Do not forget to clean gums on the door.
  • Keep track of periodically for hard-to-reach corners.
  • Fat that falls on the inner surface is recommended to clean regularly – the resulting fatty film is amenable to launder with difficulty.
  • Observe the basic rules of download. Remove food remnants from dishes before placing it in the unit.
  • If possible, do not save on detergents, salts and rinsing.

Rules for cleaning

In the course of operation, knowledge of different methods and cleaning facilities can be useful. Below will be discussed how to clean the dishwasher from various types of pollution: fat, scale, food residues. The first and extremely important rule – before starting the manipulation, You need to make sure that we pulled the cord from the outlet and de-energized the technique.

The second rule – regularity and careful approach. We care about the technique on time, and then we will not have to look for the topics of repair, call the wizard and the use of specialized funds. Clean the dishwasher at home will take a reasonable time and money.

An experienced way or reading reviews on the forums, you can choose the tool that will arrange you By price-quality ratio.

Standard application scheme is as follows: Place the tool specified on the label in the machine. Next, run the program by +60 degrees without dishes. Basic Camera Cleaning Successfully.

Household chemicals

Here is the list of the most popular funds, but in stores you can find much More options:

  • FINISH RINSE (liquid)+
  • Uniplus (liquid)+
  • Paclan Brileo+
  • CLARO+
  • Frosch Soda+
  • Rinnova Lavastoviglie (liquid).

How to use each tool specified in the instructions.

Folk remedies

Among people’s ways have increased popularity always present on the shelf Soda, vinegar, lemon. About these midships and go further speech.


Need to pour into the pallet, run on a short cycle at maximum temperature. Kills smells, removes old spots.


It is better to take a white table 9% solution. Fill the bowl of vinegar, install in the top basket. Turn on the device for maximum power. After work, leave the door open to weigh the smell.

Lemon acid

Traditionally, it is used to eliminate scale.

300 g of acid pumped into the car and run at full power.

After cleaning using special vehicles, walk through the inner surface of the camera, baskets and remove the remnants of pollution. Conduct these manipulations will simply – the detergent softened dirt.

How to get rid of food residues?

The machine is able to wash off any dishes in any volumes, but the remains of food will always remain in the chamber. You need to check and remove them from all elements:

  • Throughout the inner surface of the chamber, on the walls.
  • In hard-to-reach corners.
  • On rubber bands.
  • Around the perimeter of the door pronunion.
  • On baskets.
  • With filter.

Dishwasher trays are more efficiently brushed manually. They need to get and clean using any means for washing. If pollution is significant or not departed, we carry in the pelvis, soaked in the foam and let me mock. Next process goes easily, wash off water and dried by woven cloth.

The working chamber from the inside can simply be cleaned with a wet sponge with any means for dishes, preferably with good solvent fat effect. For these cases, agents like Morning Fresh, it acts on deposits killy. It is common as a rule for 5-10 minutes, in particularly launched cases, we leave for 20 minutes, turn the sponge with a rigid face or use a brush with non-metallic bristles and wash off the outer residues of fat and dirt.

Do not forget about the sealing material, the sides of the doors – here they remain unnoticed and accumulated into a labor-watering layer fat spots and food particles. To clean the dishwasher, it is preferable to choose funds on a liquid basis, powders contain abrasive particles and can scratch the surface.

To care for technique from the outside, we recommend to take the usual detergent or use glasses cleaner for easy cleaning.

At least once a month pay attention to cleaning the filter. We often forget about it – it is in it that smells may emerge, because there is a large amount of dirt. At this stage, you can consider cleaning completed if there is time, you can run a cycle with a special cleansing agent.

How to Clean Fat?

Next, we will share the options for cleaning the fatty. Such pollution is laundered with difficulty and add the work of hostesses. Fat deposits, as a rule, accumulate on rotating blades, in the area of ​​the ceiling, on baskets and over the perimeter of rubber.

Above we talked about basic home cleaning. If it and special funds are not effective, we recommend cleaning with a manual way, armed with a detergent for dishes or cleaning, hot water, sponges and an old toothbrush.

Fat removal methods:

  • Based on the properties of soda and vinegar to enter into the reaction, in the process of which not only fat is removed, but also other pollution. Apply soda on the surface inside the typewriter, so as not to be sat down can be lowered by water. We put on the bottom of the container with vinegar, run the intense detergent mode at the maximum temperature.
  • As a home, it is also recommended to use Buru instead of soda. The principle is the same – apply inside and launch the maximum mode.
  • Another “folk” recipe looks like this: to soda add essential oil, for example, eucalyptus, lemon or sage (in the proportion of 2 glasses of soda, 0.5 teaspoons of oil). Sleep 40 grams of hydrogen peroxide in powder. Mix the mixture to the bottom of the machine, in the upper part put a couple of glasses of 9% vinegar.

If you are not an alchemist in the shower and not an experimenter, there is a sufficient choice of special means for cleaning dishwashers from fat.

As the final stage for control, go through rockers, for example, toothpick. After all procedures, you can be sure that you managed to clean the dishwasher from fat as much as possible. Wash the seaside filter will also help these funds.

Pretty wash the dishwasher is completely simple.

Cleaning from scale

Hard water is not uncommon in our apartments, so it is recommended to add a special salt to mitigate when washing. But we do it not all and not regularly, without thinking that scale, the covering heating element worsens its properties and efficiency. Increases electricity consumption, kitchen utensils wet worse.

Clean the dishwasher from scale can be used by the means:

  • Special preparations that are on sale in household chemicals.
  • Antinakipin – a tool that can be bought at any store. Different marks have varieties depending on the device. We take for dishwashers, put on the bottom, run.
  • Table vinegar – pour several glasses directly inside the typewriters, run to the maximum. We have already written about citric acid above, to use, like vinegar. After use you can additionally run a short cycle to eliminate the residues of the acid.

How to return a dishwasher Fresh smell?

After cleaning the machine above, you can run another cleaning cycle, Which will help remove unpleasant odors:

  • Machine the filter in the soap solution, having previously removed from the machine. Rinse, install in place.
  • Next fill in a tray 1 glass of vinegar and launch a full wash cycle without dishes.
  • I fall asleep at the bottom of the unit soda 2-3 cups, we leave for 3-4 hours, you can at night.
  • We launch another final cycle.

Care for dishwasher is quite simple and the issue of habit. In exchange for the fact that you will regularly clean the dishwasher, the technique will delight you for many years with its quality work.

About any other means for cleaning the dishwasher can be found in the following video.

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