Karcher steam cleaners: overview of popular models and selection tips

Karcher steam cleaners: overview of popular models and selection tips

Karcher – famous brand producing high quality products. The assortment of the manufacturer has good steam cleaners, characterized by the effective work, for which many consumers loved. In the article we will learn more with the features of Karcher branded steam cleaners and varieties of model range.


Karcher steam cleaners enjoy enviable popularity. This is a high quality, reliable and durable technique, which is very convenient to use. Karcher products will never let go in a responsible moment.

Karcher steam cleaners have quite a lot of positive qualities that make them in demand and demand.

  • Disinfection. The first steam cleaners were used for sex disinfection in hospitals. The high temperature steam jet is able to destroy pathogenic bacteria and microbes, worm eggs, ticks, moth larvae and even mold.
  • Safety. Using the Karcher branded steam generator, a person does not face harmful chemical evaporations, as in the case of the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Cleaning and disinfection in the house can be carried out with such devices, not putting on protective rubber gloves and respirators.
  • Multitasking and high efficiency. Karcher steam cleaners easily cope with the emerged mud and various unpleasant odors who are hidden in the toilet area, on clothes, on upholstered furniture in the house. You can add water diluted with aromatic means to the device. When using equipment with such a dressing, a pleasant smell will appear in the house, which will choose households.
  • Practicality. Original steam cleaners KARCHER can be used in different zones. If in the situation with the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary that it is possible to push the pipe to the necessary site, then the steam cleaner does not present such requirements – it can be cleaned even hard-to-reach gaps.
  • Security for finishing materials. Do not be afraid that the Karcher steam cleaner, affecting this or that reason, can damage it because of the steam temperature too high. This useful device you can handle a variety of surfaces. These can even be windows or tile.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Even the person who suffers from allergic reactions can use such a device. In the work of the device under consideration, only water – unnecessary components capable of calling an allergic reaction, there is no. That is why steam cleaners so often buy allergies.
  • Dissolving fat. Hot steam is good because it easily dissolves fats and other similar substances. Using a dry pair ensures effective removal of dirty stains and divorces.
  • Convenient and easy control. Use Karcher steam cleaner is very easy and easy. Cleaning procedure with this device does not require a lot of time and effort. Soclaning with a branded steam cleaner can each. The main thing is to use the technique in accordance with the instructions.

Multitasking and safe devices from the Karcher brand can be excellent assistants in everyday life.

Similar equipment is always relevant and needed. Its distinguishes high efficiency and simplicity. It is these characteristics that are most often searched for in high-quality steam cleaners.

What can be cleaned?

Modern vaporoisters of the brand under consideration are famous for functionality. They can handle a variety of surfaces in the house. This is a wonderful tool for cleaning the apartment, since it does not have a negative impact on most materials.

We will analyze the list of objects that are allowed without fear to clean with the help of branded steam generators:

  • Furniture – Very often steam generators use to clean the upholstery of the sofa and chairs+
  • Finishing materials – especially good Karcher steam generators cope with the cleaning of such material as a tile+
  • Windows – You can safely use the technique to effectively clean the window glass in the house+
  • Outdoor coatings – Karcher SC steam cleaner can be used if you need to clean the carpet, the floor, decorated with parquet, stone or tile, as well as laminate+
  • Clothes – high-quality steamer is allowed to use with respect to clothing.

As mentioned above, high-quality and multifunctional Karcher steam generators are presented in a wide range. Consumers have from anything to choose – the manufacturer produces reliable devices with different characteristics and properties. We will get acquainted closer with the features of household and professional cleaners.


Household steam cleaners KARCHER are in great demand today. These devices are perfectly suitable for home cleaning. Consider in more detail how different patterns have.

  • SC1. This is a comfortable manual device that easily eliminates contamination without using cleaning agents. Has a compact size, which makes it an excellent assistant in apartment conditions. The device’s package includes a fluid filling funnel, a terry tightness and a bag designed to accommodate all the necessary accessories in it. The tank of this option has a volume of 0.25 liters, there is a manual type nozzle, a point nozzle, a round-shaped brush. Protection against children.

  • SC1.020. Popular Outdoor Type Silent. The technique is equipped with a safety valve and several convenient nozzles that make the device for truly universal and multitasking. In the set with the device there is a terry napkin, as well as handling for manual nozzle. There is a 1 l tank here, the heating period is 8 minutes., and the power of the unit is 1500 watts.

