We wash the burnt enameled saucepan outside and inside

We wash the burnt enameled saucepan outside and inside

Enameled dishes has a large number of positive qualities. It is hygienic, easily clean and does not enter into a chemical reaction. The dishes prepared in it are characterized by good taste due to Excellent heat transfer. Also in it can be quite a long time to store the cooked food. Therefore, it enjoys well-deserved popularity and love of all owners, occupying its honorable place in the kitchen.

The life of the pan depends not only on the care of it, but also from the quality of the product itself. So that the enameled saucepan served for a long time, first need to choose the right quality product.

There are several criteria for choosing such dishes:

  1. Enamel should be applied by perch. Then the layer is obtained thicker and strong, resistant to mechanical and thermal damage. When buying on the side of the sides, you can see from 2 to 4 gray dots, which are the place of fastening when immersed in enamel, the walls of such dishes will be thicker+
  2. The neck of the tank must be metallic and smooth+
  3. It is desirable that inside the pan is white. Color enamel can be toxic.

What are the pollution?

Pollution is different, caused by time, improper operation or burnt food.

In the summer season, the most frequent problem is a thick clad layer of the burnt jam, which sometimes cannot be cleaned completely. It is important to remember that the enamel saucepan is not suitable for cooking such food, food in it quickly burns.

In the process of exploitation, the hostess are faced with the resulting yellow or dark raid, by the blow of enamel. To prevent this kitchen utensils need to be careful and from time to time to be cleaned with the help of folk and domestic products.

As already stipulated earlier, the food in the enamel dishes quickly burns, if you do not work out. Therefore, such pollution has often appear as NAGA, burned food or implications.

Prepare dairy dishes, for example, porridge based on milk, in such a glassware is strictly prohibited. Milk quickly burns and leaves a whitish flaw, which is hard to clean in the usual way.

In the preparation of oily food forms a flap of fat. It is difficult to launder from any dishes, so after cooking it is important to do the pussy of the pan. Copper may form due to poor water, in which case the precipitate falls on the walls of the dishes.

Than laundering?

If the trouble still happened, and the saucepan is burned, you need to know Several useful rules for cleaning it:

  1. It is impossible to leave dishes for a long time, pollution needs to do immediately after the incident+
  2. In no case can not soak it in cold water. A sharp change of temperature can damage enamel (cracks will appear).

Clean the saucepan at home can be with the help of different types of funds – chemical (household chemicals) and folk.

Clear how to quickly clean?

Cleaning with household chemicals

Household chemicals can help quickly and without any effort to get rid of pollution. Before using chemicals, it is necessary to get acquainted with the instructions.

It is also important to comply with the protection measures, work only in gloves and ventilated. After applying, it is important to wash the dishes thoroughly, and it is best to boil to exclude the ingress of the substance in food. Consider some cleaning compositions and their application. Read more:

  • Dishwashing detergents. Heat the dishes on the stove and pour hot water, add a few drops of detergent. We withstand about 2 hours, after we drain the water and mine under warm running water. If it did not help, we water the means spot and withstand about 10 hours, my sponge under warm running water+
  • Sanita “Ultra Glitter” – Universal cream-shaped cleaning agent that can be used to cleanse any saucepan. Well copes with mud, thin fat and lime bloom (scale)+
  • Cleaning pasta Astonish – Also is a universal cleaning agent, suitable for both dishes and gas plates, microwave ovens and shells+

  • Spray Tytan – Special tool that helps fight Nagar. It is enough to spray it into a polluted area and withstand 5 minutes, after washing under warm running water+
  • “Shumanit”. Very strong substance that copes even with the most eaten pollution. However, it is very toxic and has a caustic smell, so it is necessary to provide good ventilation in the room, work exclusively in rubber gloves and use the tool only from the outside of the dishes. Application: Spray the remedy on the surface and withstand 30 seconds. Wipe with a wet sponge and my thorough under running water.
  • “White”. It is also possible to use it only from the outside of the pan. Application: In the cold capacity we pour cool water, 2 liters of water take 2 caps. Leave, let both the dishes and the water warm up to room temperature (about two hours), and put on gas, bring to a boil. After we merge water and repeat the procedure. At the end, we rinse thoroughly under warm running water to fully wash off the chlorine.

Homemade means

The advantage of homework is their availability and safety for health:

  • Acetic Essence, Food Soda and Lemon Acid. In a small amount of warm water, dissolve 30 grams of soda, approximately the same vinegar and half of the lemon acid packet. At the end there should be a liquid Cashier. We take a sponge and with its help we distribute the remedy for the bottom and walls with rubbing movements. We withstand 30 minutes, after we wash under warm running water. The recipe is suitable for removing darkening and nagar+
  • Coffee cake. You can use both fresh and lying. Do not worry for the safety of enamel, coffee is not able to damage her integrity, but copes well with pollution. We recruit a sponge of thick and three pollution sites, time from time to time mud and applied fresh portion of the thick. Cleaning takes a maximum of 15 minutes+
  • Salt. Get rid of black inside helps an ordinary salt. We recruit a handful of a large salt and sprinkled the nagar, after pouring water so that it closes the polluted plot completely. Withstand 2 hours. Then put on fire and boil for 30 minutes. Black sites literally in front of the coverage+

