How to clean the washing machine with citric acid?

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid?

In order for the washing machine to serve for a long time, it is necessary to care for it with the help of special means that soften the water and clean the parts from scale and the raid. Manufacturers offer a lot of specialized products both to mitigate water and to get rid of scale. These funds are expensive, but there are their cheap analogues – folk remedies available for purchase in ordinary stores. One of such analogues is the most common lemon acid. It enters the reaction with the salts and helps to get rid of them.

Clean the machine-machine correctly

Before starting to clean the washing machine with citric acid, it will be necessary to remove all pollution with rubber gasket. More convenient to do this with a soft cloth. It is also necessary to make sure that there are no things in the drum, otherwise you risk spoil them – they will lose color.

How many grams need?

Calculation of the amount of acid must be made, pushing out from the volume of the washing machine.

For example, if the volume of your drum is designed to load the linen 3-4 kg, then you will need approximately 60 grams of powder. As an example, it is 3 packet packing 20 grams or 4 package packing 15 grams.

If you use twigic acid, which is much cheaper than packaged, you can roll 3 tablespoons with a slide. If you have a larger machine washing machine, you need to take acids more. On the volume of 5 kg you need to roll 100 grams.

It is very important not to overdo it with a lemon and calculate its number correctly. Remember that the excess may entail a damage of rubber and plastic parts of the machine. And, to a great chagrin, instead of extending the life of the washing machine, you will get the opposite result. In any case, experts advise not to fall asleep over 200 grams of citric acid at one time.

Get rid of scale

Scatter appears on the Tane in the process of washing machine-machine, and the reason for this is the low quality water with high salts. There is also a pattern: the higher the heating temperature of the water – the faster the scale is formed. If you allow the formation of a thick layer of lime deposits, it can lead to a breakdown of a washing machine, unpleasant odors or simply will be impossible to launch the washing program. This is due to the fact that the covered TEN cannot work in full force in order to heat the water to the desired temperature, the axial salts interfere.

Step-by-step purification using citric acid powder sets out in the following instructions:

  • Lyondka need to pour into a powder compartment or straight into the drum. Specialists advise you to use the number one option, since in this case it is cleared not only the drum, but also all parts through which powder passes.
  • The next step is to choose a program for washing. For better work of citric acid, the program must be with a temperature of at least 60 degrees. This is more often a “cotton” mode, but some washing machines offer 60 degrees and in Synthetic mode. If the cleaning of the machine was not made for a long time, it is desirable to perform it at a temperature of 90 degrees. The program must be complete with all the cycles, including compulsory rinsing and spinning.

  • Choosing a program, you can start. At the end of the cycle, if you have the opportunity to see the water after the drain, you will find particles of dirt and sediments that made it difficult to work the machine.
  • When the work is completed, carefully remove the rubber gasket to check for the presence of skidding in it. If they stayed, you need to remove them and rub the rubber band with a soft cloth. The door is better to leave open and close it after the complete drying of the device.

To scale formed as little as possible, “Washingle” is recommended to clean no less often than once a quarter.

Means from smell

Often an indous smell appears in the washing machine. It is formed due to the climb on the walls inside the drum and other details. It can be both lime deposits and the axes of fungi, bacteria and mold. The regular procedure for cleansing the washing machine with citric acid will help to avoid it. At the same time, it is quite effective to use intensive rinsing as an additional mode, during which all the detached mud particles and flakes are washed out.

Upon completion of rinsing and after you cleaned everything inside with a soft cloth, the drum and the heating element will sparkle as new, and the unpleasant smell will stop disturbing you.

If the smell does not disappear after cleaning the lemon, it is recommended to attract a conventional whiteness to the purification procedure or another whitening agent. It needs to be pouring into the drum, and then turn on the normal washing mode without laundry at high temperature. At the end of the drum you need to wash with simple water and rub.

Often, the washing powder of low quality is often the cause of the disgusting smell of a washing machine. Therefore, it makes sense more carefully refer to the tools for washing and choose only a quality product.


Not every housewife will believe that ordinary citric acid is able to work wonders and bring the washing machine to a new state. Doubters often persuade the recommendations of specialists and reviews of other housewives. Almost all women who have the opportunity to compare citric acid and tools to combat scale and lime null from well-known manufacturers, preferred “Lemon”. The results of its use were satisfied with the most experienced and pending hostesses.

Having studied the instructions for the use of citric acid to purify the washing machine, many, for a long time not thinking, were solved on the experiment. Most bribed the low cost of the procedure, which rarely exceeded 30-50 rubles.

Radded the owners and the fact that after the first application it was possible to see the result. The drum and the heating element became clean with a beautiful metal glitter, disappeared completely or became less unpleasant smell. Electricity has become spent more economical, and the washing cycle will end faster.

Also, many women converge in the opinion that Cleaning the washing machine-machine lemonic acid improves the quality of washing. White underwear ceases to have a grayish tint, and colored things at the end of the washing bright and saturated. Hostess, who consider their car launched in terms of formation of scale in it note that all parts were cleared after the third use of citric acid.

What else can be cleaned?