  • SC1.030. Small size appliance equipped with a connector for connecting a steam iron. Is effective and convenient to work. Iron to this model must be bought separately. The device under consideration easily copes with cleaning surfaces that are not afraid of hot steam, perfectly suitable for small housing.

The capacity of the reservoir is 1 liter, the power is 1500 W, only 8 minutes leaves for heating.

  • SC5 Iron Kit. The most powerful steam cleaner in the segment of homemade household devices. In its characteristics, this model is approximate to professional devices. In the rich configuration, the popular SC5 is on sale with a high-quality steam iron for efficient ironing. The device assumes the presence of a 4-speed steam consumption regulator, as well as an additional removable liquid tank with a volume of 1.5 liters.

It is warmed in just 3 minutes, suitable for harvesting large rooms, but it has an impressive mass and high cost.

  • SV7. This is a highly efficient steam cleaner-vacuum cleaner with a maximum power of 2200 W. The product is equipped with protection from children, safety valve, adjustable suction force. The volume of water is 0.45 liters, there is a tank for gravy – 0.5 l. The multistage filtration system is provided, the nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, as well as a slit brush and accessories brush. Technique reliable and high quality, but expensive.

  • SC2 Easy Fix Premium. Model with a power level of 1500 W, has a water tank per 1000 ml. 6.5 min is prepared for work. 2 pair levels are provided. Ability to dry cleaning. The Easy Fix Premium set with flexible connections easily turns the steam cleaner into the device represented by convenient steam mop.

  • Si4 Easy Fix Premium Iron. This is a full-fledged ironing steam station, which looks outwardly looks almost the same as the usual board. The power of the heater here is 2000 W, and only 4 minutes leaves for heating. The weight of the device without accessories is 12.6 kg. Protection against children is provided, there is a safety valve, a steam consumption regulator, a system with two tanks, a microfiber floor nozzle and other useful components. Reliable and practical model distinguished by high cost.


Karcher specializes in release not only simple household, but also professional high quality steam cleaners. These models are designed for more complex and large-scale work. Consider some of the popular professional devices.

  • SG4 / 4. Beautiful model for professional cleaning. It is often used for full disinfection in conditions of pension, cafes, restaurants, sports complexes and other institutions of such types. The device is distinguished by high maneuverability, the thresholds fragilely breaks, effectively fights even with difficult stains, can function for hours due to a spacious tank, the volume of which is 4 liters. The technique is distinguished and rich equipment is relatively small for this model weight (only 8 kg), long power cord (7.5 m). The useful feature of mixed hot water supply in combination with steam.

If the tank of this technique is complete, it will warm up for quite a long time – for 18 minutes, there are no standard protective components.

  • SGV 6/5. High-quality professional technique consisting of two components: vacuum cleaner and steam generator. The power of the heater is 3000 W. Cable length of the device – 7.5 m, the maximum temperature of the boiler reaches 165 degrees. Volume of flooded water – 5 l. Without all additional accessories technique weighs 39 kg.

How to choose?

Reliable and efficient steam cleaners of the company KARCHER are different impeccable quality and presented in a large assortment. On the one hand, it is good, and on the other – because of this, choose the perfect model is very difficult. Consider how you can find in the model range of steam cleaners exactly the option that will suit you the most.

If the general cleaning you do not spend too often and planning to use a steam cleaner no more than 2-3 times a month, for example, to clean the problem areas in the bathroom, it makes no sense to buy a very expensive professional unit. For such purposes, a simple manual instance with a tank up to 1 l. Large power indicators here will not be needed – it will be enough 900-1000 W. It is necessary to make sure that The device has a normal pressure level 3-3.5 bar.

It is important to pay attention to the kit where all the necessary nozzles must be present.

If you want to buy a steam cleaner in order to further exploit it literally from the case of the case to remove a couple of-three specks from the surface of the furniture, clean the windows or clothing, then in this case An ideal solution will be a small manual brand model having a small liquid tank, the volume of which is only 100 ml.

Under the condition of power in 700-800 W, a similar device will be ready for operation after a couple of seconds. At the same time, it is necessary to pay due attention to the temperature indicators at the output, because not all small devices have the opportunity to warm up to the values ​​of +89 or +103 degrees – such are sweeps for clothes.

If you regularly and often are cleaning, allergies live at home, the win-win solution will be the outdoor steam generator Karcher, which can produce a steam jet from 4 bar and more. It will be very good if the model can independently set the temperature in the area of ​​+140 degrees, so that you can successfully cope with mold and harmful microorganisms. The optimal length of the hose is usually from 2 to 3 m. The capacity of the water reservoir should depend on the indicators of the area of ​​your dwelling.

