How to clean the filter in the washing machine?

How to clean the filter in the washing machine?

The washing machine assumed the function on cleaning, washing, rinse and drying clothes and linen, thereby providing the hostess invaluable help. While things are spinning in the drum, you, saving time and strength, you can enjoy unnecessary moments of rest or devote yourself to other home affairs. However, modern machine machines are a rather complicated electric mechanism. Breakdown or failure even relatively shallow details can break the work of the entire washing unit.


Many have heard that in the washing machine there is a filter that should be periodically cleaned from clogging and contaminants. Some believe that this filter cleans the water that falls into the drum. It is believed that the filter, on the contrary, is located in the place of drain spent after washing, rinsing and pressing water.

Both of these opinions are true.

There are two filters in the machine machine:

  • For water entering the drum+
  • For merging from water type.

They are in 2 different places, and both require timely cleaning. Most susceptible to pollution drain filter. However, periodically check the condition and permeability is necessary in both filter elements.

Types of pollution

Filters in the washing machine can be clogged and polluted for the following reasons:

  • Rust and small particles in water. This concerns the filter, which cleans the water entering the washing machine. In most cases, fortunately, tap water does not have obvious visible contaminants, but to check the status of the filter at least once every 3-4 months is still necessary. In addition, often due to permanent contact with water rust itself, the filter element itself, and this may worsen its permeability and make it difficult to the influx of water to perform the washing program or rinse.

  • Lime flag. Affects mainly drain filter element. The limestone flare or scale is formed from the contact of the surface with the water of high temperature, it is such a water that merges from the machine after the washing cycle. The reason is the high content of salts and minerals in water, which are evaporated at high temperatures or boiling and settled on the surface and walls of dishes or household appliances. The higher the rigidity of water, the more intense it is formed and accumulates a lime flight.

  • Mechanical garbage. The largest share of pollution of the drain filter is various small elements from the clothes: garbage, sand, threads, small clasps or decorative elements, hair, animal wool. Naturally, these elements are washed out of linen and clothes during washing and exit in the flow of merging water. Such clogs are most intense and dangerous, because they can completely block the clearance of the filter element, and the washing machine will not be able to perform drain operation.


Before starting work on removing and cleaning the drain or filling filter, it is very important to perform preparatory operations to protect yourself during this process:

  • Discharge water supply to washing machine.
  • Disable power machine machine.

  • After turning off the power, wait 10-15 minutes. The fact is that many models of washing machines, such as the Indesit brand, are equipped with a power outfit protection function with food. After the cessation of electricity supply, such washing machines have a reserve of electricity, designed for several minutes. This allows you to save the settings for a given program or mode.
  • Unscrew the hoses and gently drain the remnants of water. To do this, it is better to use a pelvis. Lower the end of the hose in the pelvis and slightly shake it. It is better to leave the ends of the unscrewed hoses in the pelvis until the filtering elements are completed.

Cleaning process

The element, filtering water at the entrance to the drum, is not so intense as the drain filter, but check and clean it, yet, it is worth at least once a few months. It is much more common to control the state of this element, if you have water in water with visible pollution, for example, with rust or muddy elements.

It should also be noted that the filter is not all models of washing automatic cars. You can find out about its availability in the manual for your machine-machine.

After conducting the preparatory operations, you can start unscrewing and cleaning the fuel filter:

  • From the title of this element it follows that it is necessary to search for it in a place where the water supply hose is screwed to the typewriter. Most often, this entrance is on the back wall above. After unscrewing the hose need to carefully remove the filter element, Having twisted it from the nest with passatsia or thick tweezers.
  • Carefully inspect the status of the element and the filter grid. If there are rust or other contaminants, the filter should be rinsed under a jet of warm water and clean the old toothbrush. For better cleaning, you can use the household soap.

  • If the filter rusted, it can be soaked in citric acid solution. In a small enameled or plastic pellets, throw 50-60 g of citric acid in a liter of water. Leave the filter in the solution for 10 minutes. Then intensely spend the brushed rusty areas and rinse with warm water.
  • After drying the filter, neatly screw it back to the previous place.

The drain filter is located in the washing machine from below and usually covered with a plastic lid.

To extract it and subsequent cleaning, do the following:

  • The drain filter is somewhat larger than the filler. It is a twisting cork, and To extract it does not need tools. Hand grabbed the filter on the filter lid and scroll through several revolutions counterclockwise. Then remove the entire filter element.
  • After removing the filter from the open hole, water can be water at the bottom of the machine. Pre-lay on the floor sex rag or a thick towel so that water is absorbed. Or substitute low dishes. Usually a small amount of water is poured, approximately 40-60 ml.

  • After removing the element, do the cleaning hole. To better clean it, take the lantern and enclose. Usually in the hole stuck a rather large garbage, for example, coins, toothpicks, small clasps, lightning dogs. Remove objects from the hole can be hand.
  • Further, You can proceed to clean the filter. Remove the hair, threads, pieces of fabrics, wool and other visible garbage from it. Rinse the filter element under the jet of warm water. For cleaning from a lime deputy, you can also roll off a drain filter in a solution of citric acid in the method described above.
  • After cleaning is completed, screw the filter to the previous place and close the lid.

Tips and recommendations

By checking and cleaning the drain and fuel filter, try to continue to comply with simple recommendations and rules that will save the performance of these elements of the washing machine:

  • A sign that the filter is clogged, the following failures: Time washing increased greatly, the water in the drum comes with interruptions and small portions, during the drum set in the drum, the washing machine makes a strong buzz.
  • It is necessary to immediately check the drain filter element, If your machine machine has become turned off during pressing or draining water. Also a sign of clogging of a drain filter is an uneven drainage of small portions, unusual buffs of the machine during water descent.

  • Try to the washing drum not much garbage, sand, small items. Clothes with strong sandy, earthwood or clay pollution are better shaking over the bathroom or consider dry dirt brushed. Check clothes pockets, do not leave there small items, candy, paper, coins. These simple actions will help to significantly reduce the clogging of the drain filter.
  • There are situations where the drain filter element is too polluted or a lot of scale on it. In such cases, unscrew and remove it in a simple way above, most likely will not be able to. You can try with a screwdriver Unscrew the entire drain pump. Machine must be flipped over to the side, remove the lower protective panel. At the bottom of the bottom of the case you will see a drain pump that is located just at the filter. By revealing the pump, you can remove the filter not with external, but from the inside of the case.
  • To avoid serious breakdowns and failure of your washing machine, Result in a timely manner into the above signs of clogging filters. Even in the absence of noticeable alarm signals, the filter elements must be regularly checked and cleaned if necessary. The state of the filling filter must be controlled at least 1 time in 4 months. Drain filter, if there are no signs of water outflow failure from the drum, it is advisable to check at least once every 2 months.

Clean the filter in the washing machine – look at our video, how to do it right.

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