Steam cleaners: characteristics, application and choice

Steam cleaners: characteristics, application and choice

So that the house shone purity, and cleaning did not turn into a long and tedious fight against pollution, modern hostesses use a special device called a steam cleaner. This device allows without the use of chemical detergents to cleaned even the most resistant dirt from hard-to-reach places. In addition, the steam cleaner disinfected the surface being processed and relocate you from bacteria, viruses, fungal dispute.

With this economic device, you can not only make cleanliness, but also to care for clothes, upholstered furniture, carpeted floors, car interior, bathroom, kitchen appliances. Steam cleaner will help smooth out the folds on the curtains, eliminate unpleasant odors, refreshes the brightness of the tissue.


Steam cleaner is a device that has water tank, heating element and outlet device. Heating, water in this device under the action of high pressure is supplied to an external environment as a sparse pair that does not contain large droplets of water. In this case, the pair temperature does not burn human skin, but its stream itself is very powerful. Such a device was previously used only in medical institutions to disinfect the premises, but today the steam cleaner is used everywhere and in economic purposes.

Modern patterns of steam cleaners are equipped with various nozzles and options. So, there are options with the function of suction, with dry steam, with a sweeping function. There is even a wireless view of a steam cleaner that runs on a battery.

This type of electrical engineering could be called universal, but it can be used not on each surface, avoiding lacquered objects, as well as street glasses that have a minus temperature in winter.


Steam cleaner is two types – outdoor or manual. In addition, each such species is also subdivided by the type of water heating in the device:

  • straight-flow – steam is formed by heating in the process of water outlet from the reservoir and movement of it along the spray nozzle, which is used for manual models of steam cleaners+
  • With heat heating in water tanks – Such a device is typical for floor devices, as they have greater weight due to increased tank.

    Depending on the volume of the tank and the type of water heating, the steam cleaners are divided into 3 main groups.


    This variety is also called Outdoor steam stations, and they can be easily confused in appearance with the usual household vacuum cleaner. Stationary models are quite powerful and can be applicable both in everyday life and professional clearance. The volume of water reservoir is 1-1.5 l, and the steam supply hose is the longest of all steam cleaners. The convenience of applying an outdoor instrument is that they can use a long period, and do not keep the device itself in the hands. The device is equipped with several nozzles that are used to perform cleaning and evaporation.

    The most common models of this group are: Karcher SC-2 (Power 1500 W, volume 1 l), Kitfort KT-903 (Power 1500 W and volume 1.5 liters), Gorenje SC 1800R (power of 1800 W and volume 1 l), CLATRONIC DR Z280 (Power 1500 W and volume 1.5 liters).


    Such models have compact dimensions and low weight. While working, they need to keep in hand on weight. The volume of water tank is small, from 175 to 500 ml, so the time of operation of this cleaner is much shorter than the stationary analogue, and is about 20-25 minutes. Manual steam cleaner has several replaceable nozzles, it is easy to use and does not take much space when stored.

    Some popular model buyers: Karcher SC 1 (Volume 200 ml), Polaris PSC 1101C (Volume 270 ml), Mie Forever Clean (480 ml volume), Grand Master GM-VSC38 (Volume 175 ml).


    Such devices resemble the stationary option, they have a large amount of water tank and for a long time of work. The difference is that the spectrum of options for the universal model is more expanded. For example, the device can provide 2 tanks for water, which makes it possible to replenish the volume of fluid without stopping the operation of the steam generator. Completion of universal models is equipped with a large number of nozzles, some steam cleaners have the ability to connect a steam iron to them.

    In addition, there are models in the form of steam mop, as well as steam cleaners.

    Famous models are: ARIETE MULTI VAPORI MV 6.10 (equipped with steam mop), Karcher SC 4 Premium + Iron Kit (model with iron), Grand Master GM-Q7 MULTI ELITE (The device cleans, stealing and strokes).

    Selecting the design and model of the steam cleaner largely depends on the tasks that you have to solve with this device. With large volumes of the treated area, it is advisable to purchase a stationary or universal cleaner, and it is enough to use manual options to perform small amounts of work.

    Principle of operation

    Electric steam cleaner works in the presence of water in its reservoir. INORD pouring should be in a cold device until it is turned on. If desired, disinfectants or drugs protecting the heating device from the formation of lime deposits are added to it. After the water is filled into the tank, it is necessary to close its container tightly with the lid, and turn on the device into the power grid. At this moment, the heating of the TEN – the tubular heating element occurs.

    When the water in the reservoir reaches the boiling threshold, you can press the key of the trigger – and steam under pressure will go out. Ferry cleaning occurs through special nozzles, which are fixed on the nozzle of the device. A powerful steam of steam can soften any contaminants, as well as perform the function of tissue steaming.

    The manual model of a steam cleaner differs from stationary in that it has only one key, with which steam is carried out. The steam cleaner-mop is also arranged – steam is served to a special wide nozzle with a long handle, which allows you to perform the disappearance of the hardwater spots and persistent pollution on the floor.

    Surface cleaning is performed by a steam cleaner Virtually no noise, A couple, which comes out of a steam cleaner nozzle, in some models can be cooled and used even for cleaning from dust of houseplants leaves. Such pairs are used as a tissue steamer of any density that are not wound after the procedure, but remain dry.

    Equipment of a steam cleaner contains a measuring glass for water, funnel, various types of nozzles.

    Some models for convenience of operation have batteries, which adds mobility and does not bind you while cleaning to the power supply.


    Purchase cleaners are most often acquired for cleaning in the kitchen, in the bathroom and disinfection of the floor. Although the range of application can be significantly varied.

