Safety when working with an iron

Safety when working with an iron

Household appliances significantly simplifies people’s lives, allows you to free up free time and save forces. With an imperative handling of it, instead of positive emotions, you can get additional problems. Do not underestimate even such an attribute of any modern home, like iron.

Getting started

Stroking the linen by an electric iron – one pleasure, but it must be remembered that this device must be correct. Even with the most acute shortage of time, you need to check:

  • Does the wire not twist+
  • Isolation is fine+
  • Does not spout+
  • Does the plug leave.

If there are at least one of these problems, you must definitely eliminate it, only then start working. Even when with electrical wiring, everything is in order, you need to look at the sole of the iron. If it is dirty, remove all stains, crusts and waves need to start ironing. Once again concerned the heating base undesirable.

This preparation does not end. Responsible people necessarily raise legs on a rubber rug. This is exactly what they do in a professional studio and sewing factories – and there they know what they do.

Everyone has long known that it is necessary for the plug and cord, for the body of the electrical appliance only with dry hands. No less important is another requirement: at this moment you can not hold on other metal objects.

During work

Safety when working with an iron implies that the hot sole should not touch the cord. Fabric that is stroking, it is necessary to moisturize moderately. It is forbidden:

  • use stronger heating than required+
  • Take a heated sole (even through matter)+
  • leave, leaving without control included iron+
  • litter and clutch the workplace+
  • Leave the iron in a horizontal position during short workers pauses+
  • put it on a shaky and unstable base.

Speaking about the rules for using the iron, it is impossible not to say about the fact that it is necessary to moisturize the fabric while working only with a sprayer. Pour water from cups, cups, bottles, splashing it from the mouth is prohibited. If I sparks, if you go smoke – you need to immediately disable iron from the network. It is desirable that someone else attended during work. Then the likelihood of an accident is noticeably decreased.

For the safe ironing of things, it is necessary to observe the solid rule – the iron cannot be cooled using a pulverizer. You should wait until he cools himself. It is unacceptable to evaluate the heating of the sole to the touch of the finger. It is forbidden to send couples on yourself. You can not use electric irons outdoors, in high humidity conditions.

When the work is completed

Turn off the electrical appliance only with dry hands, keeping behind the plug, and not for the wire. At the same time it is impossible to pull too much. Put iron needed in a vertical position. It follows it where it does not fall on his head. Should be checked if the wire does not stick out, it will not create inconvenience.

Additional nuances

If possible, it is worth using irons with temperature adjustment function. Keep them while working only for handle. Synthetic fabrics are stroked at minimal temperature or not smooth at all. Leaving the room, you need to make sure that the device is disabled from the network. Before you start, you need to put iron on the “dry” either on the “wet” program (the second is chosen only when filling the tank with water).

You can use the new iron only after familiarization with the instructions. It is impossible to include it if the mains voltage and other operating power parameters are deviated from the norm. It is necessary to remember to remember the limit power of the included instruments (both in one outlet and in the whole house or apartment). It is recommended to stroke on a solid wooden board, which is covered with a clean cloth.

Carefully monitor the iron during breaks in contact with easily sunbathe objects. It is impossible to remove the electrical appliance on the usual place to full cooling. According to the safety regulations, it must be included in the outlet only with the help of a regular cord. Additionally attach the wires or use adapters, the extension cords are prohibited! It is impossible to trust the iron:

  • Little children+
  • drunk+
  • Elder+
  • People with mental disabilities+
  • People in stressful state.

    Even with strict compliance with safety requirements, iron or fabric may challenge. In this case, you must first de-energize the device, and only then make fire. When dealing with it, of course, it is impossible to pour water – you need to knock down the flame, fall asleep with sand (ground) or towed a dense cloth. If you can not manage to cope with fire, you need to immediately call help.

    We remind you: the choice of high-quality iron and strict adherence to security measures, it allows you to almost completely eliminate the emergence of a fire or a shock.

    About the rules of circulation with household electrical appliances see below.

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