Steam cleaners for furniture: characteristics, rules of choice and operation

Steam cleaners for furniture: characteristics, rules of choice and operation

Favorite sofa lost his former beauty. There may be a lot of reasons – the child spilled on it a glass of juice, a husband in Sports Azart when watching football dropped to the upholstery of a fatty cutlet. A blush or powder wake up on the sofa. All this is unpleasant, but it is not at all a reason to go to the furniture salon for an expensive purchase, call the masters on the upholstery of the furniture upholstery and not even reason to immediately contact dry cleaning. Modern household appliances manufacturers have long come up with a wonder-car to combat such spots – Furniture steam cleaners.


Charm of steam cleaners for furniture is that They are suitable not only for upholstered furniture – sofas and chairs. Most of the proposed models easily cope with pollution on plastic, ceramic, metal surfaces. Textile for them – the most simple and easy task.

The steam generator for furniture can also be used to clean carpets, pillows and mattresses. Ferry You will not only return them to the former purity, but also get rid of possible invisible parasites, lounge and dust ticks, often settled under the thick covers.

Professional steam apparatuses ensure steam penetration inside the surface to a depth of up to 10 centimeters. They can easily remove almost any contamination: fat, traces of cosmetics, fruit stains and even hair.


There are several types of household furniture steam cleaners. Consider the mains.


These are compact, lungs and easy to operate steam cleaners. They allow you to make a quick cleaning of almost any surfaces without significant efforts. Another advantage of such devices – relative cheapness and accessibility for any budget.


Such models are something reminded by a vacuum cleaner. The reservoir is located below. Hence the visual resemblance to the vacuum cleaner. Compact steam cleaner equipped with nozzles for various textures and furniture buildings.

But remember, when choosing such a model, you should pay attention to the length of the hose connecting the steam tank with the nozzle to clean the surface you needed not difficult to access. The same applies to the network cable.

Vacuum cleaners

Such models are more suitable for professional use. Yes, and their price is not for everyone to pocket. However, the power of the vacuum cleaner and the effectiveness of its work can hardly be compared with the instruments described above. Vacuum cleaners are more durable.

Modern models

Specialists of many cleaning companies have long made a choice in favor of steam cleaners. Such a device is universal. He has a lot of advantages over his competitors for the right to be called the best fighter with mud. Here are just some of its advantages:

  • copes with most types of pollution+
  • can be used on different surfaces+
  • easy to use+
  • penetrates hard-to-reach places+
  • struggles with unpleasant odors+
  • produces moderate disinfection+
  • does not require special cleaning products, which means that the most environmentally+
  • Does not leave divorces.

Features of choice

The first thing to pay attention to is – This is a steam cleaner power. Than it is more, the higher the effectiveness of its use. It ranges from 700 watts in manual steam cleaners up to 2300 watts in outdoor. The following parameter is the volume of the steam boiler. What it is more, the longer it will work your device without “feeding”.

Keep in mind that one liter of water is enough for thirty-forty minutes of continuous operation.

If you choose on a manual steam cleaner, then pay attention to its weight. And remember – manufacturers most often indicate the mass of the “empty” device. Add water to it and get the weight that you have to raise when cleaning.

The following circumstance requiring attention is the number of nozzles. Than them are more, the more abilities of the car. There should be three things for a minimum, the maximum value is difficult to determine. Manufacturers offer a variety of nozzles for different types of flooring, cleaning mirrors and windows, textiles.

The length of the electric cord and the hose was mentioned above. We will only add that the flexibility of these elements is also important to removely remove hard to reach places.

When choosing, pay attention to the heating time of the device. Some will be ready for work in 10 seconds, others will “puff” 10 minutes.

The next item is steam pressure. Everything is more difficult here. Manufacturers declare what is created inside the tank, it all depends on the length of the hose and the nozzle configuration.

So, the choice is made, it’s time to start cleaning, but Previously, we recommend to explore the instruction instruction instruction. This will help eliminate annoying errors in use.

Operating recommendations

Before you start processing your favorite sofa, try the action of the device on an inconspicuous area, hidden from the eyes, and only if it does not change the structure, you can clean the furniture entirely.

The procedure may be such.

  • Remove all sorts from the surface. At home is easy to do with a vacuum cleaner. And only after that, let me go to our steam cleaner.
  • Fill the liquid into water tank. Manufacturers recommend using a liquid purified by filter.
  • If the stains on the furniture are complex or to work the device, you need a detergent, add it to the water. But just first carefully read the instructions. Remember: no longer means better, an excessive amount of powder can spoil your furniture.
  • During work Try to keep your “helper” in parallel Clemented surface.
  • The more delicate fabric on the furniture, the less pressure should be.
  • Particularly fatty or salted areas will be easier to clean, If you send the pairs from below up, as if blowing the dirt.

After completion of cleaning, check if there is no moisture left, if so, it is necessary to get into the microfiber cloth.

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