Food Soda Most often use as a means of cleansing a washing machine from mold. As a rule, its accumulation can be detected for the rubber seal. Also traces of fungal formations can be in the compartment for washing powder. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to mix soda powder with water in equal proportions. This solution must be damped with a cloth for cleaning and rub the drum, sealing gum and powder tray. This is a way to purify the machine from fungus without special costs and physical effort.

The calcined soda acts more aggressively on the axial salts, compared with the food. That is why while working with it is highly recommended to wear rubber gloves. Direct contact with the substance can cause skin irritation.

Before the beginning of purification, it is necessary to mix one part of the calcined soda with the same amount of water. The resulting mixture is wiped with a drum and a rubber cuff, then leave for 30 minutes. After this time, pollution is removed with a sponge together with soda solution. Final Operation – Running the “Fast Wash” regime with an empty drum.

White cleaning is another way of getting rid of mold and soap deposits. To get started, a bottle of means of 1 l pour into the drum and turn on the longest washing mode with the highest temperatures. As a rule, it is 90-95 degrees. After heating the water to the maximum temperature, you need to have time to press on a pause and leave the machine for 1 hour, and after the time to continue washing. At the end of this cycle, you need to run the machine for the second time in the “Fast Wash” mode and wash at 30 degrees, at this time the remaining whiteness will be removed.

Chlorine is contained in white. However, if whiteness needs to fill in the number of one liter, then in the case of a chlorine, it is enough to fall asleep 1 cup. It should be borne in mind that the chlorine has a very sharp smell, and also reacts with salts, highlighting harmful couples. Consequently, when it is used, it will be necessary to open the windows and, if possible, the door.

Usually, cleaning the chlorine is combined with lemon acid cleaning. In this case, the effectiveness of the procedure increases, linen-washed after it is not covered with mud. Use this method recommended no more often once every 2 months so as not to spoil the parts of the machine.

If the fungus already thoroughly settled inside your washing machine, it makes sense to use copper vigorous. This is one of the old means to fight mold in high humidity places. Copper vigorous is a blue crystall-shaped powder.

It is necessary to prepare a solution in the proportion of 30 grams of the vapor to 1 liter of water. The cooked means wipe the cuff and leave alone on one day, and then rinse thoroughly with detergent and clean water. This method can be used both for the cardinal solution of the already existing problems of fungal formations and as a preventive.

Sorrelic acid helps to get rid of poor smell and lime deposits. The remedy falls asleep in the drum on a 30-minute wash. The amount must be calculated based on the volume of the washing machine, however, as in the case of lemon acid. Sorrelic acid is stronger than lemon, so the exposure time is less, therefore, and with the amount you need to be careful.

To clean the washing machine, you can also take 2 glasses of ordinary vinegar, pour it into a typewriter and include the longest washing mode at the highest temperature. As in all other cases, the launch of the “Washingle” must be carried out without linen and any detergents. 5-6 minutes after the launch, you must click on the pause and leave the machine at rest for an hour for “soching”, and then complete the washing.

The remaining remedy is recommended to flush with the help of a fast wash mode. After the drain of this cycle, the rubber seal, the drum and the door from the inside must be wiped with acetic water, that is, a solution of water and vinegar in equal shares. Then a soft cloth to wipe the surface.

After the procedure for cleansing vinegar, it may remain a specific smell that can be removed by ventilating and / or using an additional idle washing with a washing powder with the addition of air conditioner for linen.

Tips for care

In addition to the care of the drum and heating element, it is necessary to properly care for other parts and details of the washing machine. This will help preserve her beautiful appearance for a long time and will increase the service life.

It is necessary to ensure that the machine is correctly installed on a flat horizontal surface, and was also connected to the water supply and electricity. Accordingly, hoses and electrocabels should not be damaged or twisted. On the surface of the machine should not drip water or any other liquid.

If any stains appeared on the surface of the case, they must be removed using a sponge and detergent. For these purposes, it is quite suitable for a gel for washing dishes. Special attention should be paid to the door, because in the cracks around it there is the main accumulation of dirt. For more efficient purification, you can use the old toothbrush.

After that, you can proceed to purify the powder compartment in which the remnants of the washing and the rinse. For convenience, it will be better to pull out the compartment from the machine, provided that it is provided by its design.

Cleaning filter

As you know, in the washing machines, the machine is a filter, which is necessary to prevent clogging of the drain hose with mud clusters and hair. If the filter is cleared occasionally or neglected this procedure, it will not be very pleasant smell. Also in this case increases the risk of vehicle breakdowns.

Experts recommend cleaning every three months, that is, once a quarter.

Step by step this event can be characterized as follows:

  • First remove the panel cover behind which the filter is.
  • It is necessary to take any bowl or other capacitance into which the liquid from the emergency will be merged.
  • Drain the water from the drain hose.
  • In some cases, it must be removed for better cleaning of the drain hose.

  • Keep in mind that the drain hose must be empty before you pull the filter from it.
  • It is necessary to remove all hairs, fluff and other dirt from the filter.
  • Do not forget to look into the filter hole. There may stay dirt and even minor items.
  • Clean the hole.
  • Put the filter into place.

Lemonic acid perfectly destroys the smell and dirt inside the washing machine. How to clean this technique? You can learn about it from the following video.

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