Iron with steam generator: features, choice and repair of equipment

Iron with steam generator: features, choice and repair of equipment

Instruments with steam generators have a fairly high price if you compare them with conventional models. Therefore, before the acquisition, people try to carefully examine the characteristics of devices, weigh all the pros and cons of this product, and then decide whether it is worth buying it. It is important to familiarize yourself with the aspects of using such an iron to choose a high-quality and safe option that will serve its owner for many years.

Principle of operation and characteristics

Before choosing a device with a sweep function, it is necessary to study its design to know exactly how the model works. The device is a few items: iron, boiler, hose (which connects the iron and boiler reliably), power cable. The device is simple enough and it looks like an ordinary iron. It has a comfortable handle, good sole and regulator modes. But since the built-in container for fluid in the device is not, it has a lighter weight than the steam analogue.

The main feature of the models is that the system of tubes through which steam is served is heated constantly. Tubes are located near the sole. This process allows high temperature and protects against condensate.

Boiler – Capacity from plastic or metal. It has a liquid and a tank tank capable of making steam from water. You can adjust the feed rate and temperature of steam using a special panel that is on the housing.

The principle of operation of such an iron is quite simple. Liquid is placed in the boiler capacity. After that, you need to turn on the device into the power grid. Water heats up six to eight minutes, then turn into pairs with six percent moisture, which moves to the sole of the device using the hose, and then leaves the holes. Hot air can penetrate the fabric structure extremely deeply, so even the strongest folds smoothes.

Advantages and disadvantages

This kind of iron is a great option for people who are very often and stroked. They are incredibly powerful, convenient to operate, have a sufficiently high speed of ironing and a large container for a liquid that allows you to stroke things for quite a long time without having to fascinate water.

    The devices produce a significant amount of hot steam and with this can be without problems, very quickly and easily stroke large volumes of things.

    As with any other household appliances, irons with steam generators have negative qualities:

    • high price+
    • Heavy weight of the whole design+
    • Models are massive, so some of them are inconvenient in storage.

    How to choose?

    To choose a product that will serve for many years and becomes a real assistant, some factors must be taken into account. First you should carefully study the sole. It is better to choose a durable, wear-resistant, durable. It must have high resistance to temperature drops.

    Bad option – aluminum sole. There may be various defects on it, scratches. Has a small service life if the iron is used very often. The most good and high-quality model will have a sole of aluminum alloy with ceramics, teflon or steel. Such coatings will be able to protect the device and make it more reliable and strong.

    We offer some more recommendations for choosing.

    • It is important to consider in advance whether there is a need for additional moisturizing fabric or it will be more convenient to work with dry steam. If you need the first option, it is necessary to acquire a device that has a built-in steam generator. In the second, the device with portable, which will be installed separately.
    • You should read the instructions to understand what water the iron will work. If necessary, you need to process the fluid, you will have to acquire special equipment. It is better to immediately buy a model with filter cartridges that filters water yourself.
    • It is worth paying attention to whether the handle is convenient. It is better to choose a device whose handle is well in hand, since otherwise the use of the iron will be uncomfortable. It is worth trying the device in the case: take it and spend two or three times in the air, imitating the ironing process. If the handle appears to be thick or very narrow, you need to see other options.
    • There are models with a special button that should be kept in the process of ironing so that the couple continue to form. They are not too comfortable, so it is not recommended to purchase them. It is better to choose a device in which you can switch modes.

    How to use it?

    To serve for a long time, you need to learn how to use it. If you treat the technique of carelessly, you can spoil it, and also harm your health. You should use the iron gently, be careful, not allowing the device drops. After the end of work, you do not need to immediately wrap the iron with a wire and put in the storage place, you should wait until it is cool. To save electricity, it is worth first to iron those objects of clothing, which are needed low temperatures.

    When the device slides over the fabric, you need to try to move in one direction. To smooth out high quality synthetic things that are not able to withstand too high temperatures, you need to use the thermostat, and it is better to iron them wet. It is not necessary to put an excess liquid into the tank, since there should be a certain amount of space in order for steam to be formed. When the “Couple” indicator swells, you should pour water into the boiler.

    Rating models and reviews

    Today there are a large number of manufacturers offering interesting and decent vehicles. Among popular and popular can be seen German, Italian and Turkish models.

    We offer you an overview of the most worthy models.

