How to wash a drape coat at home?

How to wash a drape coat at home?

Women’s and men’s coats are of great popularity in the autumn-winter period, as well as successfully gain popularity on the podiums. Drap coat is a fashionable, spectacular, topical thing that creates a stylish, classic image in the cold season. Drap is one of the best materials for tailoring of the outerwear, but, unfortunately, not knowing how this thing will behave when the sock wishes to purchase this element of the wardrobe refuse to buy.

Drap: Fabric Features

It is a dense and heavy woolen fabric has a high heat insulating effect. The weave of the fabric can be single-layer, one and a half-layer, double-layer, depending on the manufacturer of the textile industry. It perfectly holds the shape, does not shine, pleasant to the touch and comfortable in the sock, but poorly tolerates negative impact. It is used for tailoring of outerwear, costumes for both women and men.

With a large number of advantages of Drapa, there is a single minus – this is the difficulty in smoothing the iron, but modern hostesses apply a saparler for clothes, so this deficiency can be considered a good.

Types and color of the drape

Depending on the production technology and the firm producing drapem, Allocate self-wool and semi-wool types:

  1. High-quality material is made of natural woolen threads, only 15% of additives are allowed (chemical processing of wool, coloring substances). This is a durable, durable, dear, high-quality and valuable material.
  2. The semi-wool material has impurities of both kapron and viscose, cotton, linen yarn. Usually, the inner side of the product uses lower-quality yarn with add-on wool rehabilitated, so the wrong side is obtained by loose structure. It does not affect the appearance of the damage, but it can significantly reduce its mass and total density.

When choosing a robe, you must take into account the components of the tissue components to know how to care for it: to give it to dry cleaning or to clean it at home.

How to care for a damage?

To maintain a commodity view, it is necessary to correct and careful care for the upper clothes. It is necessary to study the manufacturer’s records on the label and evaluate the possibility of cleaning the garardo outcome at home. In the fall and winter, the weather is changed, you can get under the rain, snow, pass by the track, and dust will stick to your clothes, or by chance a car sprinkles mud out of the puddles. By arrival home not worth a wet polluted thing to stick into the closet, First of all, hang it on the hanger and let’s dry, and then use dry cleaning.

In order to clean the wool from sticking dust and dirt, you can use a dry brush or damp sponge. Try to do this in different directions of the pile.

Sedielded sections in the neck, elbows, brushes can be sprinkled with talc, it absorbs fatty particles. You can also remove them with a paper towel and iron. You can still use a vacuum cleaner. Having a special nozzle, you can pull the drape from dry dirt and accumulated dust. Nowadays there is a huge amount Lyfhakov, which can be used at home:

  • If you have not been a sticky tape for cleaning the cover, use Scotch tape. It is enough to wind the brush sticky face out and stroke the contaminated surface, and you will see how much dust and small particles you have collected.
  • Soap solution can be cleaned with stains from food, lipstick and other dumping items. Stainstower for carpets will be suitable for cleaning.
  • The glossy collar can be cleaned with a special mixture in the ratio of 4 tablespoons of the ammonic alcohol and 1 tablespoon of cook salt.
  • Not bad removes pollution Bishi bread. Bread should be rye. You need to roll the crumbs into the ball and clean the spot on the product, and then shook the remnants.
  • Spots from coffee and tea can be removed by a mixture of apple or table vinegar and alcohol in a ratio of one to one.
  • Wine can be removed by sprinkling salt in the area of ​​pollution.

How to wash at home?

It is easier to shove the dirty thing in a machine machine on a low-temperature wash mode at low temperatures – it’s all that. But manufacturers do not recommend making a coat in machines. Use further recommendations:

  • Apply not an ordinary washing powder, but gel, it is more gentle refers to this type of tissue, you can use a children’s shampoo or liquid soap+
  • Disconnect the seizure and drying mode on your washing machine+
  • After washing gently hang a coat on the shoulders, let him dry.

Remember that if you decide on this step, so as not to spoil the fur and metal jewelry, save them.

A more sparing procedure is washed manually. You will also need a gel-like cleaning agent for delicate fabrics:

  1. It is necessary to dial the container with cool water and with the addition of detergent.
  2. Then, immerse the thing into the water and soar for half an hour or an hour, after the muffled hand movements.
  3. Do not make maximum efforts to overtake stains. It is strictly forbidden to rub, because after drying, you will find on the surface of the coil.
  4. After neat wash, you need to rinse it in clean water several times.

Thoroughly flash the product, since the remains of a soap solution after drying can decorate it with divorces.

Coat need to hang on the shoulders to the glass liquid alone. If you have a dryer, you can decompose the clean thing on it. After the glasses are water, it is preferable to continue drying in a horizontal position on a canvas that absorbs fluids well, for example, on a terry sheet.

If katovka formed after hand washing, buy a special typewriter to remove them.

Locally influence pollution using soap mortar and soft sponge. You need to hang the resulting mixture and light neat movements to lose in the point of pollution, and after removing the foam with a napkin. When the stains disappear, rinse them with clean cool water.

There is a possibility that during washing the coat can polish or change the color, so observe the temperature mode: water must be barely warm, and better cool to avoid unpleasant moments. It is important after any wash or cleaning so that the thing has saved the form, and the facial structure has not changed, at the same time of delicate tissue. Do not allow inhabitants with delicate things. Treat them gently, and then this thing will serve you for many years. Buy products from high-quality materials and then with anxious attitude it will last you for a long time.

According to reviews on the Internet, we can conclude that Careful hand washing less changes properties and appearance of the damage fabric, rather than washing machine gun. After studying the methods of cleaning a drap coat at home, select the most optimal for your kind of drape. Use only reliable and proven ways. And remember, always any product of your wardrobe can be attributed to professional cleaning. Do not be afraid to acquire outerwear from damage materials, because it is always elegant, beautiful and fashionable.

In more detail how to care for a drape coat will tell the following video.

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