Mops for washing windows: description and specifications of products

Mops for washing windows: description and specifications of products

The modern market offers many gadgets in the field of cleaning rooms aimed at relieving the labor of housewives, and professional cleaning managers. A wide range of prices and quality provides a choice to the buyer. This article will talk about mop to wash windows. This device confidently took its niche in the section necessary products for the house, as it is a thing convenient. It helps to wash the windows quickly, safe and efficiently.


First of all it is necessary to determine the volume of the upcoming work. Here the role plays the size of the window, the availability of the washed surface. The main feature of all types of swabs for washing windows is ease of use. You can, of course, pretty to work hard and achieve perfect cleanliness without divorce with a suitable rag and soap solution. All these hard tools are in every home and in any economic store. But how much it will take your precious time! And why waste colossal forces when you can cope with this task much faster without loss of quality as a result.

It is especially difficult to wash the window with hands, if your apartment is located above the first floor. It becomes just dangerous for life. Consider how to choose a suitable model and how to use it.

The reliability characteristics of this product is quite high. It is suitable for car wash, being inside or outside the room.


Mop can be both household and professional.

  • For domestic belongs ordinary Mop with a foam or other soft nozzle. It does not have devices for adjusting the angle of the nozzle itself or the length of the handle.
  • Professional type – these are steam, telescopic and magnetic devices.

Talk about each of them. The choice of a specific type of mop depends on the purpose it will perform.

A small brush (scraper) with a rubber nozzle, called a screed, will help drive water or foam after washing glass With a rag or a sponge with a small window. Screed can be different widths, have an elongated or very short handle. An important requirement for such a model is a dense adjacent to the rubber layer to the body, as well as the evenness and height of the rubber layer.

If you have noticed that the gum is a curve, high, too flexible, should not stop your choice on it, as it will be bad to lay down to the glass and can not clean the water droplets.

The following type of mop is designed for washing windows on the balcony. It is distinguished by a long telescopic handle. This model already applies to professional devices. Such a mop has two sides: with one – a sponge, often covered with a silk grid to increase wear resistance, on the other – familiar to us rubber screed for the cooling of water and detergent solution.

This model thanks to a long handle guarantees safety to use at any height of the balcony. Perfectly copes with the outer and inside of the window, helps to rinse even distant unavailable places. Such a model is indispensable for washing facade windows, the length of the handle reaches two meters thanks to the telescopic device. When extension on the desired length, the handle is fixed.

Modern technologies do not stand still – The next model is steam. This is already automatic mop, it works from electricity, capable of becoming a universal assistant in cleaning. Included has various nozzles, changing which can be removed pollution from the floor, glass, tiles in the bathroom and even carpets. Cleans and disinfects the surface with a steam of different temperatures.

Another positive popularity of modern mop – Magnetic brush. This model consists of two halves. These parts are connected to each other due to the magnet. The scope of this species is almost any types of windows.

It is possible that the magnet will not work on a multi-layer, thick double-blade. When choosing, consult with the seller and examine the possibilities of the gadget before buying.

How to use it?

The first considered models are quite simple to use. You wash the cloth with a rag with soap, took a screed on a short or elongated handle and, pressing a rubber band to the glass, spent from top to bottom, driving water and foam. Repeating this movement several times, you can achieve a clean and dry result on the glass.

Telescopic velter for washing windows with two nozzles allows not to use rags and sponges.

  1. At the beginning of work, adjust the length of the handle in accordance with your growth and windows height, secure the telescopic mechanism for easy use.
  2. In accordance with its position, change the angle of inclination of the mop for the full cleansing of the entire surface of the glass package.
  3. Wet the spongy side in the prepared detergent solution, smooth movements, wash off the surface contamination. You can move from top to bottom or change the angle of inclination for convenience.
  4. When the glass is washed away, turn the mqvabra by the other side. Using a rubber screed, collect water or soap solution. At this stage, it is convenient to move the rubber scraper from the top corner down or the painter. So water will block one way.
  5. Repeat everything from the outside of your window.
  6. After the completion of the procedure, fold the telescopic handle and be sure to rinse the nozzle under the crane, press.

