How to clean the iron with teflon coating from burnt fabric?

How to clean the iron with teflon coating from burnt fabric?

Surely every mistress faced with the problem of irrigation surface surface. Previously, the woman should have come up with himself, how to fight with her, now, in the age of high technologies, the worldwide network collected many ideas on this topic. The most efficient and simple we combined in this article.

When cleaning is needed?

Most often, the fabric burns under the household device due to incorrectly set ironing mode. Many outdoor sides of branded products are protected by a special teflon coating, which, according to the reviews of manufacturers, helps to avoid overheating of the matter and does not allow it to stick to the electric.

Teflon is very popular now material, he finds an application for itself almost everywhere, has a sliding and at the same time. The life of goods with such a shell is much larger than metals or ceramics. The only drawback is to be easily injured by mechanical effects, so handle it must be carefully and carefully.

True, it does not always work. We can easily forget the iron on clothes and move themselves in your affairs, and on return to discover Gar on the sole of your favorite Tefal. The first thing comes to mind is to take a special pencil and clean the surface.

Pencil for cleaning

Procedure for the use of this fund:

  • Let’s get the reagent if it is already coming, if not, we run into the nearest household goods store and buy, not forgetting before leaving the unit turn off the unit.
  • Come home, wear gloves so as not to damage the sensitive skin of the hands, because the pencil contains acid.
  • Glow to maximum iron in a vertical position.
  • We run on the balcony, if it is, if not, then in the kitchen for the hood, since the silent couples are distinguished when cleaning, and we do not want to poison.
  • Rub the outdoor part of the miracle tool, avoiding entering the holes for steam.
  • Wipe the pioneer cloth, and everything, our worker is ready for further trials of fate.

Mix of hydrogen peroxide with urea

At the pharmacy, this tool is called Hydropeerit, but do not ask too much, otherwise you, a modest housewife, may be suspected in the manufacture of explosives and ask for passport data. We buy one shoe and run home. Algorithm of actions:

  • Open everything that opens in the house. This means is also poisonous.
  • We settle on the ironing chalkboard some rag that throw out not sorry.
  • Top all pills in powder.
  • Pour the groove on the surface of the fabric in the form resembling the surface of the iron.
  • Pour water into a hole for the liquid and heated to the average temperatures.
  • Turn off the rosette and put on the blade from the urea peroxide, click on the steam generator, and we run away to the balcony, so as not to imagine evaporation.
  • We repeat several times if necessary, wipe the sole of a wet, then dry rag.

Candle wax

If the burner is fresh, it brings perfectly if you smoked Teflon for several years, then you will have to clean all night.

So, heat the iron, turn off the power, put on a napkin under a stupid angle and three candle, giving the flows of molten paraffin to carry the dirt of the ravis. In the end of my “face” ironing under warm water to remove the remains of wax. Dried with a cloth and admire it in its reflection.

Laundry soap

Pencil and candle are not always available in the covers, and the urea peroxide did not sell you, but a piece of household soaps exactly somewhere in the bathroom fell. Old, kind, it contains alkaline salts of saturated acids and foams well. It is best to use a bar with a percentage of fatty acids – 72, it is best sooo. It’s time to act:

  • I exhibit the thermostat on the average mark and heat the device.
  • Put at an angle to an unnecessary cloth and turn off from the network.
  • We have soap on dirty plots, it should not be burned here, soap melts and flows on the matter together with Gar.
  • Clean the sole of a wet cloth, then wipe dry and remove the iron on his rightful place.

The soap is clogged into pair holes, so it is necessary to make the following after cleaning. Dilute vinegar at the rate of a tablespoon of 9% acetic acid on a glass of liquid (or can be lemon – bag to a glass), pour moisture into the steam generator and press the steam output button, inhibit the kitchen towel, for example.

Such an operation is also good because it clears the incandescent element from scale.

Mixture of wiper and lacquer removal fluid

An option to spend experience in your own apartment is always seductive:

  • We take the usual means for car wash, spray on the surface of the device, wipe the cloth.
  • Wash your cotton disk with liquid for removing varnish, wipe the places with Garu, the reagent dissolves the melted fabric and cleans the surface.
  • Wipe dry with a rag and get a substance for windows again.


If you are not afraid of work with flicker reagents, then you simply obliged to try this tool. Naming alcohol is another cheap pharmacy, this time not such harsh vacation conditions. The process looks like this:

  • Pour water and glow up to maximum.
  • We wipe the bottom with a cotton disk, impregnated with ammonia solution.
  • Wooden spatula neatly remove the tag, trying not to scratch the already tortured surface.
  • We make a soap solution and wet your napkin.
  • Stroke her hot iron.
  • If the holes for the withdrawal pair beat, we join them with toothpick.


Can help in the fight against pollution not only teeth and gums, but also Teflona. It is worth only to smear the bottom of the worker paste, dry it and wipe it abundantly moistened in a hydrogen peroxide disk to remove her remnants, like your “friend” grunks unprecedented accurately.

Teflon shovel

Such scrapers are far from every housewife, but if you have not yet tried everything in the fight against the burnt cloth, then go to the store on his search. Already bought, but do not know what to do with it, Then follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Run the iron to the maximum.
  • I scrape the chopper with smooth, gentle movements. Lumps spare from the hot surface of the iron and go to a cold shovel.
  • We clean our scraper from dirt.

Never spend on teflon coating with steel objects and do not use the abrasive in the fight against the accordion, they damage the non-stick coating, ulissate it with cracks and scratches, reducing the properties necessary for good stroking all types of fabrics and shortening the life of the product.

Useful advice

If you are tired of clearing your friend from Gary, remember the following:

  • Carefully treat the temperature regime attentively, since your inattention can cost you a favorite blouse.
  • Delicate materials are better stroking through a gauze, moistened with water, and wool – through cotton fabric. Silk cut Reliable to disappear. Lovely workflow at the end of work must be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Read recommendations on clothes tags. The manufacturer knows exactly how to handle the goods.
  • Make sure that the sole of the electricity does not fall into the resins and adhesive substances that can also be lit and leave the mark especially on light fabrics.

Use to evaporate the rescued or boiled water as because of the stiffness on the iron surface, scale is often formed. Common dining vinegar will help to fight her. We mix it with 2/3 of the water, we wonder in this fat cotton cloth and put the unit for it, preheated to the average temperatures. Give and leave it to be friends with a rag for ten minutes. During this time, a chemical reaction will occur and the raid is dissolved by acid. It remains to wipe the sole with a sponge to remove the balance of scale.

Can be used for these purposes Lemonic acid powder. We prepare the solution one teaspoon on a glass of water, carefully dissolve and pour into the water heater compartment. On a heated to the maximum iron turn on the function of the couple, ten minutes work, then fifteen minutes resting. So several times, then stroke the old rag, wait when you cool, clean. If scale has been hammered into the holes, then you scroll into them with cotton sticks, abundantly moistened with one of the solutions.

From the burnt fabric on the iron at home is not so difficult to get rid of, it is enough to apply one of our tips. In this way, the iron from the prigar will finish pretty easily. I am glad and love your technique.

About how to clean the iron from the burnt cloth, see the following video.

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