How to clean the iron?

How to clean the iron?

Each of us uses an iron almost every day. With everyday ironing, we do not even think about the dangers that lie down this household appliance. Simple inattention can lead to external or internal pollution, which can be put in a deadlock inexperienced hostess. If you do not produce competent cleaning, then the iron will have to throw out. It is important to know the most effective ways to clean the device.

Causes of Vorab

A serious obstacle to the downstream things can be a dirty iron. Course ceases to go out, it manifests themselves, the stains remain on things after ironing – only an incomplete list of what happens due to the appearance of pollution.

Causes of iron pollution:

  • Nefiltrated tap water leads to the formation of scale inside the iron. This interferes fully use the function of evaporation or moisturizing the fabric.
  • Yellow divorces manifest themselves on your clothes if salts have begun on the heating element.
  • Too high temperature under ironing leads to the formation of a nagar on the sole. He, in turn, is transferred to clothes.
  • Long contact hot iron with synthetic fibers.
  • Fitting on a hot sole substance with a resin or glue leads to the contamination of the sole.

Use a dirty iron for the purpose is dangerous for clothing and electrical appliances. Noticed problems – turn off the iron and start take action.

Rules for cleaning

To begin with, determine the type of iron pollution. It may be rust, blooming or Nagar. Carefully check the sole for the presence of scratches. Note, not everyone can see the naked eye.

It is also important to take into account the material of the sole of the iron, the process of cleansing depends on this. All these nuances are important, but there are general rules for cleaning the iron:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use hard sponges and brushes. Do not try to tear off the Nagar mechanically. Do not use for cleaning the iron sole powder with high abrasiveness. Neglect of this rule leads to the appearance of scratches.
  2. Small scratches on the ode sole must be eliminated by a paraffin and salt mixture. Mix the components in an equal proportion and pour the mixture on a sheet of paper. Cover paraffin napkin. Heat the iron to the maximum and thoroughly swing this napkin. After that, your iron will again become smooth.
  3. To purify the sole, you can only use those tools that enter the chemical response with pollution. This will ensure the absence of mechanical impacts.
  4. Conduct manipulations with the device only after turning off it from the power supply.


For cleansing, you can choose folk remedies or special store. It all depends on your preferences. Popular and effective cleaning agents:

  • Special pencil. Heated (off from the power supply) Iron need to rub a pencil quickly. You need to do it carefully: do not press the pencil, do not touch the sole hand, wear protective gloves. After dissolving in a car, spend iron over cotton fabric.

When buying a pencil, pay attention to the instruction, the type of sole is indicated, for which you can use chalk.

  • Vinegar. Vinegar Easy to eliminate fresh Nagar. Prepare the mixture – 250 ml of water and 2 st. L. vinegar. Moisten a cotton fabric or cotton disk in solution and wipe the warm sole of the iron.

  • Ammonia. The substance is used in several variations. You can mix ammonia and vinegar in an equal proportion or juice from one lemon Add a couple of drops. Sometimes the ammonia is used in pure form. In one of the solutions you need to moisten a cotton cloth and rub a slightly heated sole. In the case of a strong car, put the iron on the soaked rag and leave for the night.

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Such a means enjoys special popularity. Liquid substance can also be replaced by hydroperite tablets. The solution is used in the same way as previous. Wipe the sole of moistened gauze and swallow cotton flap fabric.

  • Toothpaste. Try to overcome pollution toothpaste. Apply a means to an old toothbrush on a preheated iron. It is better to cover the entire surface, otherwise you can skip the small nagar. Next, leave a household appliance for 30 minutes. Moine the napkin in warm water and remove the toothpaste from the surface of the iron sole.

  • You can always tapping an ordinary Soda. Just pour a small amount of gauze powder and soda hot iron surface. If you understand that you need radical methods, try cleaning “noise”. They should be used according to the instructions.

How to drop the iron correctly?

At home, you can easily clean the platform even a very old iron. For proper cleaning, prepare the surface and additional materials. Find houses a quiet place where children and pets will not prevent you. Nearby should be a socket, smooth surface and cotton fabric.

Cleaner the bottom of the iron is much easier if you start the procedure immediately. The burned appliance is worth handling the selected tool, following the safety rules. Be sure to protect yourself and family members from possible burns.

Get rid of burnt fabric and black plastic from plastics using conventional foil. This method is not known to all, but very effective. Foil web should be decomposed on the ironing board and try the hot iron. After the procedure it is necessary to wipe the surface of a cotton cloth.

With the help of foil, you can pull the track from the clothes from synthetics and even from wool.

Iron with holes require additional attention when cleaning. If you use paraffin or a special cleaning pencil, then the holes need to be cleaned with cotton chopsticks. Do not forget to drive steam on them to remove those tools that got deep into. If you do not do this, there will be fat traces on all clothes.

Get rid of old burning and blacks with a special bath for iron. For this often use an old bastard. Pour hot water into it 2 cm and add a suitable cleaning agent there. Also from the prigar will help to get rid of the classical economic soap. Just wear the iron, wait for drying and remove the wet cloth.

It is necessary to clean the iron not only outside, but also from the inside. To do this, use Only distilled water, Ordinary water supply only aggravate.

Check the steam iron for scale after each application.