    • The steam generator can be used for clothes. The device is able to smooth the chairs, straighten the blind fur, perform the processing of the inner and outer surface of the shoes. Here you can use the brush nozzle, which allows you to clear any corrugated sole from strong contaminants and use disinfectant for dry cleaning.
    • The cleaner is needed to clean the outdoor or wall carpet, perform the disinfection of the mattress, and can also be designed for curtains when they need to be cleaned and disappeared without removing from the cornice.
    • Steam device you can wash laminate, linoleum, stretch ceiling, They clean and wash the wallpaper from vinyl, clean carpet, wash parquet and use it for mirrors.
    • The steam generator can be washed acrylic bath, apply for seams between the bathroom and the wall, use for the tile. Applying the device for the bathroom, in a container with water, it is advisable to add a disinfection tool, which allows you to drain the surface and prevent mold growth. Steam appliance is used when they are brushing from soap and lime plated shower cabin.
    • For the kitchen, the device is used if you need to wash the refrigerator, sink, gas stove. Used for glass cabinets, if they are strongly contaminated, for microwave, for tiles, as well as to brush the oven.
    • The use of the steam generator has proven to clean the car’s interior, Rubber mats and glasses, wheeled wheels.

    Multifunctional steam cleaner has great features that are applied not only for the house, but also in other economic needs. But it is worth knowing that this device can not be used in some cases:

    • for cleaning plastic facing panels – Under the action of steam can be formed dents and deformations+
    • For processing cold surfaces from glass or plastic, Since due to the temperature difference, the destruction of products from these materials is possible+
    • for varnish or wax surfaces, – They become whiten, and the lacquer begins to crack, and waxes – spreads+
    • For thin silk or velor fabrics – working temperature steam too large for these delicate fabric species.

    Steam cleaner is a good assistant for any hostess, it allows you to significantly save a family budget, since pairs copes with pollution without the use of detergents.

    Tips for choosing

    To determine which steam cleaner is worth buying, and correctly make your choice, We recommend that you take into account a number of moments.

    1. Primarily need to choose which model for you is most convenient to work – manual or stationary.
    2. The efficiency of the steam instrument depends largely on its power and pair pressure. For manual model, the power range is 700-1600 W, with a pressure level up to 4 bar. Outdoor models have a capacity of 1300-2300 W, with a pressure level up to 5.5 bars.
    3. It’s believed that Models of steam cleaners having a steam generator have greater efficiency Compared to direct-flow counterparts.
    4. Choose instruments, which have a light sensor indicator – It shows that the device is ready to work. This is a very convenient detail to understand when the water heating process in the device is completed. For example, in manual models, water is heated in 20-30 seconds, and in the outdoor you have to wait up to 5 minutes.
    5. The duration of the work cycle of the steam cleaner depends on the volume of its water tank – than he is more, the time this cycle is longer. In manual models, this indicator is 0.2-0.5 liters, and in the floor – 1-5 liters. Choosing a manual device, it is important to understand that the device with the maximum large volume of the reservoir will be hard to hold in one hand, so it is more expedient to buy a model with a small volume of the tank, if necessary, adding water to it. The flow rate of 1 liter of water is an average of 30 minutes of continuous action of the device.
    6. Conveniently when your device will be equipped with an option to adjust the power of the steam, What significantly expands its area of ​​use.
    7. Outdoor steam generators are pretty heavy, And for the convenience of their movement it is important that they are equipped with portable wheels, reliably fixed to the body of the device.
    8. Choosing a manual model, pay attention to, how it will be located in your hand – Is it convenient for you to get your finger to the trigger, is not too cumbersome for you design on dimensions and your weight.
    9. Pay attention to the package of the device by the nozzles – The more their range, the wider the range of applying the device. Budget models are equipped with a minimum nozzle, among which there is a floor brush, a narrow nozzle, a small seam cleaning brush, a frame for fastening the fabric when washing the glasses. In more expensive models, additional nozzles are provided: a pistol for supplying a cold pair, designed to care for the leaves of plants, rubber water chairs for glass, steam iron, nozzle-vacuum cleaner and others.
    10. An important point is the diameter of the nozzle at the device. Conveniently when it is wide, and in the set of nozzles there is an option to wear a narrow elongated nozzle to perform work in hard-to-reach places.

    The power of the steam cleaner and its functionality directly affect its value. Manual variants of this electrical appliance can cost from 2 to 5,000 rubles., and stationary – from 9 to 27,000 rubles.

    Operation and repair

    The use of the device greatly facilitates household labor, but do not forget that the steam cleaner himself needs regular cleaning and prevention. After performing the work with the device, the water remained in it you need to drain every time, wipe all the wet parts and only after that it is removed for storage. Brushes and nozzles should also be kept clean. Besides, It is important to monitor the electric shutter and the steam supply hose (if any) stored without chances and harsh gears, which will significantly extend their service life.

    Water from a water tap, poured into the reservoir, contains in its composition of the impurity of mineral salts, which, when contacting the heating element, form a layer of scale, which can lead to a breakage of the Tan. Replace this device with your own hands is quite difficult, this manipulation is performed in the service center. It is possible to determine the malfunction of the TEN by the fact that the device stopped heating water, or check the heating device’s contracts by multimeter.

    For the prevention of the vehicle breakdown, the instruction manual of any such device contains mention that instead of tap water it is advisable to use distilled. If there is no such possibility, then the device must be cleaned regularly, pouring special preparations in the reservoir, cleansing the TEN from scale. After the tool is flooded into the water tank, it is turned on, they give water to warm up, and then you need to turn off the device, give it to completely cool, open the capacitance cover and drain the cleansing solution from it. Next, water is poured into the container again and drained it, washing from the residue. If the lid does not open, it means that the device is not cooled enough, and he needs to give extra time.

    On how to remove scale from a steam cleaner, look in the following video.

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