How to wash a jacket on the fluff?

How to wash a jacket on the fluff?

In the cold season, when there is a need to dress warmly, many prefer the pen or fluff-based jackets. It is very comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, very warm outerwear. There is only one problem with which everyone will have to face the down jacket. This problem is to preserve the appearance and quality of the down product in the process of wearing wash.

Types of filler

Pooh or pen-based products can be made from various types of this material. Sometimes the down jackets are stuffed with artificial filler. Downpowers may contain the following types of packing:

  • Jackets on swan fluff. The lighter, but at the same time very warm. Require particularly delicate circulation and care.
  • Jackets with duck down. Usually more voluminous. Also have high heat conservation indicators.
  • Jackets based on fluff feather. Sometimes the manufacturer adds birds to the product. This is a more dense material that promotes the insulation of the product. Mixed-based down jackets are not so whimsical care, like feathers.

  • Adhesives on artificial hollofiber. Hollofiber is a substitute for a natural fluff or feather. It is often used to fill warm overhead clothes or sports insulated jackets. This material is very light, perfectly warms in cold weather. Washing down jacket from holofayber does not require compliance with specific rules.

Such a down jacket can be wrapped in an automatic machine in a gentle wash mode at a small water temperature.

Preparation of the product

Before deciding whether to wash your jacket, carefully inspect the contamination. If only small parts of the product are blicked, for example, sleeve on a bend or cuff, it is better to simply caulate these stains. To do this, it is necessary to take a sponge or a soft brush, apply an economic soap or a means to remove stains and lose the polluted portion of the down jacket, and after cleaning – wash the stained sections with water.

The fact is that the water-repellent composition is applied to the surface of the tissue of the down jacket, and frequent and unjustified washers simply wash it out of the upper layer, and the tissue of the jacket will lose moisture-repellent properties.

To wash the entire product, the entire product should be resorted only with a real need.

If nevertheless, without washing, do not do, before starting washing in a washing machine or manually, It is necessary to prepare a product:

  • Extinguish external decorative dying and fur linings. The features of their cleaning will be described below. Hooded product is better to sweat.
  • Free the pockets of the down jacket, button all the zippers, buttons and buttons, including on the pockets.
  • Remove the jacket inside out, the inner lining outward.

After the preparation of the product, you can proceed to the selected method of washing.


More sparing, but a more time-consuming option is the flush jacket manually:

  • Pour in a pelvic or bath water, the temperature of which is 30-35 degrees. It is important not to pour cold or hot water. Cold water will “give up” the product, and it will not be able to stretch well and cast together. Hot water can damage natural filler.
  • Add to water to wash. It is important to remember that products from a natural fluff or a feather in no way should be washed with a common washing powder. Having made such a mistake, you will get rid of white divorces on a wrapped jacket. The fact is that the powder is strongly foaming, and wash it out of the residues from the filler layer is very and very difficult. Sometimes even numerous rinsing in the washing machine do not help.

Feather or a down jacket can be erased only by special liquid means. These funds are available at any household chemical store. On them is a mark that they are intended for washing downs.

  • Soak the product in water and leave for 10-15 minutes. If there were separate strong pollution on the jacket, it is better to caress them before soaking with the help of a brush and household soap.
  • After soaking, drain water. Do not press the down jacket, carefully flash it until the water after rinsing becomes transparent, and there will be no foam from detergent. You can use the rinsing mode in the washing machine.

Machine wash

The preparatory stage for washing in the machine machine does not differ from the preparation for manual washing. Machine wash should be carried out only using a liquid product, and not washing powder. Do not wash with the down jacket. It can overload a drum or overly steam down while pressing.

So that the appearance of the smoke after washing is not spoiled, and the filler inside it turned out well, in a washing drum you can throw 2-3 balls for washing.

They can be replaced with tennis balls, After preparing that they do not paint the product.