    • Philips GC 9222 – a device that has a very original and stylish design. The model is two parts that bind to a flexible hose. The steam generator produces steam, maintains pressure and temperature. The device is quite powerful, capable of trying and sipping two or four layers of fabric and sterilize children’s clothing.

    In the case there is a separate compartment, where electric shock and hose are placed. A feature of this iron is that there is no thermostat. The built-in processor helps maintain a temperature on a safe level.

    • Tefal GV8461 – high-quality model having too high cost. The wonderful device will cope well with complex folds and smooth out any cloth. The sole is made of metal ceramics, has a palladium coating. Self-cleaning feature allows the hostess easily delivering the iron from dirt.

    Boiler reliably protected from scale. If you need to clean the rod of metal, you just need to rinse it. The steam generator has several modes.

    • Braun IS 5043 WH It has a simple work scheme, extremely quickly decides even the most difficult problem, calmly smoothes very melt things. The device is practical, strong and efficient. Steam is distributed evenly, so the fabric is flat and smooth. The sole is durable, easy and pleasant slides, it is not able to harm fabrics. Spacious liquid container makes ironing even easier.
    • DELONGHI VVX 1420 – option that allows its owner to be as neat and tidy. This steam station will help incredibly quickly smooth out large volumes of clothing or bedding. For the perfect type of fabric you do not need to apply a lot of effort, the device will do everything alone. Couple will smooth out each, even the most severe irregularity. The function of the vertical excipation will help bring the costume, light air dress and even massive curtains.

    • ELECTROLUX EDBS 2300 – Comfortable and efficient iron, not too expensive, with decent technical characteristics. It is quite simple, it is compact, comfortable and easy. Rapid heating of the model and the production of the right amount of pair will help the hostess not to spend too much time.

    The sole is made of steel, it greatly slides on clothing or bedding. There is a binding system, the device is protected from scale. Water capacity is very spacious.

    • Loewe Premium Power Station – German model, small enough, does not have any additional devices and large tanks for liquid. Decorated stylish and aesthetically, when stored will be held little space. Built in compact boiler. With the help of iron, things can be stroked not only in horizontal, but also in a vertical position. This model allows you to return an attractive appearance to your favorite jacket, without removing the thing from the shoulders.
    • Rowenta – German firm manufacturing quiet and efficient models capable of high quality and quickly smooth out any thing. They are made of reliable materials, so have a long service life. The perfect option for those who need a decent assistant.

    • Beper (Italy) – high-quality devices capable of ironing and driving clothes. Have a fairly large boiler capacity, so there is no need to re-pour fluid during the ironing process. The brand is extremely popular and conquered the hearts of many owners.
    • SILTER SUPER MINI 2035 (Turkey) – The model is easily transferred, is very compact. Easy to use, can be stored anywhere. Smoothes even the strongest bends and very crumpled clothes. High quality and long service life.

    Possible breakdowns and their elimination

    You need to know about some options for faults and ways to eliminate them, so if you need to be able to quickly repair the iron.

    • The electrical device is ready to use, but when you press the button, steam is not served. This means that the button should be replaced.
    • If the steam generator does not get warm air, it means that it is worth carefully examining the TEN, the fuse, the solenoid valve and clean the steam pipe. If any of the elements is damaged, you need to get rid of the scale, which is in a boiler, and then replace the thermostat or hose, allowing a couple to enter the iron.
    • If the pressure switch does not work correctly, you should use a multimeter. With it, you need to check whether the details are working. If there is a breakdown, it means that you need to replace the items and install a working microswitch.

    • If pressing the buttons on the control panel does not give anything, you need to check whether the post is wired. Most often it must be replaced.
    • The tank constantly flashes the low level of fluid indicator, it means that it is worth carefully traced behind the water level. If it is normal, the reason lies in the water volume sensor. It needs to be replaced.
    • On the sole of the device, you can observe a small pressure of warm air – it is worth examining the regulator. If he is broken, buy new.
    • If water flows from the sole, then the owner of the product too often used the steam strike function for a small amount of time. Liquid accumulates and follows. It is worth a friend to relax.

    Quite often, many owners of such irons may have a situation in which problems arise because of any mechanical damage. A person may incorrectly use the device or in the device wear some details. In this case, you can easily notice a malfunction. For example, the cord is broken, the sprinkler clogs or the thermostat breaks (the iron is often overheated). In such cases, you do not need to eliminate the breakdown with your own hands at home, and it is better to turn to professionals that will perform high-quality repair.

    About how to clear the sole of the iron from Nagara, you will learn from the following video.

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