How to clean the microwave?

How to clean the microwave?

Microwave – An integral part of the modern kitchen setting. It has become an important and necessary subject of household appliances, as it helps to reduce the time of heating and cooking. Microwave needs periodic cleaning, only as it can function correctly and serve a long time. With active use Device care is carried out weekly, After all, flax from fat and dirt need to be removed immediately.

What can be cleaned?

To clean the microwave inside you can use folk or purchased tools. When cleaning, such household chemicals are used:

  • Special tools for washing microwave ovens+
  • dishwashing liquid+
  • glasses.

The stores present a large range of chemicals from various manufacturers for cleaning microwave ovens. Special household chemical compounds contain fattening components and acids. Any dishwashing fluid is suitable to put in order the microwave chamber. It consists of surfactants that split fats. Wiper applied for internal and external cleaning. It contains solvents, dubs and ammonia, which allows removing fat, oil and dirt.

If there was no needed household chemicals at hand, it will be successfully replaced by folk remedies that can be found in every home. They are no less effective, easy to use and environmentally friendly. In the fight against fat and mud on the walls of the microwave will help:

  • vinegar+
  • water+
  • laundry soap+
  • soda or mustard powder+
  • lemon or lemon acid.

Vinegar and water launder strong pollution. Soda or mustard perfectly copble with mud. Economic soap is suitable for fighting any fat stains.

Wife removal methods

To correctly clean the microwave, you need to know, has long been cleaning. Should visually determine the degree of pollution. After that, you can choose the appropriate way to remove bold plaque and dried spots in the device chamber.

    A true selected cleaning method will retain the time that would be spent on the movement of all sorts of means.

    Removal of strong pollution

    Highly polluted microwave chamber clean with vinegar and lemon. They contain acids that split fat molecules.

    However, the large content of citric or acetic acid can damage the top layer of coating, so it is not necessary to resort to their use, especially if the coating of the stove – enamel or stainless steel.

    To clean the microwave inside inside quickly and efficiently, use whole lemon fruit, citric acid or lemon juice. If a lemon is used, then it is pre-cut by 4-5 parts and poured with water. You can take not a whole lemon, and half. Lemon acid or lemon juice applied in a diluted form: on one or two glasses of water take one tablespoon of “Lemon” or four tablespoons of a pressed lemon juice. A bowl with lemon water or lemons is piled up for 10-12 minutes in the microwave. The evaporation of citric acid dissolve fatty deposits, and it remains only to wash the entire surface with a clean sponge or wipe with a napkin.

    Wash a very dirty chamber stove help vinegar. This is a universal means for cleaning any kitchen surfaces and household appliances. It will take a teaspoon of acetic essence or three or four tablespoons of 9% vinegar. In the dishes pour 2 glasses of water and vinegar, put into the microwave for 8-12 minutes, turning it on complete power. The timer installation time depends on the degree of pollution and on how suichet flask on the walls of the device. 10 minutes after the stop, it is necessary to handle the walls with a damp cloth.

    With the help of soda and vinegar, you can get rid of the soased stains of dirt. To do this, add 2 tablespoons of food soda to acetic solution and carry out the same procedure as using one acetic solution. At home, to extract the grill from Scoot and Nagara will be able alcohol. Watches need to wet the ethyl alcohol and wipe ten before clean.

    To get to the invisible side of the Ten, use the wire, which is bent under the desired angle. It is necessary to coat the wire, watched a layer of watts, in alcohol, after – cleaner all hard-to-reach places.

    Quickly clean the device from Gary and burnt spots will help special Means for microwave ovens. Often it is sold in liquid form and applied using spray. Creamy and gel-like tools are distributed using a sponge over the entire surface of the camera other than mica lining and air outlet holes. Usually household chemicals need to give to act a few minutes (the desired time the manufacturer indicates a label). Then you need to wash with a sponge chamber from dirt and residues of chemicals.

      So that the resistant smell of funds disappeared, the walls wipe dry and ventilate.

      Removal of medium contaminants

      If the lemons did not turn out, then baking soda There is always at home. It will help rain old fat and dried food particles. In a deep bowl you need to pour 300-400 grams of water and pour out 2-4 tablespoons of soda, turn on the oven for 10-15 minutes, putting a solution of soda inside. 10 minutes after shutdown, it is necessary to wash the walls of the device with a sponge and wipe with a dry cloth.

      If the soda solution failed to cope with the burnt fat, then it is necessary to lose the stains with a mustard powder applied to a sponge.

      Laundry soap degreases perfectly, so suitable for washing camera microwave stove. Wet sponge, lazy to economic soap, it is necessary to wipe fat deposits on the walls and wait half an hour so that fat dissolves. After thoroughly wash the soap solution. For quick cleaning from mud uses any storage device for washing dishes. On the wet foam sponge, a little gel for washing dishes and foam before the formation of a rack foam. Next, put a sponge into the microwave and turn on half a minute, after which rubbing all the dirt with this sponge and remove the remnants of the washing liquid with a wet cloth.

      Means for washing the glasses safely and effectively removes fat stains. 50 grams of water add to 100 grams of liquid wiper. This solution can be cleaned with a microwave both inside and outside. If some stains do not rub off, then the tool should be left on the surface for 5-10 minutes. Remains wash off with clear water, often riding a sponge. The washed device is wiped with dry rag and ventilate.

        Removal of weak contaminants

        Small fresh pollution easily depart, therefore it is enough to use a steam way. In the appropriate capacity it is necessary to pour 1-2 glasses of warm water. Liquid should not reach the edges of the dish, during boiling it should not splash. Next, you need to turn on the oven for 5-10 minutes, and after the signal to leave the microwave for 5 minutes closed to the hot couple softening dirt and fat splashes. Then wipe the walls from the inside with a wet napkin.