  • Calcinated soda will help from the burnt milk. Pour water into the container and stir in it 60 g. soda, boil for 3 minutes+
  • A prescription based on prs or vinegar will also help against a dark flight. One person tablet is dissolved in warm water and boil for 60 minutes. Vinegar: Water liter + 50 ml of vinegar. Boiling for 2 hours+
  • A solution of vinegar will help to get rid of the yellow. On liter of water, we take 150 ml of vinegar. Boiling mortar for 2 hours. As the prevention of the appearance of yellowness, it is possible to carry out the procedure up to two times a month+

  • Dark mounting well remove sweet carbonated drinks. They include orthophosphoric acid, which is capable of breeding organic education. To do this, we pour gas in the container and leave for 50 minutes. If the flare does not disappear, then additionally boil for 30 minutes+
  • Impact of cold. This is the easiest way chilled by a saucepan of 60 minutes in the freezer, and after you consider Nagar+
  • Milk serum. Fill in a saucepan by 1 cm above the contaminated area. We leave for 24 hours and mine with a common dishware. Serum contained milk acids that the enamel of the original original color will be returned.

Enameled saucepan not suitable for long-term cooking jam, preservation or boiling. However, if it still happened, from the burnt jam The following means will help to get rid of:

  • Concentrated solid salt. Preparing a working solution: a liter of water + 120 gr salt. Pour the solution so that it covers all contaminated areas. Boiling maximum for 45 minutes, watching the process if the dirt will go out before, gas can be turned off+
  • Activated carbon. We take one blister (10 tablets) and crush to the state of the powder. Cover powder burnt bottom and withstand 30 minutes. Top water and withstand 30 minutes again. After my running water with the use of conventional cleaning products+
  • Laundry soap. We take one soap bar and grind on a small grater. Chips fall asleep into water, transform to their complete dissolution and cook 2 hours.

  • FINISH Tablets. Dissolve one tablet in water and boil for 20 minutes+
  • Apple Hose from sour apples. Fresh burnt jam can be taped with fresh apple skin and after rinse with a saucepan with warm water. If the tyrgar did not move, then we pour the peel with water and boil for 20 minutes. Apple Acid Spanks Sugar Corger from Jam+
  • Ash. The method is perfect for those who are in the country or in nature. Fall asleep ashes saucepan on 1/3 and pour warm water. Capacity put on fire, boil about 30 minutes. Pour liquid and mine as usual.

Ordinary not burnt gluts outside are easily removed with a sponge dipped in vinegar or medical alcohol. Slightly burnt leaks are removed by salt solution, for this we watches a sponge and rubbing pollution.

If the subcase burned hard and got black, then:

  1. Cool capacity+
  2. We prepare the cleaning mixture: 100 grams of soda + 5 ml of detergent + 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Mixture distributing sponge contamination+
  3. Withstand for 10 minutes and my running water.

To completely clean the dishes, it is necessary to choose the appropriate container in which it can be lost entirely, for example, a basin or iron bucket. Fill the container with water and put on fire, heated. Add hot water: 5 liters of water = stationery glue bottle + 150 grams of food soda. We thoroughly mix and bring to a boil. We reflect the fire and lower the saucepan into the water for 20-30 minutes. After waiting for cooling and mine under running water.

In the summer, you can use the old but proven way – clean sand. To do this, we smear on the saucepan of sand and the three rigid face of a sponge or cloth. Sand from time to time change. The procedure lasts about 60 minutes, after cleaning the surface of the dishes will be shining as new.

Folk advice

To extend the service life of enameled dishes must be observed Several rules:

  • Buying a saucement is not worth a hurry with its use, first it is necessary to “harden” hot water. To do this, hire a cooler to the top water so that it reaches the neck. We put the tank on the stove and bring water to a boil, after turning off the gas. Can be merged only after the water will cool. After this procedure in a saucepan, you can cook without fears+
  • It is not worth a long time to store products in dishes that contain acids, such as a salad with vinegar or lemon juice, sliced ​​apples+
  • You can not put a cold saucepan on a hot plate and pour cold liquid into a hot pan+

  • Damage to enamels on the bottom can occur by such reasons like sharp change temperatures if the bottom of the pan is much wider than the burner, when drying the dishes on a hot stove+
  • If the food is still burned, the container must be empty and pour with warm water. You can wash it only with soft sponges+
  • Cannot be used when cleaning a metal brush and chemical abrasive cleaning products. This can damage the integrity of the enamel and lead to the ingress of harmful toxic substances alloy into food, and together with it – in the body + chips on the surface of the enamel indicate the unsuitability of dishes.

Thus, it is possible to extort a burnt enameled pan both with the help of modern industry achievements and people’s ways.

Use the enameled dishes is needed carefully, adhering to the rules of operation.

And then she will delight you with delicious dishes and beautiful appearance.

How to wash the enameled saucepan correctly, you can learn from the following video.

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