How to wash Cashmere coat?

How to wash Cashmere coat?

Cashmere products are highly demand and popular due to the special properties of this material. Cashmere coat looks elegant, beautiful and stylish, and besides, heated perfectly. Like any other natural material, cashmere is demanding of care and cleaning. Knowing a few rules of the care and features of this tissue, you can safely wrap a cashmere product at home, without fear to spoil its appearance.

Specific material

Cashmere (second name of Pashmina) is a fabric made of high-mountain goat wool. He received its name from the name of the Kashmir region in India. It’s a district, most of which are covered with high mountains. Goats living in the terrain, have a particularly warm and soft undercoat, from which Cashmere material and Tkut. Similar goat breeds are also successfully displayed in China, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Iran. Wool harvest is made manually, and the process of manufacturing fabric time consuming and requires special accuracy.

Wool fibers are very thin, it’s easy to rush and damage in the processing process, so the products made of pure cashmere are quite expensive. But their cost is definitely justified by high quality and beautiful appearance of products.

For the production of clothing, except clean pashmina, manufacturers also use mixed fabrics. Other types of wool or synthetic material can be added to the product from Cashmere. Such products require less complex care and even tolerate machine wash well.

Preparation for washing

Before starting to wash a coat of cashmere at home, carefully read the label. It contains important product care information. Attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Product composition. The label necessarily indicates 100% this cashmere or fabric has impurities of other materials. In case you see the “WS 100%” icon, washing machine-machine contraindicated. This icon suggests that the coat is made only from natural wool, in this case from cashmere.
  • On the label there may be a schematic icon depicting the crossed in water with water. This is the “non-erase” icon. In this case, the manufacturer informs us about special tissue delicacy. To clean such a product you need to contact a professional dry cleaning.
  • If on the label coat there is data on other materials except cashmere, pay attention to which specifically these materials. A mixture of cashmere with synthetic fibers is less delicate and easy to withstand washing in a washing machine. If the pashumin is mixed with natural wool, wash the product yet only manually.

Immediately before washing, prepare your coat:

  • Free the pockets, save the decorative broths and lining.
  • Sat down the hood if it is.
  • Button all zippers, buttons and buttons, including on pockets.
  • Remove the coat inside out, the bottom lining outward.

After preparing your cashmere coat, you can start appropriate in your case.


For manual washing of products from natural wool should not use the usual washing powder. It is too deeply entrusted to the fibers of the fabric, and for leaching it from a natural wool material requires a multiple rinse, which can negatively affect the safety of the appearance of the product. Suitable means are special powders or gels for wool and cashmere.

You can also use Shampoo for hair. Shampoo well removes pollution from natural fabric fibers, while not spoiling and does not injure material structure.

You can also not be afraid for the fact that the color of the product will sweep or change.

Completely wrapped Cashmere coat manually at home as follows:

  1. Fill a large pelvis or bath with water. The water temperature for washing should be no higher than thirty degrees. Add a cashmere or shampoo to the water, stirred it carefully before the formation of a large amount of foam. With a small contamination, it is possible to use colder water, but above the specified threshold, it is impossible to raise the water temperature in no case.
  2. Soak your product in the prepared solution. Time soaking 15-20 minutes. If on your coat there are plots with severe pollution, for example, stains or scuffs on sleeves and cuffs, they should be carefully caught up to soaking. To do this, apply a foam from a cleaning agent or shampoo to the location of pollution and carefully, without a strong push, linnet it into the fabric with a dry sponge or soft brush. After laying, you can soak all the product entirely.
  3. After soaking the coat in no case should you press and unscrew.

The process of correct drying of products from natural pashmina will be described below.

A more detailed process of manual washing of cashmere coat is described in the following video.

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