Buy such equipment only in specialized stores, where household appliances are sold. Only here you can find the original product of the company KARCHER, accompanied by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not look for similar devices in dubious outlets. Often, in such places, household appliances worth it is much cheaper, but let the low price does not seduce you, as you risk buying a low-quality product, which, when you find a marriage, you will not want to change.

Operating tips

I have little correctly choose the perfect model of the Karcher steam cleaner – it still needs to competently use. To do this, complete with all devices there are instructions for use, which describes all nuances of operation of the technique. The content of the manual directly depends on the specific model of the steam cleaner and its functionality. We will cover a few common instruments for all devices.

The device must always be properly prepared for the planned processing of any things.

  • You need to unscrew a special safety cork, fill the reservoir with water.
  • Next, you should tighten the plug and attach the necessary nozzles to the steam gun. If there is a need for this, you can use elongated tubes.
  • Turn on the equipment in the outlet. After that, 2 light bulbs should be lightbled – green and orange.
  • When water heats up to the desired values, the orange light will go out. You can use the device only after only the green light remains to burn.

These rules should be adhered to.

  • When the water in the tank of the instrument is over, it will need to turn off from the power supply and add the missing fluid. After completing all the cleansing procedures from the capacity, it will be necessary to remove water residues.
  • Check the proprietary technique before each application. Make sure the housing and all other parts are safe and maintained. Do not open a liquid tank before it cools.
  • Do not turn on the steam cleaner if there is no water in the tank.
  • In the process of workThe technique must be kept only by the handle or gun at the end of the hose. But the hose itself cannot be concerned.
  • Couple feed leverCannot be blocked while the device.
  • Never send a jet of hot steam on nearby people or animals. Since the temperature is very high, the burn may remain even if the steam affected the clothes.
  • Technique must be cleaned of science, if it appeared. To do this, you can use effective Karcher’s branded.

Before using the branded steam cleaner, you must read the leadership. Do not neglect this stage, even if it seems to you that the device is very simple, and you master it yourself.

Possible malfunctions

Karcher steam cleaners are famous for impeccable quality and long service life, but this does not mean that such a technique never suffers from various kinds of faults.

Most often, users face such problems:

  • not unscrewed cover in the design+
  • flowing water from the tank+
  • No Para+
  • Low paragraph temperature+
  • A steam cleaner does not start+
  • Water flows out of the hose.

It is not recommended to repair a branded steam cleaner independently, because without certain knowledge and skills you can only aggravate the situation. This is especially true when the fault is associated with more complex systems of the device or technology is still under warranty.

It is recommended to visit the service where you will help to eliminate problems.

Review reviews

Karcher steam cleaners are rightly recognized as one of the most famous and popular. This technique is chosen by many buyers who want to acquire high-quality and durable products that will meet all their requirements. Users leave a lot of reviews about the instruments of the considered brand. Preferably, these are positive responses, but there are among them and negative opinions.

First consider which factors pleased users in Karcher’s branded technology:

  • The possibility of cleaning a variety of surfaces+
  • The ability of technology to kill ticks, remove home dust+
  • The ability of devices to give things and different surfaces. Freshness+
  • Antibacterial effect+
  • Ergonomic device+
  • Small weight most models+
  • Pleasant design+
  • No need to use chemical cleaners (this quality especially pleased people suffering from allergies)+
  • The presence of a water sensor in many models+
  • noticeable time savings, because cleaning passes quite quickly+
  • Easy operation (everything is clear and understandable)+
  • Ability to effectively and quickly wash windows+
  • Lack of boiling water leaks+
  • The highest quality assembly, which notes most consumers having such equipment.

      Many owners of steam cleaners Karcher say that This technique is one solid plus. But without negative feedback still did not cost.

      Consider that it was upset of users in branded technology:

      • Weak Cabin Cabinality+
      • Many people lack water tank+
      • The device quickly accumulates the limestick and it is often cleaned+
      • Lack of cord listening function+
      • Improving electricity consumption+
      • Strong heating hose+
      • Steam cleansors do not always cope with the removal of oily spots, for example, in the kitchen+
      • Some models of the brand steam cleaners seemed to buyers too heavy+
      • High cost of most powerful and highly efficient devices.

      Do not think that by purchasing such a technique, you will definitely come across all the mines listed. Much depends on how you exploit the technique.

      In addition, before buying a certain model of a steam cleaner, it should be declared which characteristics you want to see in it to subsequently not be disappointed in incorrectly.

      Karcher steam cleaner use tips See in the following video.

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