        Eliminating the smell

        Cut the unpleasant smell from the microwave will help the zest of lemon, orange or grapefruit, dried mint leaves, Melissa, oremen. Fresh or dried citrus cedar should be pouring water and put it in the oven for 3-4 minutes. With fragrant leaves of mint or souls come in the same way. After that, all the inner walls wipe the dry cloth.

        Absorb unpleasant odors salt, soda, activated coal and coffee grains. These natural ingredients can be used at home. For the night in the disconnected microwave oven it is necessary to put a cup or saucer with 50 grams of salt or soda, and in the morning there will be no outstunate. Instead of salts, 4-5 crushed tablets are used Activated coal, which is sold in the pharmacy. It effectively eliminates any smells and struggles with high humidity.

        Ground or whole grains of coffee not only the bustling odor, but also leave behind a thin fragrance.

        Clean outside

        Remove dirt and dust not only inside, but also outside the microwave oven. This also applies to the rear wall, since the dust layer can have a negative impact on electronics and lead to a short circuit of electricity and breakage of the microwave. Dust is erased well pressed with a damp cloth or a napkin, wetted in soda or soap solution.

        If traces of cockroaches stay noticeable on the back, then the contamination also need to be removed. To destroy malicious insects, it is worth buying a tool from cockroaches.

        Easy to clean the outer walls of the device can be soda. Food soda is bred in warm water and wipe the device from all sides with a solution with a wet sponge. If the dirt has not been treated immediately, you need to wait 10 minutes so that the suicheed particles fall behind and easily moved away. Seams clean the moistened with a cotton wand. After washing, all surfaces are wiping with clean water and wipe dry with a napkin.

        Clean the yellowness

        Over time, plastic outdoor parts of the microwave oven yellow. This is due to the effects of ultraviolet rays and temperature differences. Also the shade of yellowness acquires cheap plastic. Substances contained in the composition, over time disintegrated, and the surface loses its initial color. To remove the yellowness, you should not apply aggressive cleaning products that scratch and spoil the surface. The yellowed plastic is brushed with the following solutions:

        • Concentrated Economic Soap Solution. Chip from the economic soap to dissolve in a small amount of hot water to gel state. This gel is applied to the yellowed surface. After 1 hour you need to wipe it with a cloth or sponge. This method is considered gentle, it can be applied several times to achieve the best result.
        • Chlorine-containing bleach helps to whiten the plastic for several tones. In white or other means containing chlorine, wet the light cotton rags, slightly pressed. The wet rag is applied for several hours on the cleaning surface, then wip the solution to the disappearance.
        • Soda and powder solution. In warm water, you need to dissolve any washing powder and food or calcined soda, and then apply the composition on the yellow stain. Leave for the night and in the morning remove with a wet sponge.

        • Hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a cotton disk with hydrogen peroxide and wipe plastic. Used in cases where the yellowness is not pronounced, the procedure is repeated several times.
        • 95% ethanol solution. Soft rag moisten in ethyl alcohol and rub the yellowed stove door until it cleans.
        • Plastic cleaners. In the household department of the store you can find household means for cleaning plastic from different manufacturers. There are special napkins for plastic wipes impregnated with a variety of solutions. They not only improve color, but also create a protective film from negative external factors, destroying and spoiling surface.

        My glass

        The glass of microwaves from the inside is washed in the same way as the whole area inside the camera device. Glass Outside Clamping Glass Wash. Purchased spray or aerosol easy to apply. It will not leave the divorces and quickly remove dust, fat, dirt, traces of fingerprints. If at home there was no liquid for washing the glasses, then prepare this solution: Add 100 grams of vinegar into a glass of water and as much ethyl alcohol. In this mixture, moisten a soft cloth without a pile and thoroughly wipe the glass to cleanliness.

        Cut the glass wash without a special wiper helps ammonia: In a small amount of warm water, dissolve a couple of spoons of ammonia alcohol and wipe the glass from the outside. Salt water can cope with fattams on the glass. In the glass of hot water completely dissolve 30-40 grams of cook salt. Moisten the rag in salted water and clean the glass. With the help of glycerin, you can create a protective film on the glass. In 30 grams of glycerol add a couple of drops of ammonia and a teaspoon of water. Apply this mixture on the glass with a cotton disk and let it dry.

        Tips for care

        To facilitate the care of the microwave, when the food is heated, cover the plate with a special plastic lid for microwave. The cost of its low, but the use significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning and the level of contamination. The lid prevents splashing of fat and food particles on the walls. Frequent washing need only for a removable glass stand. It can be washed in a dishwasher or as ordinary dishes.

        Ideal for microwave is considered wiping with a wet cloth after each use. Such a habit will save all parts of the device clean. It will not be necessary to use additional cleaning tools, spend time on soaking and rubbing traces of fat and reptile.

        Whatever coating has a microwave oven – enameled, ceramic or stainless steel, excessive mechanical impact is not allowed, the use of aggressive liquids with a large content of acids, the use of coarse abrasive cleaning compositions, iron brushes, sponges, knives.

        In the scratches, which are formed during inaccurate care, the dirt is clogged, which will be difficult to extort.

        To wash the surface of the microwave oven, you need to use a foam sponge, well absorbing cotton rag or cloth, viscose and bamboo napkins. When wiping with a wet sponge, the microwave cameras need to be monitored so that the fluid does not hit the ventilation holes and air duct. As you need to wet and rub a mica lining, Closing output window of the waveguide emitter Magnetron.

        Before cleaning the instrument, you need to turn off from the power supply to the water from entering the short circuit. You can use the microwave only after complete drying and air ventilation.

        About how to clean the microwave inside the fat, see the following video.

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