Features of cleaning cleaning

Want to clean the sole of the iron – take into account its material. With the wrong approach, there is a risk to completely spoil the electrical appliance. Modern irons are with teflon soles, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics and metal ceramics:

  • Device with non-stick teflon coating grieves you by Nagar only by your fault. The only reason is the wrong temperature selection when ironing. Such pollution is easy to remove with classic cleaning agents. You can use pencil, acetic or citric acid, peroxide or liquid with acetone. Teflon does not tolerate powders and soda, salt. Because of them, imperceptible scratches may appear on the coating. Damaged coating is worse slips.
  • The next most popular is ceramics. Such soles are reliable and durable. Ceramic sole saves the temperature perfectly. Clean the device with ceramic coating at home is not so easy. Ceramics is particularly sensitive to mechanical effects, requires special caution. Many models with ceramic coating are equipped with a self-cleaning function, but the lime bloom can break it. When cleaning the sole can be used exclusively. In the fight against Nagar, lime and scale, your allies will be lemon juice, ammonia and ordinary peroxide.
  • Appliances with soles stainless steel and aluminum Enjoy less popular. As a rule, these are old irons that serve for a very long time. Titled materials are predisposed to the appearance of Nagara. Cleaning such irons does not particularly differ from the cleaning of previous options. It is important to know that aluminum can not be cleaned with acids. In other cases, corrosion and dark spots may appear on the surface, it can be deformed. Such a sole with ironing will completely spoil your clothes.
  • The main advantage Metal soles – the possibility of using abrasive substances. Aluminum and stainless steel are absolutely not afraid of mechanical damage. Very easy to cleaned fresh pollution, you can even with a conventional kitchen knife.

How to wash in?

Iron with a steamer requires close attention, look at the water tank more often. There may appear pollution of different kinds up to green plaque, mold and traces from rust. To prevent severe pollution cases, use for iron filtered drinking or distilled water.

If a scale appeared inside the water tank, you will immediately notice. If you stroke with moisture or silence, your things will begin to be covered with yellowish spots.

Such contaminants are extremely difficult, some things deteriorate irretrievably.

Many modern irons can be cleaned independently. Use this property in this way:

  1. Pour into the water tank purified liquid.
  2. Turn the iron to the maximum power, wait for the sole tooling.
  3. After about 5 minutes, turn off the electrical appliance and click on a special button that activates cleaning.
  4. You will see how the steamer will turn on. Couples will come out of the holes together with dissolved pollution. It is better to carry out this manipulation over the basin.
  5. For better cleansing, slightly shake the household appliance and wipe the cotton cloth.

Sometimes there are so serious pollution that self-cleaning is powerless. In this case, you will have to go to more aggressive methods. Iron with a steamer can be washed with the help of such folk remedies:

  • Lemon acid. You will need 25 g of substance and a glass of water. Dissolve the powder and pour inside the device. Heat the iron to maximum power and disconnect from the power supply. Keep the device over a convenient water tank, turn on the pair function. Thus, from the tank and holes of the soles will be flamed. After cleaning, be sure to flush the iron with simple water and wipe the sole of the napkin.
  • Water with gas. The principle of cleaning is similar to the previous option. Instead of a mixture with citric acid, a gashed water is needed to pour into the tank. In such water there are substances that are capable of dissolving scale.
  • Acetate solution. Mix water and vinegar in equal proportions and pour the resulting liquid to 2/3 reservoirs. Install the iron in a vertical position and warm up to maximum temperature. Leave the device alone for 5-10 minutes. During this time, the device will arbitrarily disconnect and turn on again, do not let it.

Now keep the device horizontally over the pelvis or sink, turn on the pair function. Keep the device at a distance so as not to inhale vinegar pairs and dissolved dirt. To eliminate vinegar, pour into the tank is already simple distilled water and repeat the procedure.

The market presents special industrial substances to purify the iron reservoir from pollution of various kinds. Quite effective means – “Antinakipin”. You will need ½ st. L. Means for a glass of water. The solution is poured into the tank and warm up the iron to the maximum. Then the iron must cool, and the tank must be released from the mixture and rinse with clean water.

Remove stains from rust and scale can be using Cillit. Install the Iron Soda Up and Preheat. Using a syringe or pipette, dig a tool into steam holes and give time. After 7-10 minutes from the holes, the dirt will begin to peel, remove it with a damp cotton cloth. Iron myself rinse from inside with purified water.

All industrial goods are in acid. Work with them is strictly according to the instructions. The principle of use does not differ from the use of folk remedies.

You should also prepare a solution and pour it into a reservoir of a preheated household appliance. Mud leaves due to a couple.

Prevention of pollution

It is important to know the effective methods of combating iron pollution, it is equally important to know about the prevention of their occurrence. Experts give such recommendations:

  1. Be sure to learn the instructions for your iron. Manufacturers describe in detail the rules of operation, do not neglect them.
  2. Use for iron only purified water. Ordinary water supply is too dirty with salts and other heavy elements. All of them lead to serious contamination of the tank and pair holes.
  3. Out sole of the iron should be wiped with a damp cotton cloth after each use.
  4. Do not leave the water with water in the tank. It is such an increasing degree that can lead to the formation of plaque inside the tank.
  5. To the appearance of Nagara can cause your inattention when installing the temperature regime. To avoid such trouble, remove shortcuts from clothes and follow the recommendations that the manufacturer indicates. Particularly careful about synthetic tissues and wool, they can seriously merge into the sole of the device.
  6. Delicate fabrics should stroke through wet marla. When stroking wool use cotton fabric. Silk clothes are recommended to disappear, without touching the sole to the fabric itself.
  7. Modern irons can not be cleaned with metal washcloths, rude brushes and abrasive powders. Such an incorrect approach to the procedure of purification will result in the formation of scratches. Mechanical damage worsen the gliding iron, make it difficult to stroke things. Moreover, such an iron can completely spoil your clothes.

In more detail about how to clean the iron, look in the following video.

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