Steam cleaners for windows: what it is, how to choose and use?

Steam cleaners for windows: what it is, how to choose and use?

Heat offensive can sometimes overshadow the mood of the hostess one inevitable duty – washing windows. From their surface, it is necessary to remove the pollution accumulated during a long time, and an excellent helper in this can be the use of a steam cleaner for windows. On the peculiarities of this device and nuances of his choice, let’s talk in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages

The principle of operation of the steam generator is largely similar to the work of the excavating iron. Before conducting the procedure, the device must be prepared. To do this, water poured into a special container. In the process, it will be heated, and couples do on the hose, perfectly removing the flight and dirt from the glasses. At the same time, it should be noted that the air flow is so powerful, which allows you to cope with the purification of even the places to which it is not easy to get.

The main feature of the device can be called what it is universal.

With the help of the steam generator, you can not only effectively wash the windows, but also cope with other tasks. For this, there are additional nozzles that allow you to easily affect other surfaces, for example, mirrors in an apartment or kitchen tile. The consumer can choose a fairly compact or more impressive option, it all depends on the needs and preferences.

Let’s talk more about the pros and cons of the product. The main advantages are simplicity and comfort of use. Work will not require special skills, even a teenager will cope with the steaming procedure. This device can be applied regardless of the time of year, result in any case will be perfect.

Using the use of the steam generator, you can achieve soft but efficient winding.

The device does not leave the divorces, the presence of veins, which often stick to the glass when washing it using a conventional cloth. In addition, cleaning occurs with the use of hot steam, and the use of high temperatures allows you to disinfect the surface, having delivering it from harmful bacteria and microorganisms, especially true for families with young children, and also helps to protect those living in the apartment from manifestation of allergic reactions.

The cleaning procedure is carried out using conventional water. Accordingly, there is an opportunity to save on detergents.

However, in the presence of such a number of advantages, there is an appliance and disadvantages. One of them users call Significant weight. Manufacturers offer both quite compact and efficient, but at the same time bulky models. This nuance may make it difficult. Also some steam cleaners do not allow manually adjusting pair power. Another minus refers to safety technique. With non-accurate use of steam you can burn. It is not recommended to conduct a procedure for the presence in the immediate vicinity of small children.


A steam cleaner can be divided into types of use. Exist hand and outdoor models.

Manual steam generators also called portable. They have small size, have an affordable cost and do not cause problems during operation. However, such models have a water tank too small, so it will be necessary to add it constantly if cleaning is planned continuous.

Outdoor steam generators Visually resemble vacuum cleaners. Their dimensions are significantly more than in the previous case. During the work, the device itself is on the floor, and a flexible hose is designed for use. Users note the convenience and functionality of such products. With their help, it is very convenient to wash plastic windows, tiles and other surfaces.

Terms of Use

In order for the device to serve for a long time, keeping the cleanliness of the house, use it right. There are a number of tips for use.

One of the mains is to use for the device extremely purified water. Also, the liquid should not be hot: it is capable of bringing the device.

Before cleaning the glasses, you need follow the status of frames. Plastic and wooden is recommended to wash with special rags that absorb water well. The procedure does not make sense to carry out in the rain. It is best to choose a cool day, as the lack of heat will allow to provide a longer surface moistening.

Cleaning is carried out, starting from the outside, in the direction from top to bottom.

Tips for choosing

Before making a choice, you should decide on the criteria. We will not listen to the reviews of consumers. If possible, you can stay on products of proven manufacturers, for example, high estimates awarded a trademark Karcher.

When the buyer decided on a specific model, you need to check its weight. The fact is that during cleaning the unit is in hand, which can cause additional difficulties. Also increase the rate and waterproof water.

It is worth saying that experts do not advise you to choose models with volumetric tanks.

Those who are confused by this moment, makes sense to stay on the outdoor products. However, it should be borne in mind that Their cost will be an order of magnitude higher.

An important factor is power. For manual models, a 1600 W indicator is enough, the total minimum value should be 2300 W. Power affects the water heating rate in the container. On average, high-quality models do it in 1-2 minutes. Next follows the type of heating. It is believed that options with a boiler are more convenient than direct-flow.

The main thing is to clarify that the boiler is aluminum. This will not only help avoid the appearance of scale, but will significantly extend the service life of the device.

For disinfection it is better to choose models with the most hot ferry. For the procedure for cleaning steam can be both hot and cold.

It is also important how long the model has a model. It is better to choose the maximum value: this will allow you to move away from the outlet for sufficient distances. With the hose the inverse situation: what he is shorter, the greater the chances that the temperature of the steam at the output will be hot. Steam generators can also work autonomously, if necessary, you can consider the possibility of acquiring such products.

The following video presents an overview of the Kitfort CT-912 Professional Series steam cleaner.

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