How to wash a jacket on a sintepon?

How to wash a jacket on a sintepon?

Jackets on a synthesis insulation are widely distributed from the consumer. They are light, bright and comfortable in the sock, and the price will not allow to empty the wallet. In addition, these jackets are very warm and stylish. But sooner or later the question arises of their cleaning. The product is polluted and it must be washed, and if you are not a lover of dry cleaning, then it will have to do with your own hands.

Wash the thing on the synthesis manually hard and not necessarily, you can do it in a washing machine. In this article we will talk in detail about all the nuances.


Syntheticizer is a nonwoven synthetic material used for insulation, which is invested between the layers of the product fabric. In the process of machine washing, it can hang out, uneven distribute, breaking and clothing will lose sight. First you need explore the birch, In which the manufacturer pointed out the type of tissue, as well as the temperature regime, in which washing, the possibility or prohibition of spinning, ironing and other nuances is possible.

Do not neglect this information, it will help keep your thing in proper form and not spoil it.


  • If you see the pelvis, crossed by two diagonal lines, it means that the washing is excluded.
  • In case of exclusively manual washing, a pelvis with palm lowered to it.
  • Rectangle with inscribed in it three vertical lines means a ban on a spin.
  • Lisked rectangle means a ban on a machine drying.
  • Straight line, inscribed in a rectangle, shows that horizontal drying is allowed.
  • Lisked Iron Sign Means Banning.
  • The crossed triangle shows a ban on chlorine-containing detergents.

If you find that your jacket is coated with membrane cloth, is insulated with glued syntheps, contains non-removable parts made of genuine leather, wool or fur, in this case, alas, Machine washing contraindicated. After machine washing, your product can polish, sit down, deform or stretch.

But do not hurry to get upset. The jacket can be cleaned locally, with a wet fabric and a small amount of detergent type Fairy. If there are stains and divorces on such a jacket, you can get rid of them using the ammonia alcohol: We divorce 1 tablespoon of alcohol in 200 ml of water.


Consider first the version of the manual washing of the Singry Training Jacket:

  1. The temperature of the water should not exceed 50 degrees. Ideally, it is better to adhere to 30-40 degrees, it will guarantee your jacket from deformation. Fill the bath or big pelvis.
  2. Divide a small amount of liquid detergent for gentle wash. The washing powder is better not to use, as it is badly dissolved in not hot water and divorces can remain on the product. Also, you should not use bleach.
  3. Lower your jacket into the water and remember slightly, not much. It is important that the synthetone does not move and not formed lumps.
  4. If there are stains on clothes, clean them with a soft sponge and soap. It is not worth the soak, since the insulation may suffer.
  5. Remove the jacket and change the water to clean. Gently rinse the product, changing water several times. It is important that the detergents will completely come out of their insulation.
  6. Gently peel the water from the jacket, you can do it in an empty bathroom, pressing palms on the product. Either hang a jacket on a hanger over the bathroom and gently push the jacket from top to bottom, squeezing their water.
  7. Then it is necessary to unail a tight towel or a terry sheet and decompose a jacket on it, checking whether the insulation has shifted. When clothes give the fabric excess moisture and partially dry, it can be hung to dry up vertically.

In no case can you dry the jacket on the battery, it can spoil the product.

Machine wash

Preliminary preparation:

  1. To begin with, carefully examine the labels with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to observe the temperature regime, the spin and drying method.
  2. Satze the hood or collar jacket if they are finished with natural fur. Either any removable furs decor with cuff and hood. Remove the belt or belt.
  3. Check out all pockets for keys, forgotten little things or small items.
  4. Check all the seams of the product for integrity. Even the slightest discrepancy of the seam or a small surface damage when washing can turn into a huge hole, and worse, through the cutters can be embarrassed by the filler and the product will be hopelessly spoiled. All damage should be carefully sewed.
  5. Lay all pockets and zipper on a jacket. If there are massive pendants or hanging fittings, it is better to remove or tie to avoid damage.
  6. Before the main washing pre-wash and storm cuffs and collar. If there are stains and pollution, then they must also be stamped manually, otherwise, with a common wash, they can stay and the product you will have to launch.

Spots from a tonal cream is easy to remove with medical alcohol. Fat stains Easily remove dishwashing tools, it gently affects and does not leave traces.


  1. Remove the jacket inside out and put in the car. The product there must be one, it is better not to report anything, even if the drum seems to you empty. Put the jacket does not follow a lump, but neatly distributing. If you are afraid that the jacket may be damaged, then upload it to a special bag for washing.
  2. Instead of powder, pick up a liquid tool for washing, it is well washed out of the synthet board and does not leave the divorces on the surface of the product. Well, if the remedy is for delicate fabrics. In addition, the composition should not be bleaching components or stains.
  3. Send water temperature 30-40 degrees. At a higher temperature, the thing may be deformed.
  4. Washing mode is better to put “synthetics” or, if the car allows, it is better to choose “manual” or “delicate washing”.
  5. For a more uniform washing in the drum, special beads for washing are laid, they gently smooth and beat off the product, not letting a sip of sintepon in lumps. If you do not have similar devices, some hostesses recommend adding tennis balls to the drum in the amount of 3-4 pieces. Next, launch washing.
  6. To be guaranteed to avoid divorce on the jacket, it is better to put an additional rinse mode.
  7. If the spin is allowed, it is necessary to set no more than 600 revolutions. Then we get a jacket and, straightening on a horizontal surface, we scrape a terry towel, it will speed up the drying time.
  8. In the case when the prohibition is specified, after the washing is completed, we remove the jacket from the machine and, neatly pressing, press it into an empty bathroom. After that, as in the case of manual washing, it is very horizontal, carefully placing. At the same time, carefully align the filler, if he got drunk somewhere and deformed. In this case, it is also possible to miss a towel. And then leoble on the hanger, hanging on the rope or door.

Useful advice

Important to remember the basic rules. When washing the synthetic jacket is prohibited:

  • Apply powder and bleach.
  • High temperatures.
  • Pressing a strongly twist.
  • Dry on batteries or straight sun.

All of the above recommendations are equally believed to washing autumn, winter or demi-season clothing on Sintegone. The only exception exists For washing white jackets.

It must be predefined in a weak detergent solution for a couple of hours.

After complete drying there are several methods of bringing the jacket in the proper view. Some fabrics allow ironing, which is also indicated on the label. In this case, you need to stroke the product through a cotton fabric or gauze, turning on the evaporation mode. So, the synthetone will not be additionally pressing, and under the influence of the steam, the steam will fall and return its volume.

Also to use well Earls, if it is available. Synthetic jacket to wash 2-3 times in the season, preventing strong pollution. So it will last long and will keep an attractive view.

More specifically on how to wash a jacket from a synthetic winterizer, see the following video.

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