How to clean an artificial fur at home?

How to clean an artificial fur at home?

Currently, artificial fur is gaining great popularity, and it’s not only in conservation of nature. People acquire fur coats, hats, parks, capes from such material, blankets and other similar products. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, today you can get a very attractive synthetic fur, which is significantly cheaper than natural, but little is inferior to him by beauty. However, sometimes it is also dirty, and you have to think about how to remove it at home.

If pollution is superficial

In the event that dust appeared on an artificial fur on a jacket or on another product, while it was kept, it will be possible to get rid of it very easily. Take a clean wet cotton fabric, put it with a pile down, spread the thing on it and select it using the knocker. So you can get rid of dust that accumulated between the Village: it will remain on the wet surface.

When the product is clean, straighten it and dry.

If you knocked a thing, but the dirt is not doing anywhere, remove it using a soap solution. It is necessary to act as follows:

  • Cleaned surface should be vertically. To do this hang fur on her shoulders.
  • Take a transparent shampoo that does not have any additional additives. There will be enough 3 tablespoons. Divide the shampoo in the lytra of the liquid, it should be warm. Wear a mixture with your hands: Much foam should appear.
  • Using a brush, apply to the surface with caution. Water should not be based on the product.
  • If the thing has a medium or long pile, it should be cleaned in the direction of its growth. Low Vilki are treated in the opposite direction. Artificial fur needs to be cleaned only like this – this rule can be called the main.
  • Get rid of excess foam using a wet cotton rag. Preload her so that it becomes almost dry.
  • In order for the product to be land, wipe it using a clean terry fabric. Then place it on the street or in a thoroughly ventilated room. It should be prevented from hitting the ray of the sun. Heaters should not stand too close to the product.
  • When the pile will dry out, spread it when using the comb. Her teeth should be rare.

So that the fur collar becomes fluffy, glitter, mix the glycerin (one teaspoon), water (0.5 liters), ethyl alcohol (0.5 liters) and process it with this mixture. Gently apply a mixture onto a pile using a wool tampon or sprayer.

Do not forget to repeat the product when it becomes dry.

White Vors

White fur is cleaned using lemon juice for this:

  • In equal proportions, mix the water with lemon juice.
  • Plunge into this mixture of watts and clean the product with it.
  • You can take citric acid powder, not lemon juice. Mix two parts of a liquid with one piece of powder.

Another way that is suitable for a white pile is the use of hydrogen peroxide:

  • Dissolve in one liter of water one tablespoon of three percent peroxide.
  • Roll into the product, apply a mixture on it.
  • So that the thing is dried, hang it on the street or in the room which is often ventilated.
  • Take advantage of metal. Her teeth should be blunt and not very frequent.

So that the thing has become snow-white, use blue:

  • In one liter of water, add a few drops of blue. Should get a pale blue mixture.
  • Plunge into the watt or sponge solution, mark the product.
  • Dry a wet product on the street or in a room that is well ventilated.
  • Draw a pile using a metal comb with rare cloths.

To get an effective mixture with which you can clean the white thing, use the ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Apply a mixture to the surface using a sprayer. Fur must dry carefully. When it becomes dry, take a garbage from iron and expect it.

If the product is very dirty

In the case when the basis of the product is contaminated, it is worthwhile to wash it. Artificial pile can be washed in the event that it is located on a mixed or synthetic basis. This can be a mixture of lavsanov, viscose, cotton fibers, Poleolefin fibers. Put the thing manually. To do this, act as follows:

  • Dissolve the detergent in the water, which is intended to wash things from synthetics, silk, wool. It is necessary to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. The temperature of the solution is no more than forty degrees.
  • Immerse the product into a liquid and gently squeeze it with your hands. It is impossible to rub the thing too much. Otherwise to straighten the fur then it will be very difficult.
  • Thoroughly pop up, water will have to change several times. Optimum temperature – from 15 to 30 degrees. It is possible to use an antistatic detergent. After it wechit a thing twice, no more, otherwise the antistatic effect will not be saved.

  • You can use a terry towel – with it you can remove excess water. Wrap it with a wet product and squeeze.
  • Scatter the thing and hang it above the bathroom. To do this, you can use the shoulders. When water stops dripping, transfer the fur to the street or to the room, which is well ventilated.
  • Cut the filled fur.
  • You can stroken the pile, using a warm iron. This is a good option if the fur is lining.

Removal stain

If you want to get rid of a dirty spot on artificial fur, act as follows:

  • Prepare warm water (0.5 l), dissolve any washing powder in it (two tablespoons).
  • Gently stick the liquid in the product using a sponge. You need to move from the edges to the middle.
  • Remove sponge pollution and detergent. If there is a need to carry out the procedure again.
  • Seeing the thing, the temperature should be room.
  • When most of the dirt will be removed, wait for the drying and carefully remove using the brush.

If the stain is fat and it has just occurred, immediately apply absorbing (absorbent) tool on it. Take advantage for this, for example, flour, powder for children.

If you can’t get rid of a dirty spot, remove it with gasoline:

  1. It must be purified, otherwise divorces will remain on things. To check how clean the solvent, drop them on paper. She should dry out. If a stain remains on the surface of a clean white sheet, it is impossible to use gasoline.
  2. Moisten the solvent clean cotton fabric or cotton tampon. Press the material to achieve maximum dryness. Gently wipe the swabbed fur tampon, remove the dirt. So cleans the cuffs, collars.
  3. In some cases, purified gasoline and absorbent agent are applied to the pile. Fat is removed using a solvent and absorbed due to the absorbent. Gasoline is added to the absorbent agent.
  4. Apply the resulting semi-liquid mixture on the spot, leave it for a while, let’s dry.
  5. Then consider it using for this brush.

May remain smell of gasoline. To get rid of it, thoroughly carry out the thing outside.

Useful recommendations

In the process of cleaning the pile, some recommendations should be followed:

  1. Make sure the selected tool is safe. Choose a small section for processing. If the pile does not glue, it will not stop glistening and does not change the shade, you can clean the entire thing.
  2. Before processing, it is worth putting on rubber gloves. If you are using the ammonia alcohol or gasoline, ensure ventilation, open the windows so that the room is carefully carved. Do not hold the thing next to the open sources of fire.
  3. As for the use of a washing machine for cleaning artificial fur – you need to think about the possible consequences. Examine the product label, find out what it is about the possibility of such a washing manufacturer. Do not experiment with poor-quality fur.

More specifically how to clean an artificial fur, see the following video.

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