Wash down the jacket is needed in a delicate, gentle program. Such a regime may be called “gentle”, “careful”, “silk”, “hand washing” and the like.

The water temperature should be no higher than 30 degrees. It will also be necessary to deliver an additional rinsing cycle to rinse well from foam. For press mode, you must set a small number of revolutions. Usually in washing machines, the minimum drum speed is 400 revolutions, It is such a speed and should be chosen for pressing down jacket.


Perhaps the most complicated and important process in the washing down jacket is its correct drying. It is from her that will depend on whether the product will return to the primordial beautiful view or will remain crumpled due to the unevenly distributed and swashing fluff. Drying down or featherwork should be performed, following the following rules:

  • Drying is performed only in a horizontal position. The product in no way should be vertically on the shoulders, otherwise, together with flowing water, the fluff and the pen will move to the lower part of the down jacket, and it will be almost impossible to distribute the filler to the bottom of the jacket.
  • After washing (if it was carried out manually) you should post a down jacket above the bathroom in a horizontal position and wait for a while so far. If the washing was carried out in a typewriter, and the pressure mode was used on small revolutions, no excess water in the product will not be.

  • After the product is delighted with excess water, it is necessary, again, horizontally decompose the down jacket on a dry bedspread or towel. Periodically it will be necessary to change the grinding towel to dry and turn the down jacket.
  • When the product becomes just wet, not wet, you can slightly shake it or flip over the entire surface of the hand. For this procedure, a knockout for carpets. Shake or flashing down down jacket is done for better and even distribution of fluff inside the product.
  • In no case laid a wet or wet down jacket on the battery, do not hang next to the radiator or heater. With intense heat drying, bio-fluff loses volume and almost glued inside. Instead of the air jacket, you will receive the windbreaker as a result.
  • You can hang up the down jacket vertically only after its complete drying.

  • If in your washing machine there is a drying mode, the process of drying the fluffy jacket is significantly simplified. You need to install a generous drying program at low temperature. Usually a low-size down jacket is dry in that mode 3-4 hours. But it is eliminated by the likelihood that natural filler in your jacket is welcomed.

If a hollofiber is poured inside the product, put it in order is not difficult. You should also put a wet product horizontally and periodically chop it with hand or knocked for carpets.

Hollofiber is not afraid of warm drying, so the process can be accelerated by blowing down the down jacket with warm air from a hair dryer or fan heater.

Decorative lining

It is worth sending attention to the process of cleaning the decorative external linings from fur or fluff. Usually they are placed on sleeves, collar or hood. Often such linings are sweeping, it is a more convenient option, since the washing of fur and feather decorative elements in water is unacceptable. So, if in your model of the down jacket, the padded lining, you need to disconnect them from the product.

As mentioned above, not allowed washing or cleaning fur decorative elements using water. It will forever spoil their appearance.

To clean such elements of clothing applied starch. Starch absorbed pollution and fats from fur and fluff of decorative element, will not hurt the color and air product:

  • Fur or down lining need to be straightened and decompose on the horizontal surface.
  • Thickly fall asleep fur starch along the entire length.
  • Carefully grate starch along the entire length of the pile from the base to the tips.
  • Using a dry brush with neat movements from the base to the tips to clean dry starch from the product. Shake the lining well for better cleansing from starch.

A rag jacket with a decorative floss, which can not be detached, cleaned somewhat more complicated.

Due to the fact that it is impossible to make contact of the decorative fluff with water, cleaning the jacket itself is possible only with the use of stitching individual sections.

If the fluff is located on the hood or the product collar, you can safely dunk the jacket itself, Leaving the sections on which the Pooh, dry. Special caution will require rinse. The jacket without filler does not require horizontal drying and can be dried in the usual way in a vertical position. If the jacket is a down jacket with a fluff and a pen, drying must be performed by the method described above, in a horizontal position.

About how to choose the right jacket on the down, look in the following video.

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