How to clean the washing machine by vinegar?

How to clean the washing machine by vinegar?

Washing machine – a home appliance required in the house, without which you can not do. But it can be subject to scale, so it is important to care for her correctly. Help to cope with pollution in this case can not only store funds, but also the usual vinegar, which can be found at home.

Causes of pollution

The washing machine can be contaminated in the following cases:

  • One of the main reasons for the formation of lime deposits is water of poor quality. Most often, water is fed from the water supply with a high content of rigidity salts and other chemical elements that negatively affect the metal components of the washing machine. Unfortunately, in this case, nothing depends on human efforts.
  • The use of low-quality powder and other detergents contributes to pollution. They may have a lot of chemistry that negatively affects the work of the washing machine. Therefore, it is important to approach the choice of powders, buying high-quality and proven products.
  • Another reason is the frequent intensive exploitation of the household appliance. The reinforced washing mode, the faster the tax is postponed. It is worth alternate modes, thereby provoking the appearance of pollution.

Pros and cons of fashion

In order to extract pollution from a washing machine, it is not necessary to buy expensive funds in stores, you can use the home tool – vinegar. This method has its pros and cons:

  • This method is very effective, which is an undoubted plus. Using cleaning vinegar, you can easily get rid of scale, because vinegar is an aggressive acid substance and can corroven.
  • The use of this substance is safe for all components of the washing machine and does not affect its functions and further work.
  • In addition to eliminating scale, vinegar also removes various bacteria and fungal organisms, and also flushes mold. Thus, this substance carries a disinfecting function.

  • When cleaning the device with vinegar, you can forget about the unpleasant “swamp” smell.
  • The method is good and the fact that it does not imply large spending on expensive means. Vinegar has a small price, and usually it is always in household.
  • It is worth noting that this substance has a sharp and specific smell, which is a minus when cleaning the machine. After the procedure, you must definitely check the room and turn on the additional rinse mode to get rid of the smell in the drum.
  • Despite the safety of this fund, it is not necessary to get involved in dosages, otherwise vinegar can spoil the sealing rubber. She will be a rigid and eventually break.

Follow the amount of substance used, as well as at the frequency of this procedure.

Cleaning surfaces

To remove contamination on the surface, it is enough to use a piece of fabric moistened in a dishwashing liquid solution with vinegar adding In the ratio of 5: 1. Instead of a rag, you can use a toothbrush, which effectively turns the dirt from the surface of the machine. After completion of the procedure, the foam from the cooked solution is washed off with a sponge, and the surface is wiping into a dry cloth.

How to wash inside?

With the help of vinegar, you can clean the washing machine at home not only outside, but also from the inside. To do this, it is possible to use other subframes, such as soda or citric acid, and not just vinegar. Wash the washer is also possible and specialized solutions, The main thing is to choose them to choose them so that they do not damage the household appliance.

Using acetic acid, it is necessary to regularly clean the machine machine, because the more dirt, scale and mold, the more difficult it will wash it.


This procedure must be made every three or four months. The range of interval can lead to a breakdown of a washing machine:

  • To eliminate scale, first it is necessary to free the drum from all clothes.
  • Then in the Powder acceptor it is necessary to pour vinegar in the number of two glasses.
  • After that, you should run the machine on a high temperature mode into a cycle of two or three hours.
  • But the previous point does not mean that you can safely go to do your affairs during this time, because already five minutes after the start of the wash, the car must be turned off and leave it for an hour so that the vinegar solution is good enough to make.
  • Then the device turns on and wait until the cycle is completed.
  • After the time has expired, the machine must be opened and clean with a cloth dipped in vinegar with water, filter, rubber seal, door with the drum itself.
  • Then you need to start the device once again for a short time, so that the acetic smell is gone, as well as all the remnants of the scale.
  • At the end of the procedure, the washing machine with all its elements must be wiped dry. The door must be left open to ventilation.


