How to clean the microwave lemon?

How to clean the microwave lemon?

Microwave in our day is a very popular technique in everyday life, especially in families where there are small kids. After all, thanks to her, any dish or drink in a few moments can be heated. At the time of acquiring this device, few people wondered how he would take care of him during use. However, the daily operation of the device leads to the idea that the technique is time to clean.

The better to be cleaned?

If you have a task in order to put a microwave oven, then you probably wondered to buy special means of removing dirt with a microwave oven. Do not forget that all these chemicals contain many hazardous substances that does not affect our health very well.

Modern models of microwaves are an inner part enamelled, it reflects the microwave waves, so undesirable to enjoy chemical means not to damage the inner part of the furnace.

You can use more secure and valid than chemical, methods for removing pollution and unpleasant odors in a microwave oven.

Requirements for cleaning at home

When cleaning the microwave from fat spots and various traces of food, observe these Simple requirements:

  • To prevent damage to the internal walls of the device, do not use coarse washcloths and potent cleaning formulations
  • To prevent the electrical appliances sensitive to moisture, clean it slightly moistened with sponge.
  • In a situation, if during cooking (heating), the food “exploded”, instantly remove the residues of food and traces of fat formed on the inner surfaces of the furnace. Purchase a specialized plastic cover, with it, you will not come across such difficulties.

  • It should be started with the top wall and the furnace lattice, it is pre-extract from it a glass plate. Next, clean the bottom and the side surface inside the instrument. Finally, pass the damp sponge over the surface of the door.
  • Turn off the device from the network to avoid electrical shock.

Fast way

To support clean your electrical appliance, it is not necessary to use the intended specialties. Those who want to reduce extra costs, We offer to enjoy the following recommendations:

  • Apply a couple of droplets of any dishwashing liquid on a wet soft sponge. Then squeeze it several times before the formation of a thick foam and place inside on the glass stand.
  • Install the minimum furnace power, work time 30 seconds and close the door. You can extend the work to one minute, if necessary, but be careful because the sponge can melt.
  • When the device finishes work, open it and carefully wipe the entire inner surface of the oven with a sponge.

Performing data steps, you will quickly and effectively remove the contaminants formed during the use of the device.

Cleaning lemon

This most efficient method will help to improve consumer equipment. In addition, you can easily eliminate unpleasant odors that arise due to accumulation of food residues on the surface.

After the completion of this operation, the microwave will be a pleasant smell:

  • In a small container pour 350 ml of hot water+
  • Cut 2 lemon on the halves and leaving them+
  • In the same capacity with the resulting solution, add lemon residues and put it in the microwave+

  • Turn on the microwave for 4-16 minutes (heating time depends on the type of stains). Adjust the oven to the strongest power+
  • After the procedure is completed, wait another 5 minutes and after you wipe it inside with a soft cloth or sponge. If suddenly there are dirty mud traces, moisten a rag in the resulting solution and process them+
  • In conclusion, wipe the inside of the furnace with a clean cloth.

There is another effective method for removing dirt in the furnace:

  • Take any container and fill it more than half water+
  • Add 1 tablespoon of food soda to water and stir well+
  • Cut into 2 parts lemon and squeeze one half into the container, and the second grind and throw it into the resulting solution+
  • Put the dishes with a microwave liquid for 10-15 minutes. Upon completion, get carefully capacitance, as it will probably be hot, and wipe the inner walls of the furnace with a non-rigid sponge.

Outcome – excellent peeled microwave with fresh lemon aroma.

How to remove bold spots?

When the microwave is slightly blicked, you can use the following method:

  • Any container fill with water+
  • Put it in a furnace chamber+
  • Configure the program for maximum strength and program it for 16 minutes. After completing the programmed time, do not open the microwave for about five minutes+
  • Get out of the furnace Capacity and wipe the dry and clean cloth with a moistened camera of the device from the accumulated fat.

The result from the work done significantly improves, if applying similar means as:

  • Baking soda. Pour into the larger capacity of 500 ml of water and add one spoonful of food soda. Program the device for ten minutes. Allow the resulting pair in the microwave chamber to moisturize contaminated areas for easier removal of sponge.
  • Vinegar. In 500 ml of water, add one tablespoon of vinegar if it is 70%, and if it is 9%, then add two tablespoons. Ready liquid put into the oven for half an hour to the largest power. After half an hour, you do not need to instantly open the device, leave it to cool even about 30 minutes. Under the pressure of steam, all particles of dirt and fat dissolve, which will make it easily remove them.
  • Soap. Take the stir and soda a piece of soap right into hot water capacitance. The solution must be saturated, but not very thick. After pour it into the sprayer and distribute the liquid on the surface of the furnace. Wait half an hour and after wipe with a cloth the inside of the microwave.

An excellent result will be from the use of citric acid:

  • In one liter of warm water, pour one lemon acid bag and stir up to dissolve+
  • Put the capacity with the composition in the microwave for 15 minutes for full force+
  • 15 minutes later, do not open the door of the furnace at once, give a couple to work, and only then wipe the entire surface with a dry napkin or sponge.

This method is good, but he will not please the pleasant smell of lemon.

Household chemicals

Today in stores there are a very large selection of different chemicals, thanks to which it can be easily put into order an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. These funds are both liquid and the form of pastes. The main thing is to read the manufacturer’s career carefully before use, so that the process goes out effectively and correctly.

There is nothing complicated in this method:

  • Liquid or paste apply to the entire inner surface of the oven, not forgetting about the door. The main thing is not to enter the grille to the lattice closing Magnetron.
  • Wait to the tool to have (a couple of minutes), and after remove the fat, heights and residues of food by a moistened cloth.
  • Then wipe dry towel.

Often after using detergents in the camera itself, a very strong smell appears. To eliminate it, it is recommended to open the device for a couple of minutes to ventilate. Since chemicals are very strong, it is desirable to carry out a procedure in gloves.


These cleaning methods are possible due to moisturizing and dissolving fatty contaminants, as well as a hot pair. Lemon in this case gives a pleasant fresh smell. Finally, a couple more tips:

  • The glass plate of the microwave oven is best to pull out when the cleaning process. So she will not disturb you, plus you can wash it and dry it.
  • To give the device shining bright glitter Use special means to clean the furnace surface.
  • The solution that will remain can be used for another intention. For example, they can be washed out the refrigerator and find the same beautiful smell later
  • Be careful when removing the hot solution from the furnace: not to burn, it is better to wait a few minutes until the device cools.

Now you know how easy it is to simply wash the microwave oven in a few minutes. Use these tips and keep your favorite technique clean.

Visual instructions on how to clean the microwave using lemon, see the following video.

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