Using a steam model Mopbra requires a more detailed instruction.

  1. In the prescribed reservoir pour the required amount of water.
  2. Configure the temperature of the para. It all depends on the surface to be cleaned, for example, with a highly polluted window temperature higher than when cleaning dust.
  3. Include the device and smoothly clean the glass surface from top to bottom.
  4. After completing the work, turn off the device, collect the resulting moisture rubber nozzle.
  5. Be sure to drain the remaining water, rinse the nozzle and water tank. With proper use and careful circulation, this helper will serve you long.

And finally, the magnetic brush. The device is unusual, but in use is simple.

  1. Apply with a cloth, sponge, and even better – the pulverizer cleaner with the outer and inside of the window.
  2. Remove the brush and attach both parts from two sides of the glass. Of the two halves “internal” – equipped with a special holder, and “external” – a cord that is attached to the wrist.
  3. Spend on the glass brush. The detergent will bring together with mud.
  4. After the end of the work, remove the brush from the glass and thoroughly rinse with running water.

Now you know exactly what kind of fits you. The following task is to purchase a quality product from a proven manufacturer so that he serves a long time and disappointed immediately after the purchase. Reviews of other buyers will come to the rescue.

Manufacturers: Review and customer reviews

Well established a mop for washing windows (including large) “White cat” from the Swedish manufacturer’s company “Smart”, producing various floor and window washing fixtures. “White Cat” – a company distributing products for cleaning premises. Among users are popular Movable “Smart”. Using it, you can change and fix the angle of inclination of the work nozzle. In addition, it has a velcro for fastening a soft hygroscopic cloth, necessarily having a screed that is installed in the working position using the button.

Another popular producer among modern owners – “Cinderella”. In addition to the models of windows wash, many loved comfortable mop for floor washing with automatic spin. Let’s return to the devices for washing windows. This manufacturer gives us a choice. In addition to your familiar mops with a telescopic handle and a bilateral nozzle, there is a model not with a sponge, but with a microfiber overlay or exclusively rubber scraper. Telescopic metal handle can “grow” to 123 cm.

There is a more interesting and improved model with a spray. The built-in sprayer in the process of cleaning causes a detergent to the cleaning surface, it allows you to save time, since there is no need to apply a detergent solution at the beginning of the process. Such a mop is suitable for washing the floor, but she has one disadvantage – a model without rubber cigrous. Price is quite accessible.

German manufacturer “Leifheit”. Mop for washing windows from this company 3 in 1 will like any housewife. This helper can wash mirror, glass surfaces and glass frames. Change the nozzle and easily squeeze the dust from the cabinet, it will wash and the floor, and the ceiling. In addition to these, other advantages are noted:

  • Telescopic handle up to 200 cm+
  • Clamp of any length and angle of inclination+
  • Nozzle width – 33 cm+
  • Adjusting the angle of inclination of the working surface 90 or 45 degrees in both directions+
  • Soft nozzle is reliably attached to the body with velcro+
  • If necessary, after using the nozzle, you can wash in a typewriter at 40 degrees+
  • Big plus, that it is possible to purchase nozzles for other types of cleaning work.

This manufacturer also produces automatic windows washing brushes.


We covered not all manufacturers, but the most popular on the market. At the end of the review several tips.

  • When you select any mop model for windows, pay attention to the rubber blade. The quality of the nozzle will provide a quick and clean result without divorce. Surround pays twice, choose quality.
  • After use, be sure to wash the nozzle with the economic soap or other neutral tool, dried away from the heating devices. These measures will prolong the service life and will retain the appearance of the mop.
  • The microfiber nozzles are stronger than foam rubber and better rubbing the detergent directly on the glass, and also they are more hygroscopic.

Choose and use with pleasure!

Review Mops for washing windows See next video.

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