The described method of eliminating scale kills two hares at once, as it still saves a washing machine from an unpleasant smell. If, after the procedure, the edge smell remains, you should repeat the manipulation again, but already, adding a little soda to vinegar in the following proportions: glass of vinegar and 0.5 glasses of soda (it falls asleep in the powder container). You can also add essential oil there.

Soda with vinegar is used not only to eliminate the unpleasant odor, but also as a prophylactic measure to appear. Simply during washing in the powder is added soda in the number of two tablespoons or vinegar in the amount of twenty-five milliliters.


Rubber seals like nothing else need regular cleaning. Just push the rubber to see a large number of pollution that flew while the drum rotated. Dirt is not the worst thing that may appear on the seal, Mold and fungus are also possible. When it is detected like this dirt, it is necessary to first wash off it with water, wipe with clean cloth and only then start cleaning with vinegar until the gum will not fully be pure.

Powder acceptor

When cleaning the car, you should not forget about the container where the powder falls asleep. To do this, you need to use the capacity where water will fall down with the addition of 9% vinegar in the amount of two hundred and fifty milliliters. The container is placed in this solution for twenty-four hours. Then it is wiping with a dry sponge to perfectly pure state.

To vinegar, you can add soda. The prepared solution must be left in the tray for about an hour and a half, then clean the contamination with the brush, they will easily and quickly move away. Then container is important to rinse.

You should not neglect the purification of the powder acceptor, because microbes and other bacteria can accumulate in it.


If water is badly circulating, an unpleasant smell comes from the car or the device proceeds – this suggests that the filter clogged. To eliminate the blocking, a special container is substituted so that the water is merged, then the valve opens, and water that remains there, also merges. After that, the filter is unscrewed, it is cleaned with outdoor, and from the inside and is installed on the previous place.


Several advice hostesses note:

  • Before you start cleaning the machine with vinegar, you need to protect your hands, putting rubber gloves.
  • Vinegar will repeat from contamination is not a washing machine, but also clothes with lover. Therefore, you can safely add this substance when washing things. Vinegar is useful for both non-ferrous and light fabrics. Washing should be made at least sixty minutes. By the way, the substance can be added during rinsing, and ironing things will be easier.
  • In addition to vinegar, you can use other techniques for cleansing, for example, soda. She eliminates mold well. Just need to add soda into water and moisten in a rag solution. Wipe the machine costs once a week. Also get rid of contamination with citric acid.
  • In addition to folk recipes, cleaning machine can be used by a bleach containing chlorine that can be purchased in the store. A solution is poured into a measuring cup, poured into a drum and mode is set to sixty degrees or above. After the procedure it is necessary to hold rinsing and wipe the drum with a dry cloth. And it is important to mend the room, because it is harmful to breathe chlorine couples.
  • You do not need to neglect the cleaning of the washing machine, especially in hard-to-reach places, otherwise it is there that the mud cluster can lead to a breakdown of the device. And the repair of the washing machine will cost weekly.


Some hostess clean the washing machine with vinegar in preventive purposes, but, unfortunately, this tool is not able to prevent the formation of science and other pollution. They will still be formed due to water quality. But you can respect other Preventive measures so that the washing machine serves for a long time:

  • Hot water for washing is harmful to the state of the machine, the temperature must be medium.
  • The general cleaning of the device is obliged to be made every three or four months.
  • As soon as the lingerie is postulated, the drum must be watched to dry state. While he does not dry, you can not close the door.
  • Before falling down a new powder, it is worth carefully reading the instruction, because some detergents are added to the drum instead of tray.
  • Old things are better to wash manually.
  • It is not recommended to overload a drum with a large number of clothes, it is better to wash in two stages. But at the same time, the interval equal to a minimum of thirty minutes should be met between two laundrs.

  • Small things are better to wash with large so that the load is distributed correctly.
  • You should not choose too aggressive substances for cleansing pollution, they can harm the device.
  • Do not choose a strengthened rinse mode, otherwise the device will be clogged by tissue parts, and it will begin to form a scale.

Observing prevention measures and regularly cleaning the machine from pollution with vinegar and other means, you can extend the life of the device for a long time.

About how to clean the machine to vinegar, see the following video.

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