How to clean the washing machine-machine from dirt and smell?

How to clean the washing machine-machine from dirt and smell?

Modern washing machines have become a big assistant for hosts. After all, performing washing various types of linen and clothing in automatic mode, they save us and time, and strength. And many species of particularly eaten pollution and not to wash in any way manually. However, the machine machine needs timely cleaning and care, because its parts are constantly in contact with water, contaminated things and detergents.

Types of pollution

If your washing machine serves you for more than a month and regularly you are used, you can already notice the naked eye, how the flight or dirt is accumulated on some parts. What is there to talk about faithful assistants working for several years. Although the machine machine helps to save linen and clothing from stains and dirt, it is not insured itself from the settlement and accumulation of various pollution inside and outside.

Types of pollution with which you may encounter, having inspected your washing machine:

  • White leaks or yellow. Such traces leave particles of detergents or a soap foam machine on the body. In many cases, the washing machine is in the bathroom, and its surface is constantly in contact with the ferry and moisture. These factors lead to the formation of traces from detergents on the case. In addition, the appearance of the machine itself will significantly deteriorate, such pollution over time is heavily entering the body, leading to the yellowing of the plastic itself. In addition, the plots affected by soap subteps acquire an unpleasant smell and can be covered with mold.

  • Skipping on the drum. It is formed and gradually accumulates on the inner surfaces of the washer because of the minerals and salts contained in the water. The higher the rigidity of the tap water, the more active during the washing at high temperatures, mineral substances are evaporated, settled on the walls of the drum. If such a hoist is not deleted on time and settles the drum in large quantities, it can even lead to a breakdown of a washing machine, strooping the drum during operation.

  • Footage of detergents in the powder compartment. Washing agents are not always well washed out of the compartment. Depending on its shape and design, not dissolved powder or washing gel can be clogged into the corners, forming a viscous mass there. With subsequent washers, such accumulations may increase. The unbearable powder can slowly destroy the plastic parts of the compartment, besides, in such places, the mold is good in such places.

  • Traces Rzavchina. Rust may affect metal parts of the washing machine that are in contact with water. This is especially susceptible to the surface of the drum if the machine is not exposed to the proper drying.
  • Defeat mold and fungus. Such microorganisms adore wet and warm wednesday, so that they feel great in the bathroom. Mold and fungus can be formed on outer surfaces and internal details. In addition to unpleasant appearance, these microorganisms can harm health.

Outdoor cleaning

The problem of the outer surface of the washing machine is the formation of soap utilities and divorces, as well as mold or fungus. Best apply prophylactic measures. They are in regular wiping machine hull machine with wet and dry cloth. With the help of a wet sponge or a piece of soft tissue, you can get rid of the traces of the powder on the housing, and also remove the mold. Dry cloth need to wipe plastic to remove moisture and water drops.

This simple work will take 2-3 minutes, but if you do it regularly as dirty, you can protect the machine from more serious contaminants.

If on the case there are already yellowish evaporated divorces, fungus or mold, Will help wiping with a weak acetic solution:

  • 1 C. L. 6% of apple vinegar dissolves in a liter of water. Sponge in solution should wipe the external surfaces of the machine.
  • Wait about five minutes, then wipe all the surfaces with a damp sponge or cloth moistened in conventional warm water.
  • Dryness wipe the housing with a dry cloth.

Clean inside

Wash the washer inside, get rid of smell, dirt, scale and mold will help simple and affordable products. These methods are tested by the time and experience of the hosts and have a successful application to remove similar contaminants at home, long before modern chemicals appeared. Surely you will not be difficult to detect in the kitchen soda, vinegar, citric acid. These simple substances are good eliminators from the stale smell, crashing mud, mold and other troubles that affect the insides of the machine machine.

To clean the drum from scale and get rid of a rotten smell, you need to take advantage of citric acid.

To do this, you need 50 g of acid powder, which can be poured right in the drum or add to the tray for washing powder. Next, it is necessary to launch any cycle of washing, which will go for about an hour and the water temperature in it will be 60-70 degrees. Also put an additional rinse mode to rinse the drum.

Lemon acid has weak whitening properties, refreshes well, so the above-described procedure can be spent by laid in drum. Things naturally should be blonde or white.

Clean the washer inside can be cleaned with a table vinegar and bleach. 2 glasses of apple vinegar need to pour into a liquid compartment. Start the washing program at 80 degrees. After the program is completed, pour bleach in the tray and start any short program again. The bleach will remove the helicate smell of vinegar and dishes dissolved with vinegar pollution. After the rinsing cycle should be put on the finish cleaning of the drum.

Loosen the visible pollution from the housing and the drum of the machine will help Soda Cashier.

Food soda should be mixed with water to obtain a mixture, by consistency resembling liquid sour cream. Soda in such a dissolved form does not scratch and does not hurt plastic or metal surfaces. Sponge, moistened in the resulting soda caskit, wipe the surface of the machine. Ring soda with a wet clean sponge or run rinsing mode.

Powder tray and detergents also need regular washing, cleaning and drying. As mentioned above, in various parts of this tray, undisguised powder for washing is often clogged. Remove the powder tray and carefully rinse it under a jet of warm water. With the help of a brush or sponge wipe its surface, removing the stuck flight. Sleep the undisputed powder from hard-to-reach places with an old toothbrush.

If the raid from the detergent is not washed off with a sponge, moisten it with a solution of vinegar or use the diluted soda.


In addition to regular and timely cleaning the washing machine, it is very important to comply with the rules of care and operation that are essential reduce the degree of contamination of its parts and surfaces:

  • Carefully wipe the internal and external surfaces of the machine. Do not leave drops of water or moisture.
  • Try to regularly ventilate the room in which your typewriter is located.
  • After each washing, rinse the powder tray. Wipe and dry it.
  • After washing, even if you rubbed the drum, do not close some time the door. It is better to keep the door of the washing machine at all, if it does not interfere with anyone in this position and there are no animals in the house that could climb inside.

And now we recommend watching a video in which the housewife will talk from personal experience about how to keep track of the washing machine-machine.

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